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Advanced Yoga Practices Plus
Key Illustrations, Videos, Charts and Lists

NOTE: In addition to illustrations, videos and charts listed below, there are
many other illustrations in the online lessons, with links to associated audio.

Lesson 10 - Introductory List of Practices

Lesson 25 - Video: "AYP Deep Meditation for Good Health"

Lesson 30 - Video: "Are We What We Eat?"

Lesson 33 - Cross-Legged Sitting with Back Support

Lesson 35 - The Three Enlightenment Milestone Stages

                   Video: "Enlightenment Milestones"

Lesson 41.1 - Video: "Alternate Nostril Breathing"

Lesson 47 - List of the Seven Main Chakras

Lesson 58 - Introductory List of Inherent Spiritual Abilities

Lesson 71 - Illustrations for AYP Asana Starter Kit

                   Videos: "AYP Asana Starter Kit"

                   Videos: "AYP Abbreviated Asana Starter Kit (Standing)"

                   Video: "Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lift)"

Lesson 80 - List of Muscle Toning Exercises

                   Video: "Ten Minute Muscle Toning Exercises"

Lesson 90 - Image of the Caduceus

Lesson 91 - Video: "Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka"

Lesson 97 - Video: "Tantra, Sex and Enlightenment"

Lesson 108 - Kechari Mudra - Stages 1 - 5

Lesson 127 - Images of Siddhasana and Padmasana

Lesson 129 - Image of Nauli (and another image)

                   Videos: "Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli"

Lesson 139 - Video: "Dynamic Jalandhara (Chin Pump)"

Lesson 149 - The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Lesson 150 - List of AYP Samyama Sutras

Lesson 171 - Video: "Bastrika pranayama with spontaneous kumbhaka and jalandhara bandha"

Lesson 204 - Lists of Spiritual Principles, Abilities and Practices

Lesson 209 - Sequence and Times for Complete Yoga Routine

Lesson 239 - Lateral View of Spinal Breathing Pranayama Path

                     Video: "Full Yogic Breathing"

Lesson 243 - Samyama Sutras of Patanjali (research list)

Lesson 253 - Reference to AYP Extended Booklist

Lesson 275 - Videos: Navi Kriya (seated and standing)

                     Videos: Navi Kriya (fish and camel)

Lesson 276 - Illustration of the the Three Granthis (knots)

Lesson 297 - The Enlightenment Equation

Lesson 299 - List of AYP Cosmic Samyama Sutras

Lesson 300 - List of AYP Asana Samyama Sutras (with illustrations)

Lesson 303 - Video: "Super-Normal Powers (Siddhis)"

Lesson 304 - Key Ingredients of the Nectar Cycle

Lesson 304.1 - Ayurveda Diet Charts (Vata, Pitta and Kapha and "Six Tastes")

Lesson 308 - List of Physical Addictions

Lesson 313 - Use of Neti Pot for Nasal Wash (Jala Neti)

Lesson 314 - Use of Enema Bag for Colon Cleansing (Basti)

Lesson 316.1 - Video: "Kapalbhati"

Lesson 317 - Eleven Key Questions on Samyama

Lesson 326 - Introductory List of Styles of Self-Inquiry

Lesson 327 - Evolutionary Stages of Mind

Lesson 329 - Pitfalls of the Mind

Lesson 330 - Summary List of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga

Lesson 336 - Video: "A Confirmation of Unity"

Lesson 337 - Video: "Dare to Dream"

Lesson 346 - Transformation of Action to Service

Lesson 350 - Five Types of Jnana Yoga Self-Inquiry

Lesson 351 - AYP Samyama Sutras with Self-Inquiry Sutra Added

Lesson 365 - Distribution Curve on Meditation Sensitivity (and variations)

Lesson 368 - Solar Centering Illustration

Lesson 369 - Alternate Path of Mantra Enhancements

Lesson 383 - Illustrations for AYP Enhanced Asana Routine

                   Videos: "Enhanced AYP Asana Routine"

Lesson 385 - Review List of Baseline Practice Routine, and Effects of Long Term Practice on Conduct

Lesson 385.1 - AYP Practice Chart

Lesson 387 - Typical Daily Routine for an AYP Retreat

Lesson 388.6 - Video: "AYP Teacher Training Course Experience"

Lesson 426.1 - Enlightenment Bar Chart

Lesson T7 - Video: "Woman is Divine Goddess" (Part 1 & Part 2)

Lesson T25 - Sri Yantra  (and colored variations)


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