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Advanced Yoga Practices
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NOTE: Click Here for Key Illustrations, Videos, Charts and Lists in the AYP Plus Lessons. For the lesson additions, see AYP Plus.

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T1 What is Tantra Yoga?  (Plus) (Audio)

        T1.1 - When is the Best Time to begin Tantric Sexual Techniques?  (Audio)

T2 Meditation, Bhakti, and Tantric Sex  (Plus) (Audio)

T3  (Not Used)

T4 The Holdback Method - A Stairway to Heaven  (Audio)

T5 Blocking Male Ejaculation - Putting on the Training Wheels  (Audio)

        T5.1 - The Effectiveness and Safety of Tantric Blocking  (Audio)

        T5.2 - Dealing with the Need for Male Release  (Audio)

T6  (Not Used)

T7 The Woman's Role: Nothing Less Than "Divine Goddess"  (Plus) (Audio)

        T7.1 - Are the AYP Tantra Techniques Suitable for Women?  (Audio)

T8  (Not Used)

T9 The Relationship of Brahmacharya, Tantric Sex, and Celibacy  (Audio)

        T9.1 - Marriage and Obsession with Celibacy  (Audio)

T10 Sexual Healing  (Audio)

T11 Blocking and the Evolution of Spiritual Biology  (Audio)

            T11.1 - Taming the Dragon of Male Sexual Energy  (Audio)

            T11.2 - Blocking versus Holdback in Tantric Sex  (Audio)

            T11.3 - Pain in the Bladder when using the Holdback Method  (Audio)

            T11.4 - Is there a Spiritual Benefit in Consuming Sexual Essences?  (Audio)

T12 Wet Dreams and Premature Ejaculation  (Audio)

            T12.1 - Spontaneous Emissions of Sexual Fluids  (Audio)

            T12.2 - Kundalini and Wet Dreams  (Audio)

T13 Energy Rushing up the Spine During Urination  (Audio)

            T13.1 - More Frequent Urination During Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

T14 A Happy Woman  (Audio)

T15 Lustful Pleasures  (Audio)

T16 What is the Best Tantric Practice?  (Audio)

T17 Reclaiming the Body-Soul Connection  (Audio)

            T17.1 - Tantra and Ecstatic Energy (Kundalini) Transmissions  (Audio)

T18 Enlightenment with and without Orgasm?  (Audio)

T19 Sex, Love, and Bhakti  (Audio)

T20 (Omitted)

T21 Ancient Advice on Tantric Sex  (Audio)

T22 Kundalini and Sexual Attraction for Guru and God  (Audio)

            T22.1 - Tantric Cybersex and Energetic Awakening  (Audio)

T23 The Count Method - How to Stay in Front of Orgasm  (Audio)

T24 Tantric Masturbation with Sitting Practices?  (Audio)

T25 Sri Vidya - The Fruition of Tantra  (Audio)

            T25.1 - Where Does Sri Vidya Come From?  (Audio)

T26  (Not Used)

T27 The Quest for Infinite Intimacy  (Audio)

T28 Advanced Siddhasana for Women and Men  (Audio)

            T28.1 - Follow-up Q&A on Advanced Siddhasana  (Audio)

T29 Sleeping Lingam  (Audio)

T30 Vajroli Mudra  (Audio)

            T30.1 - Another Question on Vajroli  (Audio)

            T30.2 - Self-Stimulation and Vajroli  (Audio)

T31 Constant Coming...  (Audio)

T32 Menstruation, Yoga, and Amaroli  (Audio)

            T32.1 - Practical Instructions on Amaroli (Urine Therapy)  (Audio)

T33 Spinal Breathing During Tantric Sex?  (Audio)

            T33.1 - Practicing Deep Meditation and Samyama During Tantric Sex?  (Audio)

T34 Kechari and the "Secret Spot"  (Audio)

            T34.1 - Kechari Secret Spot Ecstasy: Woman's and Man's Experience  (Audio)

T35 Ecstatic Reflex during Sex  (Audio)

T36 (Omitted)

T37 Sexual Fantasies and Bhakti  (Audio)

T38 Pornography, Compulsive Habits, and Tantra  (Audio)

T39 Principles of Tantra and Homosexuality  (Audio)

            T39.1 - Enlightenment is Beyond Gender Identification  (Audio)

T40 Amaroli - Some Interesting Observations  (Audio)

            T40.1 - Amaroli - Jet Fuel for Ecstatic Conductivity and Radiance  (Audio)

T41 Sexual Indulgence, Bhakti and Tantra  (Audio)

T42 Equality of the Sexes in Tantra  (Audio)

            T42.1 - Tantric Husband and Non-Tantric Wife  (Audio)

            T42.2 - Concern about Loss of Masculine/Feminine Polarity in Relations  (Audio)

T43 Review of Blocking Method for Men  (Audio)

T44 (Omitted)

T45 Tantra, Sitting Practices and Inner Lovemaking  (Audio)

T46 Dialog on Tantra Practice  (Audio)

T47 Masturbation and Yogic Self-Stimulation  (Audio)

T48 (Not Used)

T49 (Not Used)

T50 If the Goddess Cannot Withhold Orgasm  (Audio)

T51 Implications of Whole Body Orgasm  (Audio)

          T51.1 - Inner Blockages and the Multi-Orgasmic Man  (Audio)

          T51.2 - Brahmacharya and Use of Prostate Stimulating Device  (Audio)

T52-T59 (Not Used)

T60 Natural Vajroli and Whole Body Ecstasy  (Audio)

        T60.1 - Training the Man for Cultivation of Ecstatic Natural Vajroli  (Audio)

T61 Kechari Stimulation and the Ladder of Chakras  (Audio)

T62 Orgasm, Vajroli and the Nectar Cycle  (Audio)

  T62.1 - Tantra, Amrita, and the Nectar Cycle  (Audio)

T63 Natural Vajroli and Amaroli  (Audio)

T64 Shame and Guilt about Sex  (Audio)

T65 Neo-Tantra  (Audio)

T66 Tantra and Family Values  (Audio)

           T66.1 - Buddhist Consort Practice vs. Marriage and Family  (Audio)

T67 A Sage's Jumping Seed  (Audio)

T68 Transformation-Expansion of Sexual Function  (Audio)

T69 Romancing the Stone  (Audio)

T70 Genitals and Kundalini  (Audio)

T71 Mulabandha - Tantra On The Go  (Audio)

T72 Tantra and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

T73 Possession and Sexual Exploitation  (Audio)

T74 Breast Stimulation and Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

            T74.1 - Breast Stimulation for Reducing PMS, Cramps and Menstrual Flow  (Audio)

T75 Tantra After Prostate Surgery  (Audio)

            T75.1 - Kundalini and Ovaries  (Audio)

T76 Tantric Sex and Birth Control  (Audio)

            T76.1 - Tantra, Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation  (Audio)

            T76.2 - Tantra and Energy Difficulties with an IUD  (Audio)

T77 Amaroli, Fertility and Pregnancy  (Audio)

T78 Tantra and Erectile Dysfunction  (Audio)

T79 Celibacy, Sexual Obsession and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

T80 Tantra - Much More Than Better Sex  (Audio)

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