Advanced Yoga Practices

Tens of thousands of  pages of email correspondence and support forum posts have been generated since the Advanced Yoga Practices lessons began in 2003. Readers have often shared their thoughts on the lessons, the practices, and their experiences. The following excerpts are offered to help give a flavor of what these lessons are about. Thank you to all who have shared!

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  1. I just had a quick read through some of your posts and I'm blown away at the quality and authenticity contained in what I've read so far. I'm looking forward to studying your inspiring wisdom more closely and working with some of your suggestions. Your words speak intelligently of the Truth and the path that leads there." SD
  2.  "I started only few days back, seems to enjoy so far as I have tried other methods also, this seems simple and I understand better." PM
  3. "I want to first thank you for your teaching!!!!  I am finding with your lessons that I am actually feeling the process of yoga, the beauty of all." JF
  4. "The reason for my message is to say that for the first time I found a very positive, plain and very well explained approach to yoga practice. Thanks, then, for your precious help; I strongly hope it will be helpful to clean the air from all the commercial fog that is becoming everyday thicker around an important human heritage like yoga. I started my experience 35 years ago. I've been very happy to find in your words the same love for yoga I experience every day." LB
  5. "At any rate, I am very much enjoying your lessons and point of view here. You have a talent for explaining things clearly and without strident religious undertones. What a relief." BG
  6. "I just wanted to let you know I've really enjoyed reading the postings and am glad you're sharing all this information. This is a lot of work for you, and your effort is appreciated. I've practiced hatha yoga for 5 years now, and much that I'm seeing here goes with it beautifully. Plus you're addressing some things that my teacher doesn't, for which I'm grateful - I'm getting some information here exactly when I needed it (funny how things work that way, huh??). I imagine I'll be back along with questions one day, but for now just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I'm enjoying this. I too wish everyone on earth could be here!" NW
  7. "I was brought up as a Catholic, but over the years I began to feel that all the different religions were just like clubs, with their own rules and regulations, and that when it all came down to it, it is just God and me... I am so pleased that you have started this group, I only wish that all this knowledge had been available when I was young  (I’m a ‘senior citizen’ now). I hope that people today can know how lucky they are to have someone like yourself, who is willing to give so much of their time to pass on the knowledge that has taken so many years to achieve." BB
  8. "I find your article on bhakti (devotion - lesson #67) extremely reader-friendly." KW
  9. "A few words to express my appreciation for the information and effort you have provided.  So many of the Tantra sites and groups are thin covers for sex clubs which distort and misappropriate many of the concepts you so generously assist in explaining.  For me the joys of Tantric Sex are merely some of the symptoms of Tantric practices, not the practice itself.  I feel many miss this point and deny themselves the opportunities of fulfillment the ancient knowledge provides."  LL
  10. "I have been reading all your writings in the group & was fascinated by your writing style & knowledge." NP
  11. "I firstly would like to thank you for the lessons which I feel are very beneficial and the program you are putting out seems to be a good one as it covers everything. I am following another yogi’s teachings which I’m happy with, but forgot his kundalini meditation which I’m meant to do weekly, so your priceless teachings are well and truly filling the gap that had been left in my spiritual program." TS
  12. "Thank you for the knowledge you are sharing, and for the way you do it." HN
  13. "You say, "the guru is in you." Yes, I agree, but you are greatly helping and improving my inner guru!! Thanks again!" LB
  14. "Thank you for your immediate and informative reply! I felt very positive about attempting meditation, and I'll be sure to check out that lesson you recommend. You seem like a beautiful person through your words. Your words have kindness all over them. Thank you for giving me a lift in my day." SY
  15. "Thanks ever so much for your lessons. I'm finding them to be life-enhancing on various levels. The techniques themselves are becoming more and more enjoyable, thus far, even though I am only able practice them once a day. I am finding that they are assisting the other practices that I feel are right for me." BS
  16. "I can't begin to express how much I am enjoying the practices, and I have held at siddhasana for now because I feel so much bliss and at times incredible energy surges as if my whole body pulsates!  My whole outlook is bliss. I see God the universal being at times everywhere.  Today, driving, I felt so good, I felt as if I should scream out the window and tell everyone I love them and to join the practices. I had to dance when I got home...." MF
  17. "I really like the simplicity and effectiveness of your instructions. I'm not even sure how I got referred to your group but I'd like to thank whoever did it." CH
  18. "First thank you so much for this group. Your efforts are so appreciated. I'm sure maintaining the group and answering all the questions is time consuming. We, the children of God, needed you, and you came. I have meditated for the past 10 years. I would say that I was never really good at it. So now, fast forward. I joined your group. I really liked the fact that the thoughts that come in meditation are ok. Just keep going and go back to the mantra. I felt like maybe I was doing it right before and that my expectation was off. I've committed to doing the practice twice a day. I wanted to keep the "time line" in mind so that I didn't rush through this. So I added the Advanced Practices slowly. I haven't really had any rush of kundalini energy like some of the people, but I decided to keep practicing. This morning I tried the Yoni Mudra for the 1st time since joining your group. As soon as I started, I saw a bunch of crazy lights. I just watched and kept doing it. Then came circles with a star in the middle. There was a bright circle with a dark circle inside. In the middle was the star. The star would fade in and out. I didn't want it to go away." QG
  19. "First of all, I would like to thank you very sincerely for all the time and effort you put into helping people like me on the path of spiritual development and enlightenment. I find your lessons extremely valuable and you have all my gratitude for it." DR
  20. "Thanks for all that you've done. It's amazing the difference one person can make for so many." MC
  21. "As the saying goes, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.'  Certainly, this was very timely.  I've got a ways to catch up it seems, but I'm enjoying your knowledge." TK
  22. "Wonderful job you are doing!!! Appreciate your patience and your time!" PR
  23. "I thought that your answer to the question about too much sex was compassionate and practical." RH
  24. "I would like to thank you very much for the lessons you are presenting here. They are wonderful, and I have searched for years to find a method of meditation that I can do. You make this do-able. Thank you." AN
  25. "Hi, and thanks for letting me join this wonderful group. I find the lessons here very useful as I have sort of started over with my yoga practice and right now I am taking things very slowly but still listening more to my body then necessarily following the order of your lessons." DL
  26. "First of all, thank you so much for your very clear and simple instructions. I am someone who has been on a cross-country track up the mountain for quite some time (I will be 70 next year) and have investigated various methods and exercises, picking the ones that seem to suit me best. Your methods are similar in many respects to ones I have been practicing." RS
  27. "What a wonderful group, and your thoughts flow like a river of knowledge!" KK
  28. "I am absolutely fascinated and impressed, and many congratulations to you for creating this group which promotes nothing other than its topic. I think what you have to say is valuable and would like to ask if I might be permitted to include your lessons/discussions one at a time in a local eclectic news letter that goes out monthly." ZN
  29. "Thank you for your encouragement. I will continue my journey with you." JM
  30. "Thanks so much for being! This student was definitely ready, and very happy that you appeared!!" LS
  31. "I am immensely enjoying your postings. It is informative and very helpful on my journey. Thank you for your efforts!" MS
  32. "The teachings contained in this newsgroup are wonderful. I would like to thank you for disseminating this information to aspiring yogis." VT
  33. "Thanks for the reply to my earlier query. I also am into yoga practices and have been following your advices very keenly. I have truly benefited from your lessons. I would like to thank you for the same. I firmly believe Yoga is the only path which can lead man past this life of suffering." SK
  34. "I have been experiencing symptoms of spontaneous kechari mudra for some time now but had no idea there even was such a thing. This article (#108 on kechari) was wonderful." YS
  35. "I take this opportunity to convey my deep regards to you. Your knowledge is indeed very special. It will be a great help for a discerning seeker." VQ
  36. "I would just like to say that this list/resource is absolutely incredible. I haven't had chance to read every message yet, but so far I have found them extremely insightful. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet regarding yoga, but nothing as complete as this." NC
  37. "I wish I could explain in words or even make you feel how I feel about being here. With that said, thank you so much for inviting me here. Words cannot describe what being on this board with these additional kriya techniques and information to help me progress mean to me. I am forever grateful and in your debt." LB
  38. "I have been wondering about bhakti for a few years, trying to understand it. What you said opened a door for me. It feels I have been slightly off track and out of touch with that basic desire toward my ideal, and my ability to maintain it, for quite some time. Hence my speech, emotions, motivation, and spiritual practice have all suffered somewhat. Thanks for your inspiration." HF
  39. "I am practising pantanjali yoga for a long time. It's part of my life and enjoy it very much. I went through some of the posts and find them very interesting and helpful. I wish the group  years and years of successful life." VG
  40. "I have gone thru some of the lessons and are indeed very beautiful. The membership speaks of itself for the usefulness and integration." MA
  41. "Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful group! I've read some of the material and it looks like it could be very helpful to anyone who would pause, be still..." DJ
  42. "I want to say again how impressed I am by the dedication you give to guiding and enlightening people like me. Your advice is invaluable and I am deeply thankful. I also read with great interest your last posting on Kechari. It's a first class description of what appears to be a key factor in reaching ecstatic bliss and of what needs to be done in order to attain it.  In my case, since the experience of ‘spontaneous kechari’ is a very recent one, I am going to stick with it for a while and then move up gradually to Stage 2, using your method." DR 
  43. "Thank you for reminding me of my divinity." BA
  44. "I am appreciative and grateful for your advice in the group and giving us the tools to progress. I am currently keeping my practice fairly simple, but it's great to read about the more advanced practices.  I will delve into the advanced practices when I feel the time is right." NA
  45. "Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge and for your sincere guidance.  This is a wonderful group.  Thank you. Om Shanti, Shanti." MV
  46. "Too much coincidence here - all along you've been answering questions I have, many that my yoga teacher of 6 years can't or won't address. A friend pointed me to your message board in early January 2004 and I was thrilled to read what you had to say. But right now I'm astounded. Just last week I started using an Om Shree mantra, and tonight I find your message suggesting almost the same thing (2nd mantra enhancement). We are SO on the same wavelength, and I truly appreciate the work you're doing here!" DE
  47. "Hello and thank you for your group. You have developed wonderful practices, which I feel I will continue for a long time." LS
  48. "I wanted to take the time to thank-you for your extremely inspired writings. I have been meditating for years and I have been searching for the teachings that you so graciously give to us. I guess it's like the saying, "when the student is ready the guru appears". Your teachings speak so much truth to me. I have been doing spinal breathing for the past 9 months and can feel the energy moving up and down the spine. My wife joined your discussion group just after  Christmas 2003. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have her on the same path. She also joined the tantric part of the discussion and together we travel down our spiritual path." LO
  49. "I am feeling great results with the spinal breathing so far!!!" CH
  50. "Thank you so much for your quick response to some questions I asked. I have been trying to learn awhile now on my own and I am so happy to have found this group as it is the answer to my prayers." SV
  51. "Thank you for this wonderful group. You are a God send. I read #69 (on kundalini symptoms and remedies), which is also extremely informative and very helpful. Thank you ever so much for all your knowledgeable insight.  Know that you are doing a good thing here.  All good things to you!" BB
  52. "I am enjoying your posts and find them very useful. I started meditating many years ago and have done several methods looking for one that worked and actually made life better. Your mantra meditation is very fine." DC
  53. "I have only gotten halfway through the posts but I am tired and will be retiring to my room to meditate before I go to sleep and wanted to write to you. I am very glad that you have created this group, and it seems to be another cosmic synchronicity that I am now a member." KM
  54. "It's good to have everything so well organized. Thank you." WB
  55. "Thanks you so much! Now I am really happy that there is someone whom I can ask my questions." AK
  56. "Thank you very much for that illuminating discourse on siddhasana and padmasana; my experience with these two asanas are fully in-tune with what you have described." YM
  57. "I would add a phrase often said by my own teacher - or rather one of my teachers Without action, all is for not. I have to say, I really like the look of this group. These posts are excellent and very pleasing to see..." ACK
  58. "I have begun meditation practices this week and I have been voraciously absorbing your lessons. I have quickly caught up to message #39 - Pranayama. Thank you for providing this valuable knowledge, I look forward to developing my meditation practices with your guidance." MN
  59. "I've just started reading your lessons and I find them very supportive of the yoga practices I'm already enjoying. I can feel the energy and constructive vibrations coming from what you are sharing. No sooner did we ask for assistance, than we were introduced to your group.  We truly appreciate the sharing of your path towards achieving that ultimate union with what we call Cosmic Consciousness.  Understanding that no matter how much we may have already learned and achieved, there is always room for more, a next step, in a manner of speaking.  Once again, thank you for sharing." EL
  60. "First of all I'd like to say ‘thank you’ for this wonderful forum and the priceless wisdom you give so generously to everyone interested. I love everything about your teachings: Your writing style, clear, concise, without any fluffy new age slang, always making sense on a practical day-to-day basis but also depicting blissfully the heights human conscious can ascend to. And the contents: Priceless Wisdom. This resonates with the deepest parts of my being, showing me the way back to the most precious gift that exists in heaven or earth: Myself." After practising since February 2004 "merely" meditation using the powerful mantra "Ayam" (I AM) I start feeling like being in love more and more of the time. I don’t mean this in a metaphorical sense, it’s exactly the feeling of being in love, this indescribable happiness from a cellular level upwards… I'm running around in town, constantly with a big smile on my face, this happy feeling inside which is accompanied by an almost physical feeling of radiance from the inside out." AY
  61. "I am very very happy, and I wish for great success for everything in your path. You definitely came across many traditions. Continue your service with God's Bliss!" AK
  62. "Even though I'm not familiar with your terminology, I grasp your explanations, and they are indeed profound. I understand now with a deeper appreciation why it is vital to transform or, as you say it, purify the central nervous system. Your spinal exercise, has helped me to be more focused in my intentions." EL
  63. "I heartedly thank you for service you are devoting to all yoga enthusiasts by emailing the lessons regarding yoga discipline." GK
  64. "Thank you so much for providing all the info and encouragement. It is much-valued!" MK
  65. "That response (lesson #132) was just incredibly awesome!  I've never heard sin put that way.  It was beautiful and very encouraging.  I always knew that guilt/sin was not an intention of God.  We do it to ourselves and each other.  Religions teach "the giving to get" idea, i.e., if I go to church every Sunday, I will get into heaven.  I'm beginning to understand the importance of meditation.  Why can't there be more teachers like you in the world?  What a wonderful world it could be.  You're just so gentle.  Thank you for being here. DW
  66. "Thank you so much for sharing these valuable techniques. I'm very grateful for this seva. I am a yoga teacher of several styles, classical hatha, ashtanga, and raja yoga. All are the same meaning, differant focus. I also teach prenatal and work with autistic children. The last two groups of students I feel would benefit immensely from these practices… (very toned down, of course)" BM
  67. "Please accept my thanks for lively and helpful answers to the questions posed by sadhakas and it is very helpful for me in my sadhana." CR
  68. "Once again I want to thank you for the time and effort that you put into this discussion group. Your responses to others questions certainly put things in perspective and provide assurance. You must understand that I (and probably most) cannot just talk about these things in general. There are not many that would even attempt to understand this ‘non-conventional’ path." LO
  69. "This (chin pump) is just wonderful. I tried a couple of times the best to my understanding and it is indeed very powerful. Thank you for sharing such precious teachings." MT
  70. "I've read more of your notes and especially was grateful for your #69 on kundalini.  So mine must have gone to the crown too soon. It is such a relief to be able to write this to someone who I do not know, who seems to Know.  I can not tell anyone for fear of ego-attachment to their reaction.  With you, I do not have this because you do not know me, or anyone related to me.  Thank you." ES
  71. "I have been reading your mail for a short time and think it's great. I have been meditating, doing yoga, and such for many years. I have done a lot of work with mantra, and had wonderful experiences. I like what you say so much, and have all the bits and pieces already, I would like to put it together the way you suggest. The Guru is within me... and you." DV
  72. "Excellent article (on bhakti #67). Congratulations. To reach so many people with such wise words is wonderful. Every red light I stop at will now remind me of this. Hopefully this will be the case for many others as well. I have this vision of seeing a queue at a red light and everyone there topping up their meditation - well you never know." LB
  73. "Dude... I love the yoga links section you added.  Thanks for keeping control of what is placed there.  It will be an excellent resource. Your time spent on this group is sooooooo  appreciated.  I just got lucky finding you." DW 
  74. "Yours is a Great group... It vibrates to the resonance of my own soul. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to clarify understand and remember the truth within. I'm sure you shall hear more from me as I progress in enlightenment and I desire to share some of my experiences." JM
  75. "Thank you for your views on sex. As I've mentioned before, the teachings I practice deal with attainment differently, yet in the end all paths towards the truth will be of great assistance if one will but apprehend their purport. I have read and now I review your posts daily, they are an inspirational reminder of the goalmy goal towards conscious awakening." EL
  76. "I am very thankful for the response regarding spinal breathing." GU
  77. "I am a 21 year old male. I am a member of your yahoo group about Yoga and Tantra. I am deeply touched by your wisdom and insight reflected in the messages that you post on this group. I was surprised and happy to receive such a long and proper reply from you. Thank you very much for replying to my mail. It was so nice of you to do that. You are a highly spiritually developed master and yet so humble. Hats off to you. God Bless you." SP
  78. "Have been practising 3-5 minutes of Bastrika after mediation for the last 2 days - wow! Could not sleep last night I was so charged after the practice. Will continue as is with the practices for a while with no further changes to see how stable I am in this routine… Thank you for the reminder on Kerchari. After sending the e-mail I remembered the article (lesson #108) and have since re-read it. I have been at Stage 1, almost Stage 2, now for a couple of weeks and maintaining Kechari during the whole of my pranayama practice time." BR
  79. "Boy...you come packed with a lot of information, don’t you?  You are like a concentrated pill of knowledge." AS
  80. "I want to thank you for your suggestion of spinal breathing! It is wonderful! I have regained the bliss I once had. : )  Now, when I even think of it, the souls of my feet tingle and so does the base of my spine and third eye! I feel an inward laughter that is like a giddiness that spreads throughout my entire system and I want to squeal or giggle or dance about. I've been in this state when I was practicing kundalini yoga for hrs. every day, but I'm not putting as much into it this time and it's here..." ES
  81. "Thanks for your immediate response to my problem. I will follow as said and I will mail you the change with in me. thank you once again..." RA
  82. "Thanks for your excellent way of giving the yoga lessons and clarifying the doubts of the participants in the group." MV
  83. "Thanks for all the time you put into this group - it's a real goldmine!" IR
  84. "I think that it is time for me to thank you for the time and energy and dedication to the work and wisdom you have made available thru this medium. Words cannot do justice to express how thankful I am for the daily lectures and food for the soul. This last presentation on SAMYAMA (#150) was so good. I am really lost for word to say thanks. These presentations are so helpful to me for my personal progress. Before these lectures I felt that I needed something more to keep me going on a daily basis and I was offered to be part of this group. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are so blessed to have you, a gem, in our midst." SS
  85. "In working with the sutras (in samyama) I found my chest feel as if it was expanding, as well as my head. It was quite extraordinary.  Is this normal? You spoke of the different ways of the energy manifesting and I was just wondering if this too is one of those manifestations?  With love and unity." MF
  86. "I thank you very much for a great service you are doing. It is good work and please keep it up." KR
  87. "Thank you so very much for starting the group and all the advice that you have given. You've literally saved my life! I had a spontaneous awakening about 9 years ago and it has driven me crazy... many times to such a deep depression that I contemplated suicide." AM
  88. "Your explanation of samyama is excellent." VG
  89. "I have recently joined advanced yoga practises. I am very grateful to you for imparting knowledge which I consider priceless." RK
  90. "I am passing on your article (on bhakti) to our website. Will give you the URL as soon as they put it up. God bless. Incidentally, the piece on Kechari Mudra was superb. Thank you for being." KW
  91. "Your messages have helped my practises very much. Thanks for the guidance. My meditation has improved greatly after I joined this group..." AK
  92. "Inspired by my practices following your lessons, my wife too has started meditating." HR
  93. "I have recently become a member of your Advanced Yoga Meditation group. I have been greatly inspired by its contents. So far I have been practicing simple meditation, on very low doses. Now I am willing to embark on a journey towards a higher level of spiritual living." TO
  94. "I would like to express my gratitude for the attention that you have given me, and more so for the grace with which you express these yoga teachings. You are doing great good, and helping many."  BR
  95. "With a mind which is a little bit more silent now (with meditation), I still can perceive all the emotions the artist expresses in the music as well as my reactions, but besides all that I can listen on a more "analytical level". I’m hearing single notes instead of big clusters of emotional reactions. I also experienced an internal "visualization" of the parallel tunes - and, most surprising I discovered another tune in the tracks I had listened to so often before. The silence between the notes emerged like a very important new instrument I didn’t perceive at all before. All those pieces had become more "airy", somehow "thinner" with lots of empty silent spaces in them… very surprising and very interesting… Mmmh… I wonder how the world will look like if this musical experience kind of generalizes, more detachment more huge empty silent spaces everywhere around and maybe more creative joy in a universe which is much easier to move around and handle? Expecting change (and saying thank you for your continuous support)" AY
  96. "Thank you very much for giving the time to write such thorough replies. I greatly appreciate your willingness and dedication." TO 
  97. "Many many thanks for your kind clarifications, guidance & encouragement for daily Sadhana. Really, I am extremely grateful for your prompt, proper, and inner guidance for the advancement of this soul & I feel extremely indebted for the same. In the meanwhile I anxiously await for your further lesson on Spinal Bastrika." RA
  98. "I was really touched with the simple explanation you have offered on how individual meditation can help the entire humanity." VS
  99. "I've started reading your posts and I'm on my way to go through the whole board... I like it!" MJ
  100. "I am practising meditation regularly. I experience inner silence. I would like to know more about inner silence, energy (that we actually are), and space and the relationship between them." SK
  101. "I'm still a greenhorn in all that yoga stuff - but I am aware of the  tremendous irresistible power behind it. I'm very very happy that I'm being fed it in small units I can easily digest. Probably I'll take up Pranayama this week or next. And I want to go all the way." AY
  102. "Today is my 10th day of meditation and in the evening as I was taking my walk I felt a different emotion. It wasn't joy or ecstasy or an impulse of pleasure. It was something deeper... sublime... deep... like the memories of our childhood. Then for some time there was a lingering pain which gradually went away. Then the mind started to flow again with tremendous clarity and sharpness. I never had an experience like this and was extremely excited, and wanted to share this with someone." NN
  103. "I've practiced asanas for some 30 years and read a fair amount of yoga literature, but I've learned more about *progressing* in yoga since discovering this group 4 months ago than in the previous 30 years. You are being exceptionally generous with your time and providing an invaluable gift to all of us aspiring yogis." SL
  104. "The suggestions provided by you are really good. Please continue doing the same. It relieves a lot of mental stress just by the reading." SD
  105. "I am reading through your messages on your yahoo group and finding them very clear, informative and balanced. This is a very valuable inspiration for people taking up and maintaining their meditation practice. So thank you for the hard work you have put into this resource.  I have forwarded the URL on your Yahoo group to over 1,800 people on my distribution list and I'm sure many of them will gain help from it." DB
  106. "I am very thankful to you for your valuable advice on pranayama & yoga." DS
  107. "Loved your e-mail on paying it forward (#166)." BR
  108. "I shall tell my yoga students to check out the lessons if they want to deepen their meditation practice. Thank you for sharing these lessons in such an accessible and informed manner!" BM
  109. "I recently joined this magnificent group. It is a wonderful group for me because I have started doing yoga from 3 months before, and recently (15 days ) I am also doing meditation so the importance for me for the group is endless." SKC
  110. "I have been practising meditation for nearly a month now. It gives me tremendous energy and peace." NN
  111. "I tend to agree with your opinion on not spoon feeding (yoga lessons) and allowing others to tune in on levels they are ready for themselves.  I think your explanation on that has helped me even over the past few days on allowing others pick up information on various levels even if I would have previously assumed they were not ready for it... so, thanks." DB
  112. "I have been reading about Kundalini for a few years, and have been interested from the start. The best and most moving account I read was by Gopi Krishna. Kundalini arousal in his case was probably not the norm, since it was quite traumatic and violent. I am very pleased at finding your group, where I can continue my studies . The number of postings you have personally done will alone keep me busy for a long time. Meditation will come soon." PR
  113. "The spinal breathing makes me feel so ecstatic that I want to do all the time (all things in moderation!). The lessons that you have been posting are so outstanding that I am tempted to ask- who are the teachers who have helped you and guided you? I know you have stated that this list not about you and you wish to remain anonymous, but I am intensely curious..." YM
  114. "Once again I find myself with a steady stream of tears after reading your lesson. Because of your group, for the first time I have access to grounded and tried perspectives on practices that my body has been intuitively seeking for the past few years. Seeing the Samyama practice laid out in front of me yielded the first objective look at the subjective experience I was having, and enjoying the most. The power of a practice grounded in objective knowledge and subjective experience is so powerful. It's also great to have one of the most pleasurable states I've encountered so far, the lightness of air, as well as the others too, devised, rather than stumbled upon. It's such an amazing level of vibration; the spaciousness, and the freedom to expand into the infinite with feeling of pure ecstasy. I know not to get caught up with experiences, you and others profess this enough, but the pleasure would certainly indicate movement in the right direction. Thank you so much for Being." KL
  115. "I have been member of this group for quite a long time and enjoy reading the postings immensely." SU
  116. "I am getting so much out of this group, your wisdom, and the practise. You have a gift for description and simplicity. I am college degreed professional who has lived such a stressful life even though I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and now am a certified yoga teacher. I have tried meditation and breathing for some time, but to no avail until now. I am really starting to feel such an awakening and I love the way you explain everything, so simple, yet logical, yet so safe. I have been so ready for your teachings. I was starting to practice spinal breath on my own naturally and did not know why!" RY
  117. "As much I am into being spiritual and doing yoga, etc., I always ask myself, why are we doing this, and where did this come from?  I have never been able to turn that voice off - even in meditation I have all the brain research about it and the effects. And, now, I am comfortable in it. That's your special gift and talent I see, appealing to those who will never have a guru, or follow a cult. I understand the pay it forward concept and want to share this with others. Part of me wonders if people are ready and the other part now thinks, why not?  Just because it took me many years does not mean it has to take others the same." TC
  118. "I do feel great doing the spinal breathing and yoni mudra... They have really helped my practice! I feel like a new person." CH
  119. "I am reading the previous posts and feeling the desire to return to yoga practice, and most especially meditation." JS
  120. "I just wanted to tell you how glad I am you started this group. I will be the first person to admit how skeptical I was of Yoga. But after my very first meditation session, I have to admit that I have NEVER felt so relaxed. It was very strange, yet comfortable. The time flew by, my meditation lasted about 26 minutes and it seemed like 5 minutes. A few things did happen that I did not see mentioned in the lessons. I felt "tingly" and numb. I even had small visions if you want call them that, of light "dancing" and forming into small balls of light. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how "At Peace" I feel with myself after my first lesson. I have a very stressful life and a lot of things that need to be 'flushed' out, and I will be continuing your lessons as long as it takes. I am smiling right now, something I have not done in I do not remember how long. Thank You! You have made me a believer." JF
  121. "I have been practicing spinal breathing for several months now and have found it has added a valuable dimension to my asana practice." LS
  122. "Thank you for permitting me membership in your yahoo group. I have been searching... for something, and I think this may at the least be another step in the right direction. I just completed my first attempt at meditating using "I AM" and found it to be a very good experience. I feel refreshed, clearer, and certainly calmer. It was a good experience, and I am committing myself to this practice, and to continuing to explore your postings. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make your knowledge and this information available to us." JM
  123. "I have been reading the articles present in this group from about a month or so... It's really wonderful that I see people are experimenting and experiencing the Yoga practices and finding fruits for their practices."  RKB
  124. "I continue to be amazed with your valuable contribution to society thru this medium. Your explanations are so simple and so easily understood. You write with such ease and clarity yet so profound! You amaze me with your knowledge and spirit of sharing your wisdom." SS
  125. "I admire your noble cause and effort because I have found that knowledge and information is surely kept hidden or released in fragments that sometimes it can be very discouraging. I also accept that we at our levels of awareness cannot question everything, but there should be some integration." AV
  126. "As a new member to the group, I first want to thank you for taking time to share this valuable information with those who are interested. I have not read through all the postings, but the postings I have read thus far, make perfect sense to me and ‘feel’ almost familiar to me in some strange way, yet much of it is completely new to me." NW
  127. "Thanks for your work in sharing your knowledge and experience. Your writings reflected just what I believe about life. The process of unfoldment is built-in and natural. We don't have to superimpose an intellectual system on it for validity.  I do think it is obvious from the questions you get... that yogites have scary experiences in their practice. The purification stuff is perfect to defuse the fear and the advice about going slow at a comfy pace... that you don't have to act like the sale will end before you get there... is wonderful. You as teacher here are truly a guide. Excellent." BC
  128. "As I Buddhist monk, a friend sent me some of your site dialogues, thinking that I would appreciate the sensibility. I must say I found much of your discussion group to be refreshing, direct, and simply profound.  Is there any way I can find out more about the teachings, other books or websites? With much appreciation." RV
  129. "The nectar you had referred to in one of the lessons is increasing day by day. Its flow is maximum when I am hungry and goes away when I have my food. I am enjoying it but am not fixated on it thanks to your lesson that scenery is only to be enjoyed but the focus should be the practice." HR
  130. "I greatly appreciate your attempt to assist me managing my way through the infinite capes of techniques, traditions, questions and wanderings." TO
  131. "Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. I really wonder how you find time to reply to each and every query made by people. I hope to become like you one day. I will definitely take it one step at a time. Thanks a lot again for the reply and for maintaining this wonderful group." MH
  132. "Getting to know a wonderful yogi who loves to share the divine joy of wisdom! Do you have your website yet? Love to know more about you as you do bring to words what I learnt in silence, and it is apt. All the blossom of divine inspiring joy!" ND
  133. "Thanks for your opinions. I know I don't have enough meditation practice, but I didn't realize this was unbalancing my path. You have just pointed to where my practice is weak. I will focus more on deep meditation." PD
  134. "Someone knowing my interest and the URL for Advanced Yoga Practices passed it on to me. I read one lesson, then another and then all of it. Having read Ramakrishna, Yogi Ramacharaka, Arthur Avalon, Rajneesh and anything in between, the subject was not new to me. What was new was a step-by-step method written in plain English with authority to help the seekers. I wish I had this kind of info when I started some 15 years back. I, having no real directions, mostly followed variations of Raja Yoga with concentrations on one or the other object. Thank you for the wisdom provided in your writings." AD
  135. "I just read message #20 from the atheist. I could not have said it better myself. I appreciate the way you make these concepts accessible to my western-pragmatic-yet-mystic mind." YB
  136. "Thank you so much for your lessons and the knowledge you are sharing with everyone... I wrote to you sometime ago about my spontaneous awakening, and for the first time have been able to bring some 'order' to my life by concentrating on the spinal breathing and focusing on finding the peaceful place within." AM
  137. "Thanks again for your lessons. A point of interest is that several times I have been on the verge of asking a question only to be answered by one of your Q&A's before I had a chance to ask the question." MC
  138. "Once one has experienced some levels of knowing and truth, when he hears the Truth, even thru the filters of words, he instantly recognizes them. Such has been my experience with your presentations for the past few months. Thank you." JM
  139. "My wife's sight has improved from using lenses of 2.75 to 2.5 since she has started meditation. She had to change her lenses. I can’t stop from thinking that this incident and her practices are related. Does meditation help in correcting physical problems apart from cleansing the nervous system? Curious to know!" HR
  140. "You most probably don't need confirmation on the information that you're sharing but I thought I'll let you know my personal experience as a confirmation anyway..." AM
  141. "Since there are no accidents in the Universe I must thank you for the article on the crown chakra (#199). I choose smooth easeful transition into enlightened states of consciousness. Thank you for the reminder." JM
  142. "Your description of kechari mudra (#108) is superb and unparalleled compared to what I have come across so far. I am very grateful for this."  YM
  143. "Your words sparkle from the silent truth of the ancient sages and its pure form to reach out to all is that huge giving from your heart! Thank you on behalf of everyone for this! Aum Namah Sivaya! Big hug to you, divine brother!!! With your permission, can I put up this wonderful article of yours, of course with credits to you and mentioning this divine group of yours/ours, so more people of intense fire can join? Divine One, all our joyful space that trembles in us as the supreme dancer, as the eye of the Source... to share each breath!" ND
  144. "I have really enjoyed and learned from the wisdom you have passed on in these tantra lessons, and the main ones. How blessed we are that you are willing and able to answer so many questions whose answers have evaded us for so long." LM
  145. "I would like to say how deeply you have touched and inspired me to greater spiritual heights. For this I can not thank you enough! God bless you for your guidance." CM
  146. "As usual, some very intriguing stuff. Wow. Great stuff!" AS
  147. "I want to say that this Yahoo group is wonderful and your explanations are very helpful and I'm sure you touch people in more ways than you know!" MI
  148. "Thank you for your suggestion. I'll keep in touch with you whenever I come across some strange things during practise." RK
  149. "I would like to thank you for introducing me to the group. There is lots to learn here and perhaps this life may not be enough to complete the lessons and the links provided by you. I have just begun on this path and hope with the right guidance I will find my destiny. The link to join the group came as a big surprise to me and this does for me prove a fact that God works in mysterious ways when the time comes. I will take this opportunity to learn and practice what I learn from here."  AG
  150. "At least some 87 out of 99 groups not only haven't much wisdom, if any! They "teach" wrong and half lessons that harm more than anything else! I used to "lurk" in such groups, waiting until I met members who would be open for something more, and then I did my best at passing on what little wisdom I myself have gathered over time. The many wild geese, the many groups of nonsense passed on under claim of truth, have made me sceptical. But I can see with one eye half opened, that you know a great deal about your topic of choice! And reading through just a few postings convinced me that this is true!" ZQ
  151. "I've been at this in one form or another since 1984. I find the materials you have posted very useful and look forward to gaining from their practice." VJ
  152. "I have been following your writings for some time now, your tone and approach to these matters does resonate with me very well. Thank you for making your knowledge available to people. I myself have been practicing some energy exercises, yoga and meditation for the past few years. So I am familiar with the techniques and concepts that are talked about in the lessons. Your way of not dwelling into religion and metaphorical explanations too much and simplifying the dynamics down to purification of the nervous system makes me very comfortable with the teachings and does avoid the possible confusions on the way." KO
  153. "Thank you again for all your wonderful insight. It seems as if you are reading my mind!" BB
  154. "I have found (for now) I get too many energy surges when I do the kechari/chinlock series and pump so I have stuck with the spinal breathing and meditation with enhancements and have felt a direct inflow as if my head has opened up and light or a presence is coming into me. I feel secure and comfortable in this and at times when I do the practice it stays with me even as I lay down to go to sleep or do my daily activities. I have also found that when I am approaching my activities in the right spiritual frame of mind or read something that clicks, my third eye area gets warm and I feel pressure. I feel as if I am being infilled and guided by this force. Thank you for your care, warmth and generosity with all of the information you have shared with us all and continue to share. I have handed out information pertaining to this group-thank you!" MF
  155. "My yoga practice is wonderful, and now I am beginning samyama. Thank you for the enlightenment."  SM
  156. "The Sambhavi (third eye technique) you have described is very powerful. I don’t know how to thank you for the lessons. You have done the world a very big favor indeed." PP

  157. "You are right with regard to self-pacing. It is the tendency toward perfectionism (i.e., egotism/fear of failure) that occasionally motivates me to excess. I am learning and have learned already in this regard. Still, there is always more: like humility and the courage of faith and infinite patience." BR
  158. "I just have to tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for us as a whole. So many are searching and few are getting the needed information to lead them in the right direction. It's been sort of like playing darts with a blindfold on. With your work, I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. The blindfold has been removed and I see the target. My goal is to hit it and with your guidance I feel its possible. I've been with you since December 2003 and I can see things are changing. I'm excited to see what I will be like in a year, or 10 years. It's a great journey. Kind of like a mystery game of sorts." DW
  159. "I just wanted to say thank you for your new website. It makes it easier to share the information with others. I am up to kechari.  I have never seen such detailed explanations of these techniques ever before.  They have really added to my practice and I am eager to see where they lead." AA
  160. "Your writings are simple and reveal unquestionable truth and confidence. You seem to be unfolding a dictionary on the topic of Yoga and Meditation.  This is the first website I have come across thus far which is free of cost, restrictions, or obstacles, and seems to be based on the true concept and principles of our ancient Indian scriptures and books of knowledge." EB
  161. "Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krsna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Srila Gaurangapada and all Vaisnavas... Thank you for your wonderful forum, it has helped me greatly in understanding many different avenues of the science of meditation that are not taught in Vaisnavaism." NM
  162. "Again you have left me spellbound, again words cannot express how grateful I am and so fortunate to be part of this group. Your explanation of the heart space breathing and spinal breathing is so simple. You make everything seem so simple, yet the practice is so profound and dynamic." SS
  163. "Thank you very much for your caring reply. I shall take your cautions (on excessive automatic physical movements) under consideration. I do find it important to clarify that I have certainly been applying strict self pacing recently. I have backed off Sidhassana, as well as not exceeding any of the recommended practice lengths. Anyway, I will take it easier with Samyama, perhaps even cut meditation time a bit shorter." TO
  164. "Thank you very much for your remarkably lucid writings on kechari. It is of tremendous value to me... You seem to be a rare teacher - open-minded,  practical,  intelligent and knowledgeable about the depths.  Most interestingly, you seem to know when to respect tradition and when to leave it behind." DR
  165. "A very sincere 'thank you' for what I believe is the best spiritual practice site on the Web, at least to my knowledge." RS
  166. "Your website has helped me more than once with my questions. Although I teach yoga, I am not in a 'yoga community' of other like-minded yogis and yoginis who are into meditating as much as I am, or even want to understand spiritual things as I do, so I thank you. Your teachings come from the heart and are authentic." LD
  167. "These are the best lessons I have read on Yoga anywhere. I really gel with what you say and it makes so much sense. I think you have given everything a person needs for spiritual evolution. I was heavily into Yogananda after reading  'Autobiography of a Yogi' three years ago and since then I have lapped up all the Yogic teachings that I could get hold of. But there seemed to be a lot of vagueness and confusion about all of it until I started reading your lessons. Your simple way of communicating tough ideas is a real blessing." RD
  168. "Thank you, your response has been a great help, I have added Pranayama (spinal breathing) to my Meditation and the movements have become much less aggressive, a slight vibration in the neck and the occasional jerk of the arms. The Pranayama has done the trick. This system is wonderful and is what I have been looking for for many years. Most instruction is full of false leads, the western systems of occultism especially, with their emphasis on intense concentration, Why? Is this some type of elitism! I understand now the maxim, 'as above so below.' The movement of the Goddess in the body reflects Her movement in the cosmos, a realization indeed. To believe these things is not the same as knowing them." RC
  169. "You have done such a great thing in this newsgroup and website. I know you don't need the compliments, but it's wonderful in this day of technology to realize that so many people who may be searching for a way to get closer to their spirituality can be led to a place that will help them with that. Years ago, you would have not been able to get this to people until your book was published and even then, it wouldn't have the potential that the internet does. This is Global!" RK
  170. "Having only done the meditation for two weeks now, this morning upon awakening early I was in the best 'place' I can remember for ages... wonderful outlook (which alone is remarkable for a person who tends to be negative and pessimistic most of the time), and unbridled energy.  I even told my wife that I would give up virtually all my earthly possessions to be able to feel this way most of the time - though I suspect you might respond by saying that isn't necessary, just continue meditating (that's right)."  MS
  171. "I greatly appreciated the tone expressed in your site, that of non-attachment to the extraordinary things that happen as a result of this (kundalini) awakening, just the basic sanity. So good to hear it." EC
  172. "I would like to thank you very much for the lessons you are presenting. They are wonderful, and I have searched for years to find this kind of information on meditation that is comprehensive, easy to understand and well structured. I am practicing different yoga exercises (asanas, bandhas, mudras, etc.) for more than five years. And the only thing I have missed miserably - these lessons - I discovered in the AYP group." KK
  173. "Through the discovery of your lessons I have realized some of the missteps I have made in my spiritual  practice and am eternally grateful for the chance to correct the imbalances I have created. Additionally, through the agency of your lessons, where once the practices were a division between my wife and I, we may now walk together without my violation of vows I have taken not to reveal my training to non-initiates. I have always felt that the highest teachings belong to everyone freely, as this is the only destiny for the human race. I see in your teachings the way I would style my own, without the dogmatic requirements of traditional practice.  I firmly believe this is a time of new dispensation and opportunity for ALL."  B
  174. "Thanks very much for the public service of your web pages. They are an amazing resource. Most information on the Internet is highly redundant, but the information you've shared is unavailable anywhere else. It's really worth the work you've put into it. Those of us
    working on yoga really benefit from knowing what lies ahead in our practices, and that's hard information to come by."  JL
  175. "I have studied yoga casually off and on for a long time, but I am learning more from your work than ever before."  ST
  176. "It’s been eight months now since I began meditation and it has been a wonderful experience. In fact, meditation has become a habit now like brushing my teeth and taking a bath."  NN
  177. "Great work. Very valuable information, to me."  WM
  178. "Thank you for the effort to write out all the information on the AYP site. It is quite impressive - concise and persuasive. The lessons are systematic and detailed, but at the same time enjoyable to read."  LP
  179. "I have joined this group and mailed you long back with a few questions and got answers. Thanks for putting all the great wealth of info for us. Whenever I read the lessons I get the inspiration back again. It is a good feeling to know that truth is just an email distance away."  MH
  180. "I want to thank you for your generosity in bringing this material to the public. It has benefited my life in too many positive ways to express."  GO
  181. "I have been meditating for some time now with other practices but have never had anyone explain what I had been experiencing so well. It has been a verification of ‘where I am along the path.’  I began using the I AM mantra and then the second enhancement, which has brought an incredible deep peace, almost like an enormous river moving through me."  MB
  182. "I believe it is great to have some teachers around that are past the need of the ego title ‘guru.’ I wonder why it is so hard for the one with life-long hard practice and experience to point to the other and say ‘the guru is in you.’ "  KO
  183. "I have been so pleased with the meditation as it is the first I have found that makes sense to me and also just 'fits' me."  LL
  184. "Advanced practice takes time and patience and it does help a lot to be able to ask questions and share experiences, especially since no one else seems to teach kechari. So you are a very unique teacher and this is a unique opportunity at this point."  VK
  185. "I have been with this group for just a short time, and reading only the first 20-30 posts. I have been doing the morning meditation, tried to do it regularly (but work different shifts so it’s a bit hard, but I manage pretty much). I love it! I am also a ‘student’ of amorc (rosicrucian group) and kabbalah, sufism, and more. But today I felt more in touch with myself, the cosmic reality. I don’t know how to explain it really, but as I ‘passed’ my negative emotions and headed towards the mantra, towards the light, I felt increasingly blissful, and I love it!"  TB
  186. "Your yoga instructions are the clearest and best I have ever found!"  RS
  187. "You have done a lot for me, and you have not required me to spend three years in an ashram sleeping in a bunk among your glazed-eyed disciples with smelly feet to get it."  DR
  188. "Thank you for providing us with such a clear understanding of yoga practices, and in particular for sharing the secret that "the guru is in you." You fill your role as a teacher very well and I've gained many valuable insights since coming across your web site."  ET
  189. "I began my journey late last summer and my daily meditation practice has had an extraordinary impact on my life. Your lessons are invaluable."  SG
  190. "I'm really impressed by the Advanced Yoga Practices lessons. They have helped me very much especially the spinal breathing, which has eliminated many of my kundalini symptoms."  OZ
  191. "I am very grateful for this group and for all of the valuable information that has come."  MG
  192. "Lovely site. Thank you very much for taking so much pains."  FL
  193. "Your website is very helpful and informative. Your advice has made sense, and for once I feel that I am in contact over email with someone genuine and someone who has answers, rather than those people out there who I have contacted in the past who don't have answers but instead make me feel guilty when I ask about the siddhis, etc."  VC
  194. "Thanks for all the wonderful insights you have given me. I hope you will to continue your sharings."  FH
  195. "I have enjoyed your lessons and the way you write about consciousness, and I try to practice meditation daily as a result of having been inspired by you. Simple mindfulness has improved the quality of my life immeasurably."  WK
  196. "It seems that each time I come here, whether I read anything new or not, I always feel uplifted, have a new sense of purpose..."   JS
  197. "As someone who has struggled with negativity and fear surrounding sexual energy and its expression, your comments (lessons #T38 and #T39 on sexual obsessions) make a deep impression on me. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with clarity and compassion."  K
  198. "I've been practicing Integral Yoga, off and on, for 35 years, and your teachings have helped me tie up all those loose ends how the various practices blend together and help in the rise of bliss consciousness. Especially on how to tie Pranayama and Kundalini in with Deep Meditation. Spinal breathing is a powerful exercise. Thank you for your teaching and advice. You are truly a blessing to us all."  PM
  199. "I am at the point now where I will begin spinal breathing. Can't wait! I also can't wait for each and every meditation session! They are sacred to me."  GW
  200. "Thank you for the service you are performing for yogis everywhere."  RG
  201. "I would like to thank you for the lessons and the AYP site, they have been of great help and great inspiration!"  JM
  202. "I feel us all to be blessed with your extension of wisdom, and your effort to manifest it in material form as a book. I am sure I will eventually be using your text as a main source with my future students."  AS
  203. "I really find myself lucky to have discovered this treasure of wealth which can potentially relieve me from everything, and which is the real goal of any human being. I used to read about meditation since very young onwards. I remember a lot of past incidents from my life in childhood where I got attracted to meditation and used to ask lot of questions to everybody. But the only useful and constructive action I have taken was only after finding your lessons."  M
  204. "Thank you so much for showing me the light again. I think I have to learn to stick to one method of practice, whatever it shall be. I think the AYP method is something that I will persist with. The same method is given in the Shiva Samhita as one of the best methods of raising the kundalini and moving towards salvation."  DB
  205. "I came across your online lessons just a few weeks ago while searching for details for Kechari Mudra. I was so impressed with your pragmatic approach that I'm now practicing the lessons in sequence."  AM
  206. "I discovered myself the chakras without any lessons a few years ago when I heard music and smelled good fragrances. I feel strange energies in my spine, and now with your lessons which I never read anything like before, I’m going to get better at it."  RR
  207. "I have started reading your website but am trying to stick to things I have already experienced, or more information on what I am experiencing. Considering the skeptical mind that I have and the distrust I always held towards the "new age" movement, it was very pleasant to read clearly balanced truths."  AT
  208. "I consider the lessons in the site as a treasure for one who wants to be in the path of spirituality. I'm so grateful to you for your kind advice."  DC
  209. "Kudos to you. That's as good a summary of the history of the yogic influence in the west as I've seen (lesson #253)."  PG
  210. "I am new to this list. I found this post (lesson #252 on Self-Pacing, Surrender and Enlightenment) to be solid teaching and I look forward to reading more. I do not spend much time on the Internet, but I try to make the time I spend here worthwhile. Your mission here is noble and I know many souls find good ‘food’ in the message. Keep up the good work!"  SB
  211. "Thank you for the wonderful list. Wow! It will be a wonderful reference. I love this group."  C
  212. "You have done a very useful job for all the AYP users by bringing out this compilation of books (lessons #253). You have brought all under a single umbrella so that we know what to look for and where to find it. My namaste to your humble nature in spite of the tell-tale achievements."  VM
  213. "I can clearly say that your book/discussions are the single, most informative, helpful, to the point advice I have ever come across in my entire life! You single-handedly have added a dimension (the 5th!) to my spiritual practice by encouraging me to resume twice-daily meditation. Before, when I practiced meditation, I somehow never got very far, not past alpha relaxation. But you taught me WHAT meditation is!"  GW
  214. "I think these online teachings you decided to start up are brilliant."  JR
  215. "I am very grateful that you have released these teachings to everyone, especially freely accessible on the Internet. I have studied spiritual teachings for a major part of my life, and practiced meditation on and off for years, however no method I have found is as powerful as the one you teach."  JH
  216. "The lessons are great, your clarity, unpretentiousness and erudition are really remarkable … You're doing wonderful work, I'm truly grateful."  JL
  217. "Thank you so much for your help with the practices! I would not know what to do if you were not so kind to answer my questions."  LP
  218. "The material that you have presented is so first-rate that I personally don’t think that it needs any further validation…"  YM
  219. "I have been practicing AYP exclusively now for seven months and the results have been the best I have ever had from any other form of meditation."  RC
  220. "My guru introduced the web pages of AYP to me. I go through the web pages, and I found very much useful to me. I am giving importance to the job/work nowadays (previously I practice yoga regularly). One day my guru asked, ‘Why you didn't come for yesterday’s yoga practice?’ Then I go through the AYP web pages. I found lesson about finding the time for meditation. I am getting much more inspired by the lesson, and nowadays allot time for meditation, and do the yoga practice.  Really, I feel lucky!!! I thank you and all spiritual persons, and God almighty."   SM
  221. "Very grateful for the good you do in the world - you are a gem ... simply humble, unpretentious and so utterly generous in sharing your work. I thank you from my heart!!"  PP
  222. "I have been studying different methods of spiritual disciplines for a long time now (35 yrs). I have always been reluctant to just sit down and practice one type of discipline, because I have not trusted the teacher or the teachings. Many are overlaid with the teacher’s personal point of view or tradition, which is neither scientific or explained. Your lessons are short, concise and to the point. In addition, they give just enough explanation so pupils are not in the dark, wondering why they should do certain practices. If I had ever become enlightened, I would have wanted to write the lessons you have, and also given them to the world for free. As it happens, your lessons have also come into my life at just the right time, because I am retired and planning to move away where I can devote more of my time to practice. (I have just ordered the book to take with me) I have always joked with myself saying - that only if I had spent just 10% of the time meditating that I have reading I would have already become enlightened. I have been a doubter until now. I cannot thank you enough. So thanks again and God bless"  S
  223. "It is such a joy to find you communicating the higher wisdom in simple language that all can understand and benefit from it! I find this so beautiful because these powerful practices had expressions as parables and as in 'sandhya' that only the few could absorb as understanding for thousands of years in the past. And now, you are bringing those higher teachings to reach all. Cheers to all the sages! Cheers to your wonderful teachings!"  N
  224. "I have read many of your replies to the questions posed regarding this subject of spiritual journey. I offer kudos for your wonderfully natural and encouraging style. Thank you for what you are doing for all the rest of us here. There is no possible way to put value on such a wonderful gift as self-discovery."  JG
  225. "Your lessons have surely proven to be very useful, especially in relation to my recent Kundalini Awakening activity."  SSR
  226. "Thank you very much for the kind response. Your writing online and in the book and in e-mails has an enormous soothing effect on me. I am looking forward to the spiritual novel and I hope you will write other books after that."  LL
  227. "As you may recall, I came in at the middle (after decades of other practices), awakened Kundalini, got slightly bumpy, and receded to the very beginning (at your advice) to get settled down. Well, great advice! Things are stable, I'm feeling the ecstatic conductivity I was feeling before, with none of the side effects. Lots of karma burning going on, yet I'm thoroughly unburnt. Perfect. A lot of AYP is extremely smart and resourceful repackaging, of course, but your "favor the practice over the experience" is an absolutely beautiful (and I believe original) distillation. It's what sold me, actually. So I'm being careful to follow it!"  JL
  228. "You did a very good thing by making all the spiritual wisdom open to everybody. People like me are very much benefited because of this. I thought this meditative life is not for me and it is not accessible. Frankly speaking, Indian books on meditation and spirituality and guru-worship don’t appeal to me. The guru testing you and deciding whether you are fit for practices or not is rubbish. If some guru has tested me three months back, I would have failed, but now if they test me I will succeed because I have done some practices and read a lot of literature that I am sufficiently inspired (all credit to you). Divinity is within everybody and everybody should be given a chance to bring up the divinity within themselves. I like your love towards humanity and your open to everybody approach. Thank you for this knowledge again."  MH
  229. "I want to congratulate you on a wonderful exposition of Yoga that I have not seen anywhere else and your wonderful service to humanity. Thanks for sharing this information with everybody."  VM
  230. "Your analysis of fear and the ways to transmute it (#259) is very impressive. I will try to implement this in my life. We are lucky to hear such good things from you."  MVR
  231. "Thank you so much for all the beautiful advice and guidance you have provided. I sort of feel like I have come home after wandering around for years. What you are doing is truly lovely and my heart melts whenever I think about it. Can't stop smiling inside. Many thanks again."  KT
  232. "I have just finished reading your lesson regarding fear in our lives (#259). Each time I read one of your responses I am struck by how much time you must put into each lesson. I have benefited from being connected to your group and wanted to let you know that all that your hard work is very much appreciated and helpful."  LD
  233. "Kechari is going very well, thanks a lot. What you did, putting advanced kechari into print, and even on the web (#108), making it accessible to all, is very significant."  DR
  234. "AYP really has changed my life."  RC
  235. "Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge you share. I love the AYP practices and the depth they create in my life."  GO
  236. "I appreciate what you wrote about enlightened vs. perfect (#260). As a spiritual teacher, I've always tried to point out the exact things you say in your lesson. Part of my own teaching process is to make sure that my students move on and don't put me in any set category that creates an attachment to me; but just grab the tools I present to them to use."  RR
  237. "I recently came across your site on AYP and I found the lessons to be absolutely mind blowing. I have been practicing meditation off and on for the past 22 years but, till recently, have never been able to sustain it on a regular basis. Thank you."  VKK
  238. "Thank you for your amazing site. I have learnt so much from it over the months! I have been practising meditation for about 5 years now and it is amazing to learn from you because your ideas and lessons have really helped me so much on the road to enlightenment."  RCC
  239. Thank you so much for your dedication to others spiritual development and inspiring so many to try these wonderful practices. MS
  240. "I love your site.  Sensitive meditators like myself have found great answers on it.  I have not been gentle with my mind.  Twenty minutes of meditation twice a day is way too much for me.  I didn't know others had this problem, but thanks to your site I feel much better.  Thank you and God-bless!"  SM
  241. "I happened to find your website and read through your material and tantric yoga which I have always been interested in practicing. I found your site so
    true to nature, something which I can relate to and practice. I try and study it as much as possible, and found your work more connected to what I want than most other works."
  242. "Your answer to the question (on samadhi) is one of the most beautiful expressions I have read . I have been in nirvikalpa samadhi several times which is actually beyond mind and any expression, but your answer is full of wisdom."  AL
  243. "Thank you for your very very helpful response to your my email I sent you a while ago, on mantra enhancements. I really appreciated it. I will continue to practise religiously with the new mantra for at least six months to see the overall results. Another important lesson for me: sometimes less is more! Thanks again for all your help and your wonderful work and for inspiring me to continue on the meditation path."  DP
  244. "My meditation and pranayama with mulabandha are going perfectly with symptoms you indicated in the lessons. I am very much eager now to begin to follow tantra methods."  AS
  245. "I have had kundalini syndrome for 30 years, so you can imagine that your stuff got my attention... I did the damage with kumbhaka, bad advice and instruction, strong will, lack of discipline and marijuana... Where have you been hiding all these years, my man?  I needed someone like you back in 1975!"  DM
  246. "I continue to be elated by the opportunity your course offers, it feels like I have finally found what I have been searching for after twenty years of seeking. It seems to me the secret that has eluded so many is now available for sincere and hungry souls, at least this is my experience."  GL
  247. "Thanks again for advice on pitta (ayurveda) diet. I've altered my diet again to somewhat meet those suggestions. Could be why I'm feeling better."  ES
  248. "Thanks for the lessons. They have helped me greatly to go beyond where I thought the limits were."  MA
  249. "The AYP book and these lessons are probably a little before their time for the mass public, but when the time is right I believe this book will fall into the hands of many. It's kind of like 'Autobiography of a Yogi.' I never heard of this book until a couple of years ago, but then again, I probably wasn't ready for it. That book completely changed my path. Your book is doing the same type of thing. It really is a Godsend."  LO
  250. "I am on chapter 8 in The Secrets of Wilder.  I am fascinated by this book.  My entire life I have felt like there was more to me.  I have always been in touch with a part of my inner self but I always felt silly to share these thoughts with anyone because I didn't realize that other people feel this way too."  MV
  251. "I’m dropping this line to say thanks because you gave me the opportunity to get closer to my divine consciousness after reading your new book. I feel I’m getting back to that special supernatural force I used to feel during my childhood when I used to meditate. I think I’m recovering the skills I need to succeed in life."  RRV
  252. "Your generosity, skill, and kindness reflect well on the yogic path. I have been following the AYP for 6 months now. I get upset when I cannot do the program... when I have visitors, .... rejoining of family, etc.  I have found AYP to help me recover from a cancer the doctors are sure is cured...  I am doing all I can to make them right!  I wake up every day so energized! In addition to following the 2 times a day schedule of AYP, I have also been working out for 1 hour a day with weights and aerobics.  The combination is powerful. Thank you so much."  CD
  253. "My utmost thanks to you for the selfless service you are offering through your website, thus making available the path to Self to all the aspirants who seek truth yet are not blessed with a guru. I am a simple housewife raising two kids and running a busy household. Though I yearned for reaching the depths of spiritual awakening since I was a child, I never knew exactly how to get instruction until finally my prayers were answered by finding your website."  SD
  254. "Regarding the Secrets of Wilder novel, which I just finished,   you unfolded the mystery of the enlightenment process wonderfully. You kept the mystery as a motivation for turning the next page. And you imbued it with human-interest at the same time. A person who reads this book carefully will be initiated into the actual secrets of what happens in the enlightenment process, and into what is the destiny of humankind. They can learn that enlightenment is part of their birthright and their destiny, that it goes with the human body and not any particular sect or creed. You put it in a Christian context. Could it help to make a bridge between common Christianity and the True Mysteries? Could it bring more people to integrate yoga and the religions they were brought up in? I think it could, and I hope it does. I wouldn't be surprised if you hear people say 'this book changed my life'."  DR
  255. "For 22 years I have been jumping from one guru to another and from one school of enlightenment to another because I did not want to get stuck and give all my power away. In all these years I have not learned as much as I have learned in the last few days with your lessons. I was getting ready to join another school when I found you. I knew deep within that it would lead to a dead end again, so I kept praying for direction and your writings showed up. As they say, when you are ready the teacher will come. Thanks again for sharing your great work with hungry seekers like me."  MLP
  256. "I have read through your program and like it very much. It is the best most straight forward set of yoga instructions in print. With sincere gratitude." MYF
  257. "Thank you so much for taking the time to write the Secrets of Wilder novel. A lot of it feels very familiar. It is a nice way to get some perspective of the whole system that you have outlined in AYP." LI
  258. "A month ago I began to meditate after reading Wayne Dyer's book on meditation, Getting in the Gap. This week during meditation I began to feel energy moving up my spine. It felt very sexual warm, fiery, releasing, ecstatic, expansive energy moving up throughout my entire body. As the energy moved, I could feel the unique essence of each infinite energy field: I felt the vortices of grounding, sexuality, power/stability, emotion/heart, expression, reflection and understanding. After a few minutes the feeling became orgasmic, throughout my entire body. It was as though I was making love with a vast energy. I now know what's meant by "Divine Union". Though I've read a little about chakras it's the first time I've ever felt them like this or had such an experience. Later I looked up chakras online and discovered that this experience is universally documented and is called the awakening of kundalini. I've been reading everything I can find about the experience and came across your website the most comprehensive one I've found."  CA
  259. "I am now just about halfway through the Secrets of Wilder sighing occasionally when I think how much this book would have meant to me in my late teens. Instead, the grandmother of a girlfriend mailed me ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ in Rome in 1953-54 at the Music Conservatory. The book almost made me drop everything and travel to India, but my interest in a career as a composer held me back. But I do remember thinking, ‘If everything described in this book is true, then I really should at least take up meditation.’ I am seriously considering purchasing half-a-dozen copies of ‘Wilder’ to pass around to younger acquaintances." RS
  260. "Samyama is absolutely stupendous ... it is right up my alley. Thanks yet again for AYP."  JK
  261. "I join the multitude in praising your great work with the AYP-lessons, thank you!"  JH
  262. "Reading more and more about the AYP practices. Personally practicing your techniques. The one thing I feel really different about is when I practice my daily morning pranayama, my breathing before wouldn’t necessarily achieve silence in my head immediately. But after practicing the tantra holdback method and channeling my sexual energy, my pranayamas have improved dramatically. Even after one round of pranayama I have a serene silence." BR
  263. "I've heard the guru within since early childhood, so I know what you mean by ‘the guru is in you.’ I guess most children start out that way. As we are forced to 'grow up,' we can become distracted and careless about listening, and get into thinking of it just as that 'little voice.' Following your lessons has reawakened so much of what I must have forgotten, for now I remember. Now, within a minute or so of sitting, I start to fall inward to that infinite point of pure consciousness. Thank you again. Hopefully I will think of some creative way of helping improve conditions for others in the world as a result. I only hope masses of people will have similar aspirations." WK
  264. "I'm back on track, my spinal breathing and meditation is so wonderful. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the world." ML
  265. "You said exactly what I needed to hear to push myself onward to get back into a practice routine, which I did today. After so many months, I now feel anchor-free. Perhaps you'll never know (I hope you will) the impact you will have on this entire generation and beyond!" GW
  266. "Thank you for your relentless bright vibrations through your sharing of the AYP. The impact is beyond words. I absolutely, positively, love how you end every post, with ‘The guru is in you.’ " MH
  267. "I'm a longtime yogini and meditator, and I thank you for AYP, which has greatly informed and improved my practice!" JH
  268. "I stumbled upon the AYP site about two weeks ago and was amazed at the simple elegance of what you have shared. I want to build a strong base of consistent practice like you said before adding more... Thanks for your site and the great insight you have provided into the incredible human nervous system." SH
  269. "I want to say thank you for all of the lessons you've given everyone via the list and the AYP website. I've found tons of useful information in what you've written." PSA
  270. "It has been a pleasure to have found your site, enlightening and empowering. For me your words ring truth, power and authority, to the core, what we as humanity need the most. I am thankful to your service, dedication and energy to what true awareness for an awakened yogi or yogini can be." DAD
  271. "I got your (AYP Easy Lessons) book in the mail today. It rocks! I like having it in paper format. I think I will be using it for a long time. Thanks for making such a seemingly complex yet powerful subject so accessible. Your meditation style does for me every time in a half-hour what I could only occasionally achieve with long sessions with my previous practice. A profound sense of silence and peace." OB
  272. "I sense a change in the AYP forum dynamics. It seems that we are becoming one whole unit. The fragments are coming together and although we are all individuals - we seem to have grown into somewhat of a common consciousness. Or maybe I am changing and my views are shifting. Whatever the case may be, you have created a powerful group dynamic that is so interesting to observe." LI
  273. "Wow! Where were you 10 years ago when I was just getting really serious about this stuff? It took me years to figure out most of the stuff you just lay out there on your web-site. Thanks for all the work you have done for us." JW
  274. "I just came across your site... and what can I say? This is the best site I ever found that makes one understand what yoga is really trying to achieve. Maybe I'm exaggerating, or maybe I didn't surf enough the web... but after reading your lessons I understand much better what I'm trying to do in my yoga practice." PP
  275. "I love your teachings. I find your teachings to be pure and not heavy with the trappings of history and traditions that have prevented many sincere souls from treading this path. This information presented this way is just what is needed by a world that has almost given up looking for answers or meaning or truth ... For some reason this fall I noticed yellow butterflies every where I went. I intuitively felt it meant something special for me, a new beginning, a growth. I have felt dissatisfied with my current yoga tradition so fragmented and regimented, but I felt I had no place else to turn to. I felt I had researched all I could on the internet and in books but something told me there must be a clearer, more open forum for these practices, so I looked one more time and typed in ‘advanced yoga’ and found your site. When I read the Secrets of Wilder and the references to butterflies. I knew I found my connection." LL
  276. "What an amazing job you are doing... I am 58 years old (in this life) and as a result of my entire life's effort I am very familiar with all the main and various other philosophies and spiritual teachings (in knowledge, not in practice) and I am now ready to put into practice what I have learned. Your guidance and instructions on the difficult subject of Yoga practice ‘for all’ are the clearest and the most explicit I was able to find anywhere. Talking about, ‘When student is ready teacher appears...’" TD
  277. "I'd like to thank you for teaching me the AYP technique. You have given me so much." AM
  278. "I’m sometimes reading and writing in the AYP forums. What you offer is so great! I gave your book to the guru of the ashram I’m living in at the moment." OLB
  279. "I enjoy reading your website. Your words are just beautiful poetry and it feels like one is kissed and it is so simple and so sweet." RRB
  280. "What a wonderful site. Really, I can't believe my eyes. It’s like seeing gold. I have been blessed. I have been in the yoga tradition for many years and I am still searching. It looks like your site and all your techniques have put a stop to my search. I already started practicing. Thank you for the good work." VSE
  281. "Been working through your site for a few weeks now. Really loving it. From the first time I tried the ‘I AM’ meditation, I felt my heart glowing with a blissful heat, and since beginning spinal breathing I have had intense dreams of beautiful white light bathing a path up and down my spinal column, acute pulsing at my third eye, and near-orgasmic pulsing at my perineum (seriously)." SO
  282. "I cannot find words to thank you for having shown me the true path of yoga to the Infinite. Before discovering AYP, I was desperately searching for a royal path to the Infinite for many years. I came across some organizations, teachers, methods, techniques - but felt that I had not found my true path. When I discovered AYP (in late 2004), I felt that my search was truly over. Till today, I have never searched for another path. Your technique of tantra, the holdback method, has truly been a boon for me. It has literally given me a new life. Without it, God knows where I would have been today. Also, your ‘I AM’ meditation technique has helped in improving my social relations with people at the office. I am very grateful to you for your timely help." KK
  283. "Thank for your efforts to help guide people in finding a practical spiritual protocol." DRA
  284. "I am finding the AYP work magnificent, even with my many years of hatha, raja and pranayama. Your service and compassion is evident in every sentence." RG
  285. "My thanks to you for the excellent meditation instructions. I have been practicing them regularly for a little over a month now with great, ever deepening, results. After trying many different approaches to meditation and spiritual endeavors, I feel like I've found one that I will be able to stick with for the long haul. My thanks to you for this." BC
  286. "I love the AYP Forums, it is nice to see how other students are progressing and experiencing. Although I went to NY and got my shaktipat, I still don't want to follow a guru blindly. I want to be independent, and your lessons seem to be helping with that desire. Thanks for being there." ML
  287. "I have been reading your book Advanced Yoga Practices. It is very good. It is the best book I ever read about yoga. At present I have gone to lesson 85. I am 52 and have been practicing martial arts [karate] for 28 years. I have always been interested in yoga and sufism." AK
  288. "I am very thankful to you for your wonderful site. For the last two years I have been reading it continuously and it has of immense help to me in my spiritual practices." PDP
  289. "Thank you for supporting my spiritual work. And perhaps you can imagine how helpful you have been for me in my own meditation practice. You have helped me a lot. I want enlightenment and the practices you have taught me have really expanded my consciousness." AM
  290. "Okay, so Mom comes over to help me get ready for Christmas at my house. She's tired and wants something to read. My copy of Deep Meditation had just arrived from Amazon, so I let her peruse that. I told her more copies are on the way, so she decides to take over my copy. Then later that evening, I'm joking around because it's late and I'm tired, when Mom pipes up to say, ‘Be quiet for once. I'm doing my deep meditation.’ I haven't seen my copy since. Can you believe that? The ingratitude! Aaaah! Just thought you might get a kick out of that." MM
  291. "Thanks for all the information you have been giving out. To say that it has changed my life would be an understatement." AA
  292. "Greetings. I just read the first few AYP lessons. It’s funny how one can recognize truth when one hears it. Tomorrow morning I will begin my first session of the 20 minute I AM meditation. My commitment is there. Thank you for all your encouragement." GD
  293. "I would like to thank you for your wonderfully organized and informational website. Your thoughts and teachings are easy to understand and very consistent, without using so much traditional language as to be confusing. My wife and I have found tantric techniques to bring great pleasure into our lives. For almost two years, we have been using the holdback technique… Thank you again for your wisdom. There are many ‘false prophets’ out there, and it is clear you are not one of them." ZA
  294. I started the path in 1972 and have delved and experimented with a lot of techniques. I think the internet can a double edged sword lots of information and temptation to try too many things diluting one's practice. However looking through your work, it seems to have the most essential practices and some good order and help which is often missing from some schools. The service you are offering shows great sacrifice on your part and I wish you well and may God be with you. I look forward to using your work with much gratitude." CB
  295. "I have been reading your site for a couple of weeks and have started some of the meditations. The site is superb and thank you sincerely for your openness with your wisdom and knowledge. I also love the aspect of self-governance and training oneself to take responsibility for regulating ones own speed. This is very empowering and important." LH
  296. "I have begun practicing meditation again after a long period of disinterest and frustration. Thank you for your help." KM
  297. "In two days I have read the online lessons to Lesson 62. I am amazed at the simplicity of the language and clarity of your thought and expression…" MS
  298. "Million thanks for your exceptional work, I was very frustrated till I saw your postings not to find a clear path free of obligations and oriented towards a specific cult or practice. Still, I tried with many, but none was convincing. Renunciation of this and that was not of my interest. Your ideology fits exactly to my thoughts. Particularly, no nonsense, practical results-oriented and smooth flow of lessons at ones own speed. Now, the ball is in my court. I will practice regularly…" KD
  299. "Just a quick note to thank you. I have recently discovered your writing. I have followed several traditions and have always been fascinated by kechari mudra. Your writings on it are the most comprehensive I have ever found." MRD
  300. "I just recently discovered your AYP website and I can't believe how good it is. Thank you for making so much available to people, and at no cost!" RHM
  301. It was as a result of your advice on spinal breathing pranayama that I started to experience my current state of Kundalini energy." KM
  302. "Thank you for AYP and your dedication to open the secret doors to our hearts." JC
  303. "So far (knock on wood) bumps in the road have been minimal with AYP during 3 years of practice, with some enhancements along the way. I feel self-pacing has been the main factor in maximizing progress while minimizing the bumps. I spent over a year just doing the I AM mantra before adding on. I've experimented with some of the breathing enhancements, but back off quickly. Too much too soon! Prior to the AYP routine, Ashtanga, Bikram, etc. were my normal practices. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity and the ability to be doing AYP. I look forward to many more years of doing so." GE
  304. "I am from India and am going through a kundalini awakening. I have read a lot of your writings and found them very helpful. Thank you." VS
  305. "I have had an interesting experience with regard to kechari mudra. I've been practicing various yoga sadhana over the past few years, as I realized that as a child I was spontaneously using the bandhas. Some time ago, I found the AYP website and began integrating the practices. The result has been a rapid purification of the nervous system and a definite rise of what you call ecstatic conductivity! Thank you for giving your knowledge with such love and compassion to me and to the world." KC
  306. "I can clearly see why your approach is the best, because it is integrated. What you said about the bandhas and mudras merging to become one (whole body mudra) only proves the integration of yoga. Also, as you stated, there is no reason to use short term experience over developing long term development of wisdom with practices." YBB
  307. "I just wanted to say a personal thank-you to you for making this newcomer feel welcome." S
  308. "I thank you sincerely for your selfless service in teaching simple and yet effective yoga for folks like me, who are unable to engage in extensive retreats or sadhana." KV
  309. "I am coming into view to myself. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the opening you supply with everything that pours out of you. I see that the whole sky is within, the whole universe is humming within, and the gentleness of the nameless presence surrounding and permeating us is making the lowest moments bearable. I feel very, very light. My heart is weightless at times, and there is a constant song within. I sing with the Philharmonic these days, and the shine is coming through my voice. I am stunned. I listen to the singing that emanates, and I realize that I have always underestimated what we are. What used to be only a letting go is now also a letting in, and a letting out. Thank you for being the one that said: The guru is in you!" KK
  310. "I am extremely interested in your website, and particularly in the deep meditation. I have been practicing meditation for thirty years, and your tips seem to have given fresh impetus to the practice." PC
  311. "I found your approach to self-inquiry extremely useful in putting Advaita into the context of my yoga practice. Cultivating inner silence for effective self-inquiry is very important, far superior to the modern Advaita do nothing approach to answering the ultimate question, Who Am I?" WM
  312. "It's been a joy reading your work. I have been dabbling in yoga for years now. My intentions are very good and serious, but I lack consistent effort. I go through short periods of good routine separated by long lapses. I know that sooner or later studying your work will help me break through this cycle." RK
  313. "You were right. My recent bout with depression was a phase of purification and opening and thankfully is over now. I'm out of the depression and am on with my practices and life. I survived thanks to you and my other AYP friends. Self-pacing and grounding definitely work, and helped me a lot." AS
  314. "Your lessons are by far the best, simplest and most comprehensive I have seen so far. You are so kind to provide this amazing information for which so many of us have sought and longed, picking up pieces here and there. What a blessing to find it all organized and in a straight forward, easy to understand and, most importantly, demystified manner. I am moving through as you suggest, step-by-step, even though I have used many of the advanced practices in my life before. This is truly delicious!" EEM
  315. "On my path of trying to acquire insights into the Vedic texts and experience deeper aspects of the Self, I've explored many different spiritual groups and teachers. Unfortunately, I've had to walk away from all of them due to the fact that I could not fully conform to group think and dedicate myself wholly to the leader, guru, or main teacher. In my younger years, I often left confused and sometimes hurt emotionally by the experience. In my older years, I can be thankful for these experiences, and have found community in those who also seek the teacher within one's own experience and the wisdom that is already inside each of us. I can not express enough the gratitude that I have for your work. Thank you for giving this gift of knowledge. It is helping me on my path and teaching me so much!" MY
  316. "I have been using amaroli for a while on and off, and your writings have reawakened an interest in using amaroli as part of an overall spiritual practice routine." DS
  317. "In relation to samyama, I have come to realize in my own life that once one is experiencing the rise of inner silence and engaged in structured samyama practice, then all thoughts are becoming samyama practice. By this I mean that all thoughts easily dissolve at their root in silence, and then manifest outward in a powerful flow." RL
  318. "AYP has really been the only thing in my 36 years that I have ever stuck to with total dedication and without reservation. It seems like most of my life has been serving in an outpost of hell and all of my own doing (or the Ones doing), but I am finally starting to find some relief and peace through the methods that I have learned from AYP." CEM
  319. "I found AYP couple of years ago and have greatly benefited. Some of the things that have helped me tremendously during this period are Neti & Amaroli, among other things. I don't think I would have started Amaroli if not for your writings on this. The benefits to the health are clearly visible, even from the beginning. Similarly, I came to know about Neti from AYP, and it has helped me greatly with my allergies, not to mention the benefits that I have derived spiritually also. Since studying AYP, I have a much better understanding of other systems of yoga practice than I did before." RMK
  320. "This is one of the worlds best teachings on yoga. I'm not exaggerating!" HA
  321. "I wanted to tell you that there are a lot of people here in the Middle East who are very grateful for the AYP teachings. You wouldn't imagine how enthusiastically they respond, and how much gratitude they have for the Arabic translations." TA
  322. "Thank-you a lot for such incredible, accurate and simple lessons about Advanced Yoga. I call it Advanced Yoga for Dummies. Best material that I found about advanced yoga, and I have been passing the word here in Brazil." RVM
  323. "I have been reading the lessons in AYP for quite a while now. I really appreciate the information that you have been providing and I feel that I have been steadily progressing. Something interesting happened a few days back. I was meditating and after some time started to go deep. Then I could feel my self, or consciousness, or being, or awareness, or whatever it was within my solid body, and at the same time not within it. The nature of the being or consciousness was very light, and it carried over into the days activity." RND
  324. "Thank you for your inspiration. The assistance I need is in AYP. The tantra lessons are helping a lot with sexual difficulties I have had. And today I made progress in Khechari Mudra. The tongue went for first time behind the palate without any snipping. Slowly, slowly..." BSD
  325. "Thank you for the work you are doing to make the benefits of yoga more popular for ordinary people all over the world. I'm new in meditating, but I've experienced benefits already. This made me realize the potential yoga has for my life." ET
  326. "As a yoga teacher, I see many people who are practicing yoga postures. After a while, they sense they are missing something they cannot define. I'm contemplating offering an AYP class soon, to give my students a taste for the whole of yoga." MDR
  327. "I want to compliment you most sincerely on all of your writings, which I have put into regular practice. I've been studying Yoga in its many forms for decades now and I've gotten books from various Yogis and Gurus in India, as well as from the more popularly known Western personalities, and I must say that your work is far above and beyond all of the other material I've ever encountered." KBG
  328. "The AYP practices, with careful self-pacing, have been effective and useful for me, and have made it easier to live with my bi-polar condition." NIR
  329. "Thank you for your writings. It all rings clear, simple and true." CVU
  330. "Recently I have been going through a phase of total awareness and presence. My insides feel completely hollow and its like nothing can stick any more. Even emotions that come up just flow right through. Nothing to grasp on to. Some feelings linger on for a few minutes but then they are gone, like nothing happened. This is amazing! Hopefully this is here to stay. Feels different this time. It's not a feeling of over the top happiness, a peak experience that will pass. I just feel very content, very normal." SM
  331. "I have wanted to establish a meditation practice for many years and have been totally unsuccessful. Sitting meditation always made me nervous, anxious, and sometimes panicky. Your I AM meditation actually worked for me from the very first session. I have carried around a low level of anxiety for many years and the very first time I did your meditation, my anxiety just left!" AF
  332. "Thank you for spreading good helpful information." DV
  333. "Thank you for your site, your attitude, and moreover, your deep tolerance of other paths. Even though I don't practice AYP, I feel for some reason a good home at the AYP online support forums. By the way, everything you have written about entheogens is brilliant." AEN
  334. "I just wanted to say thanks for the powerful yet elegant practices that you are sharing." RF
  335. "Your integration and presentation of the practices along with the wisdom that radiates through your writing has literally saved my life, or at least my sanity. Now that I look back at my youth, I have always been interested in spirituality. You have distilled the essence of the scriptures and renewed my faith, which continues to grow with each sitting. After a year and a half of practices, I can appreciate how lessons must be learned from all phases of life and how negative experiences and actions can be a springboard for spirituality. For this realization, I have you to thank." AK
  336. "I discovered and began AYP about four months ago. This is good stuff!" RS
  337. "I found these writings a couple of months ago by what can only be considered an act of divine providence. The content of both the lessons and the support forums is superb. Thank you for distilling this vast body of knowledge into a format that we can access so easily. Truly, you render a tremendous service to those of us who are confused by the volume of spiritual material available today." KSR
  338. "Thanks for for making the amazing AYP writings available. It is my greatest hope that my intuition along with amazing resources such as AYP will lead me home." TT
  339. "Using the AYP system has convinced me that all you have written about is real." TLL
  340. "Over the years I have tried various systems of practice, and as I have got older it has become more and more important for me. However I have suffered quite badly from various overload symptoms in the last couple of systems I tried, which is why I kept searching. At one point I thought I would not be able to continue meditating because I felt physically unwell. I felt bad about this, as if my way to find my real self had been cut off. I kept searching for accounts of the problems I was having, I spoke to the teachers in the system I was following, but no-one seemed to have heard of anything similar, which made me feel doubly perturbed. So I was delighted to find the AYP website and a support forum where people discussed exactly the same problems I was having. And even better, knew how to deal with them by self-pacing. I thought that the AYP practices would cause me the same problems, and started with some trepidation to do deep meditation. I did get some symptoms, but when I added on spinal breathing pranayama, it made a huge difference. The symptoms dissolved. Now it feels as if I have been practicing AYP for ages, but I checked and it is only 2 and a half months. During this time I have probably only missed one or two sessions. I look forward to my meditation greatly, and that is such a difference. I am beginning to touch some inner silence and feel the effects in my daily life. So, all in all, I am full of gratitude at having found this practice and the support forums. (We Brits don't say that kind of soppy stuff easily either!)" KM
  341. "I am writing to thank you for publishing the most informative and correct information regarding the processes of Kundalini yoga, particularly relating to vajroli mudra. I have been on a celibate path and have had an active kundalini for about 3 years. I have always taken the spiritual path very seriously and always regarded celibacy as an extremely important element. However, recently I became concerned with certain sexual kriyas, or postures, occurring accompanied by extreme arousal. For someone who regards brahmacharya as extremely important on the spiritual path, what was happening to me seemed like everything that opposed it. Although I was concerned with this sexual arousal and tried to suppress it during meditation, I could not help feeling that it was the most blissful feeling I had ever had. After reading your teachings on Tantra, it was a green light to embrace what was happening to me and enjoy the bliss, and for that I am most grateful. These experiences have been the Guru or guide for me at this stage on the path, and I no longer feel fear about them." JH
  342. "God Bless You for making the AYP information available. I have been practicing meditation for several years, and have been practicing Kriya Yoga for about 2 years now (Maha Mudra, Sambhavi Mudra, spinal breathing, mantra meditation), but have found that the information in the AYP writings has greatly enhanced my practice in a very short time. What is so helpful in the lessons are the plain-language explanations of the practices, as well as what each is meant to accomplish inside of us." MB
  343. "The five stages of mind discussed in the AYP lessons on self-inquiry are right on target. To summarize the journey in this way is a major achievement, and a big help for those engaged in self-inquiry, no matter what their background or teaching they may be following." TM
  344. "Thanks you for your discourses on being still. They help me connect with that core of self." DHF
  345. "The AYP lessons are quite amazing. Thank you for offering them." BA
  346. "The lesson on Addictions and Flights of Fancy (#308) is such a good one. thank you!" MDL
  347. "It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in some of the strange experiences that occur along the way. You have quite a way of putting things into perspective. I'll just consider these visions to be scenery then, and keep at it. Practices are going well." GO
  348. "The lesson on "An Inquiry about Ending Suffering" (#321) is another very interesting topic, and useful at this point in time in my life." BB
  349. "I read your writing on Kechari mudra which was greatly helpful. Whenever I am not speaking I try to keep my tongue turned up. This has brought a lot of beneficial effects and am progressing fast. I have crossed the small tongue-like structure and have entered in. It helps me to get a better feel of the chakras and the energy in the Sushumna channel." JPM
  350. "I started the AYP practices about 4 months ago and made great progress (had hatha and kriya yoga experience before). It finally is the meditation technique and spiritual practice I was looking for with everything combined (mudras, bandhas, meditation) in simple but powerful practices. In every meditation session I can feel a lot of prana coming up and flowing through my body, pulsating inside me while my mind is pretty calm. It is great pleasure and I can also feel changes in my daily life and behavior. People tell me that I radiate and put them in a good mood when they look me. It is nice to feel the sensations and progress of the practices not only inside myself but in the outside world as well. At the moment I am doing nauli, spinal breathing, yoni mudra kumbhaka, meditation and samyama, and my bhakti sometimes drives me crazy (close to transform into obsession) and wants me to do more. But I feel that its not the right time now and do self-pacing as you recommend, and I really understand now what self-pacing means." DW
  351. "I have been meditating for 50+ years. My meditations have developed organically as I had no resources for instruction. Most of the practices you have discussed I have done, some of them are new to me, but it is great to see that I can now have a routine and some order to the practice. My practice is more balanced than ever since I have learned from your writings what order to put the practices in and how to integrate them together. This has been the key that I have been missing, sort of the Rosetta Stone for me. Thank you for all the great material." JS
  352. "I'm still a tourist on AYP, experiencing the basic techniques when they call for me, along with the other practices. Just wanted to express my gratitude to the lights that you and others are on AYP. The more it goes, the more there is a desire to share and commune with a spiritual family. The AYP writings and community are a blessing." CB
  353. "AYPs teaching are the most pragmatic, down-to-earth and inspiring that I've ever encountered (and I've spent a lot of time reading about and listening to so many other enlightened teachers). These writings offer perhaps the most accessible route to spiritual progress that I've ever encountered. Maybe AYP will do for spiritual advancement what electricity did for technological advancement." MA
  354. "Your lesson called The Role of Desire in Self-Inquiry (#335) is a great explanation. There is no Moksha with out Bhakti, even for Advaitans." PP
  355. "I wanted to share with you something that I found quite humorous. I recently read Autobiography of a Yogi and came to the idea that I must seek out Kriya Yoga. After a short search on the internet, I quickly realized that all arrows pointed back to spinal breathing, which you had advised me on years ago. Very humbling experience!" PY
  356. "My daily practice of Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Deep Meditation remains my beacon through all the stuff that life throws at me, and I am so grateful to you for teaching me these lessons. Speaking of lessons, I really enjoy reading all the new lessons and especially liked Dare to Dream (#337)" GD
  357. "I Loved finding the AYP writings, especially after 8 years of utter turmoil, pain and total isolation from life and people, unemployed, diagnosed schizophrenic, clinical depression, etc. Thank you. My heart now has hope to see a day when I can live through it without having to succumb to the bed." JTS
  358. "I had an involuntary kundalini arousal nearly 6 years ago, and your writings are the most authentic source of information I have found. Well done." SUS
  359. "My life is so drastically improved today from it was in the past, and I believe it would not be this way had it was not for AYP." CZ
  360. "Thank you for all your and your teams effort to deliver those great AYP teachings. Keep up the good work. I've been practicing for the last 2 years. Even though I knew about yoga since I was a teenager, it is just now in my mid-twenties that I'm taking all of this seriously. How could I not? It's so obvious." ZM
  361. "Thanks for the lesson called, "What is Karma?" (#343). I have been thinking a lot about Karma Yoga this week. You are a great teacher." JO
  362. "Lately I've been having some progress, with inner silence and ecstasy coming up during the day. I've also had to self-pace a lot, sometimes taking breaks from practices for a few days (I felt like my body couldn't take any more inner silence in those days). But basically I'm feeling more and more guided by the inner silence, like something is taking me by the hand and guiding me." JK
  363. "I was very touched by this part of a recent lesson on transforming karma (#344), where it said, As we come to know our Self beyond the many influences in our life, it has a profound effect on the way we view events. We see life occurring as change on the ocean of our stillness." KKE
  364. "Just read your lesson (#345), on the spiritual evolution of action. Wow. Simply Wow." MMG
  365. "I'm a diehard AYP yogi. I don't want to just to get enlightenment. I want to go much farther than that, because there's no end, right? So I need to find a good place live and I'm researching the world for that place and I need your advice." CL (Answer: Wherever we are!)
  366. "The AYP tools are the light in my life now, in the middle of a great inner storm. They work very well. I give all my emotions to my inner silence and do self-inquiry. It helps a lot." MR
  367. "Your writings have inspired me to take up my old meditation practice, which I left years ago. It is working fine again. Thank you so much for your wisdom." RFR
  368. "Thanks for the wonderful lessons you have made available to the public. This is such valuable information which is normally not available to many of us. I am practicing kriya yoga, and all that we are told is just to do these steps without knowing what we are doing. I can't thank you enough for the information you have made available to all of us." RJN
  369. "You da Man! Thank you so much for your thorough writings. My heart is instantly lifted by them. In particular, I will make sure I use self-pacing with the practices. But think I'm going to have to start Samyama this afternoon..." GG
  370. "Before finding AYP, my nervous system was disoriented a few years back after a premature kundalini opening that never quite stabilized, plus coming to yoga initially with some health issues related to a past hard-drug use, which did not help. Now with the help of your clever system I've found my way back." AMM
  371. "I have been progressing through the AYP lessons and practices for about 16 months now, and loving every minute of it." RSL
  372. "After 14 months of dedicated AYP practice (Spinal Breathing Pranayama plus Deep Meditation), this morning, I had a direct experience with Inner Silence that was so profound words fail me! Now, some 3 hours post meditation, I am still abiding in this blanket of Peace. a portable Paradise within and without." A
  373. "I love all the practices in the AYP writings. It kind of sums up and puts together a lot of the practices I've done over the years in pieces." TE
  374. "Your website content and books are really good. I have been practicing Yoga for nearly 10 years now, and am planning on enhancing my practice based on your teachings. You are doing a great job." IJ
  375. "I love the simplicity and straightforward nature of your style. It's already given me profound insights on how to approach and be prepared for each meditation, and what's beyond in both daily experience and the course as a whole. In fact, it's actually deeply enhanced my understanding of what meditation is and it's primary importance already, simply from reading the lessons. I'm already feeling an extra sense of peace and bliss in my daily life from the actual practice itself. It's very light but noticeable. I'm so thankful to you as well as to all the AYP students, and previous teachers who have helped you bring this material to the world. This moment has been 8 years in the making for me on a conscious level (growing the burning desire to have the 'discipline', 'readiness' and 'devotion' needed to see this through), but a lifetime in the making (probably many) on an innate level." MB
  376. "The AYP lessons have been so helpful. I've been meditating morning and night every day for seven months now, and my quality of life is so much higher than it was. Your work is truly significant. Thank you for your sharing of truth." JB
  377. "I'm well into my third year with regular AYP practices, and want to send this message of appreciation. I've been involved with different aspects of Yoga for 42 years. During that time I've experienced several gurus, have tried various approaches to opening, and have stayed in several ashrams ... one ashram in India for 6 months in the 1970s. On and off during that same time I have taught Hatha Yoga classes. My experiences with AYP practices are not wild or grandiose. Instead, I continue to experience a progressive deepening in meditation and consequent knowing that permeates my activities. This is happening concurrent with some very challenging experiences in my life, the residue of which are also being processed automatically during meditation. One doesn't seem to exclude the other. This process feels solid and connected. The AYP approach weaves together practices that I was familiar with, but were not integrated into a system. Thank you very much!" BSB
  378. "Your lesson Less is More (#411) for me at this time is very interesting. Less on and more off! Just what I needed to help me in regulating my actions and reactions in life." CI
  379. "Your wonderful ability to bring Reality to the practical this is how it is level is very much appreciated." TG
  380. "It is fascinating to watch things fall away ... things I did not even know were blocks. They come to the surface, and fall away. The process is so beautiful." SM
  381. "I have to commend you on the writings; unbelievably informative and educational, especially on the topic of kundalini. Thanks for making it available in the public domain." BW
  382. "After a period of inner imbalance and lack of motivation to meditate, because of no noticeable change or progress, I made a 2 day pause. Today I resumed my routine, and guess what? I finally experienced pure bliss consciousness. I felt like a child, with no limits, no borders, open to everything around me. It felt like the pillars that carried all the perception filters and blockages were washed away the whole time, and now the last one broke down. I don't have a clue how long it will last, but I was there ... the perfect time to show the carrot to the donkey!" PAN
  383. "Thank you for Lesson 337, Dare to Dream." It made me cry, and the fire in my heart spark again." E
  384. "Just wanted you to know that I feel like my heart is bursting with tears when I read some of these writings. I don't know why ... honest. Carry on. May we all become enlightened." LOV
  385. "Thank you once again for emphasizing and saying that the The guru in you (me)." V
  386. "Thank you for teaching me samyama, and helping me find stillness." AM
  387. "Thank you for answering my prayers for truth, for writing in clear English (I was exhausted trying with all my being to understand Eastern writings), and for recognizing and honoring that ultimately the truth resides within each of us." MTG
  388. "The city aggravates all the things inside that we don't like about ourselves. We can escape from all that in the forest and take a rest, but very few people have what it takes to battle all those things in solitude for very long. I have found it is easier to stay in the life that is given us, and use meditation to calm down the aggravations in the city. After consistent meditation you can learn to become more calm than that trip to the forest. Then trips to the forest are even more meaningful." ETH
  389. "AYP condenses Truth down to its most effective and efficient essence. The teachings make the full 8 limbs of yoga a practical and swift path to enlightenment for householder and renunciate alike. Philosophers blindly draw maps. The AYP writings actually bring us there. Philosophers guess as to what lies there. The AYP approach teaches us to taste it." ATD
  390. "I used to drink heavily before learning of AYP meditation. My drink of choice was whiskey. Then I started meditating and noticed I wasn't getting as "wasted" as I used to. I could keep my head longer (ditto for drugs). These days I've resigned myself to never being quite as happy drunk as I used to before meditation. I sure resisted this for awhile, trying to find that perfect buzz again, but it's just not there anymore. Although I do enjoy an occasional beer, the desire for hardcore drinking has left me. I guess I've learned I don't really need to drink excessively to feel good, because I'm already feeling pretty fine all the time, thanks to the AYP practices." DLT
  391. "My cat often comes to me and curls on my lap when I meditate. He does not do it unless I am meditating." ANL
  392. "I discovered Vipassana practice about 9 months ago and have practiced quite diligently. I've been on 3 retreats so far, the last being for 2 weeks and taking me nearly to the brink of first enlightenment. However, feeling a block I could not break through, I started looking at other things to see what gaps I might have in my practice. The most promising set of practices I have encountered have been the AYP writings. So many of the symptoms of purification described match perfectly with the experiences I have had doing intensive Vipassana practice on retreat. However, the AYP information is much clearer, more specific, and more detailed than the typical Theravada Buddhist maps." LE
  393. "As a physician, it is both moving and exciting for me to see the positive effects of the AYP practices on medical conditions." KC
  394. "Everything seems to be 'coming together' with the AYP practices. I also undertook a fast recently. During the day I've been feeling simply wonderful. I've grown to love the emptiness and lightness, the sense of being less corporeal that comes with fasting. Every time I feel a pang of hunger it reminds me of my spiritual purpose and a pulse of bliss permeates through me." WFU
  395. "I have been following the AYP practices for about 4 months now. My life has changed in profound ways and I feel I finally found the path for me. I am 35 and have 4 children. I am self employed and have been meditating now for 4 years, but feel I have done more since meeting the AYP books than in the last 4 years!" ISH
  396. "If I had known the profound impact AYP was going to have on my life, I would've taken better notes from the outset. Especially since researchers are now looking into the effects of AYP. No regrets. Those who are keeping journals are doing a great service to the yoga community and humanity." CMC
  397. "I started doing deep meditation and spinal breathing a few months ago, after years of searching for an effective spiritual practice to transport me away from the place I was in to somewhere better. I was diagnosed with psychosis about 3 years ago and have been battling ever since. Although I'm committed to taking medication, AYP has really helped me." JUK
  398. "I have been into meditation, etc., seriously for about 12 years. During this time I have tried various styles and systems but ever since I discovered AYP it has felt like home to me. Due to my unending curiosity and restless mind, I have still been experimenting with other systems, but AYP has always been there as a ground floor. Sometimes I have been doing purely AYP and sometimes I have been out on my experiments. Home is Home, but sometimes I'm so curious to see whats going on over in the neighbors house." PER
  399. "It was definitively a turning point in my life when I started with the practices. I am doing AYP for about 2.5 years now. The silence is now my guiding principle in life. From the silence arise all answers to the questions I have had." JEA
  400. "I thought I was doing pretty good with practices, only to realize that my apparent progress was due to my own inability to observe what is going on inside me. Basically, the more I meditated the worse at it I became for a while, not because I had lost an ability to concentrate, or something like that, but because my concentration was improving, and I was seeing things (my "inner stuff") much more clearly than before. The inner curtain opened. It was my own inability to accurately observe my self before that lead me to believe I had achieved some degree of success in the first place. The success didn't start coming until I realized that. Then a growing inquiry and acceptance in stillness took me to new levels." CWL
  401. "I went through a phase of amazing ecstatic bliss. I was riding a big wave. But then one day everything disappeared, the bliss and silence. Unsurprisingly, I was a bit upset, which is a massive understatement. But I learned not to be so concerned, and it helped. I kept going with my practices, and slowly but surely the ecstatic bliss came back with new sensations, and the silence is different. It's like your muscles getting stronger when you train. You may experience pain and soreness after training. But as the weeks progress you get stronger and you don't experience as much soreness, but that doesn't mean you are not getting stronger!" WSA
  402. "During the past couple of months, I've been smiling or laughing for no reason, and it always comes from the inside (a smile or a bubbling laugh). I've read in some Taoist books that this is supposed to be a practice of Inner smiling. The funny thing is that it isn't intentional. It just happens when awareness kicks in, or when I practice mindfulness, and recently a lot of the times during AYP Deep Meditation." TA
  403. "I have come to a point where I am absolutely in love with Life, which is quite a turnaround for me within the space of a few years. I feel so incredibly blessed to be having the human experience that I feel like I could burst. And it's not that things are going better than before. It's just that everything is so darn perfect, regardless of the circumstances, that I just want to scream Thank You! to everyone and everything. My wish is that every single expression of humanity could experience this overwhelming love for being alive." CZ
  404. "Inner silence as witnessing has been transforming into an inner steadiness and stillness, a deep contentment, then revealing itself as everything here and beyond. It is just great that I can be here ... everywhere, and without a doubt stretch my arms into infinity, and here we are baby. I love you!" TM
  405. "Sitting doing Spinal Breathing Pranayama this morning, and all at once the head went 'pop' - very gently. The whole structure just seems to crack like an eggshell, and the space filled with soft white light. It took me totally by surprise." AMX
  406. "I just had the most amazing opening. I started crying my heart out. Then laughing my lungs out. It was huge!" YK
  407. "Last night, my heart opened up. It was the most cathartic experience of my life. After a spell of panic attacks 6 years ago, my heart was sealed off - and all this time I was afraid to let it beat strong on its own because of the association to panic. I don't fully understand what happened back then, but sealing the heart must have helped somehow to stop the panic attacks. The energetic experience of pure fear and pure love are strikingly close to each other, and somehow they got lumped together and blocked out. My first tears in 6 years poured out and quickly turned from pain to hysterical joy as I gave in to the cleansing. Every cell in my body was surging with bio-electric energy, but this time I knew I would be OK. I knew it would pass, and I knew it was good energy. I have no doubt that this incredibly powerful purge was made possible by the gentle twice daily washing of the AYP practices. Once things are opened up a little, it seems that the energy plus the bhakti develop a purification magic all their own in daily activity." JDH
  408. "This week marks the first week I've been successfully off of antidepressant medication in over 10 years. Every time I've tried to quit them before, I've ended up in shambles after three days. But now, all good (so far). This is in no small part thanks to AYP. Anyone having doubts about daily practice, no matter how little you seem to be gaining, just hang in there." WW
  409. "Yoga along with other paths all lead to God, Universal Intelligence, Higher Power, etc. I have always questioned the status of a guru or a human outside of myself being a conduit for the flow of the spirit. I have long searched for a source of information that was offered without the trappings of religion or the necessity of financial contributions. How can one give the keys to the kingdom at a price? This is our birthright and inheritance as human beings. I am so pleased that the God within me has led me to these writings. The information here is truth in the highest, simply because of the purity of its transmission." AB
  410. "Now, everything is different, and my longing is for that which I cannot put words to, other than nothingness. And when sitting on the sofa right now, I suddenly remember what it reminds me most of, this still, still inner wonder, being all ears, knowing that inside - inside my very self - is something that will always come to be. It is the exact same feeling that I had the instant I understood that I was pregnant with my daughters. It is that kind of preciousness. Nothing to say about it, but this is close: I am pregnant. It is just an immense gratefulness and wonder, and a tender, tender love." KK
  411. "Last night I was speaking with someone of a new age of spirituality, and a big change that seems to be happening. This morning I awoke with a new sense of purpose, and my practices took on a new meaning. For the first time I truly realized that by embarking on the journey towards enlightening myself, I am contributing to the enlightenment of the entire human race. This realization was accompanied by intense feelings of what I now understand strong Bhakti can feel like. My pranayama and meditation were deeper and more profound than I'd ever felt in the 6 months since I started practicing. It's also become clear to me that our activities and experiences in life are as much if not a greater contributor to our awakening as the yoga we practice. It is how we live, behave and our relationships with others that ultimately make a difference, after all. I now believe that working towards a greater good beyond my own enjoyment and benefit is the key to sustaining and increasing Bhakti, and adds more weight and meaning to what we are trying to accomplish on our path. I truly feel we are helping to create something special in the AYP community, and now intend to take every opportunity to open the doorway for others." WFU
  412. "It seems that AYP is almost a science. You apply the practices, and you'll make progress. I could see from so many support forum posts that the people who put in the work got the results out. This is what encouraged me to stay with AYP consistently enough to see a glimmer of something. And sure enough, I have." MA
  413. "Thanks to everyone in the support forum. How wonderfully reassuring you are! I am sneaking up on two years at meditating AYP style and the experiences get stronger and more beautiful every day. Yet the power of the energy movement in itself can be frightening and some of the spontaneous movements that can happen when I meditate and just sit with the energy in sambhavi and root lock before meditating can be a bit frightening ... but not enough to convince me it's time to end the journey. I find that comments from folk like all of you help me past the occasional hurdle. Can't thank you enough!" TL
  414. "Thank you for Lesson 384 on 'Baseline Systems of Practice and Research on Modifications.' Your dreams and goals open up real hope for the future of mankind. I only hope I can support you and other selfless researchers of truth to fulfill our human potential."   DV
  415. "The other day I was so overflowing with joy that I couldn't understand how I possibly deserved it. It didn't seem fair that other people were walking around unawares of the beauty within. Breathing felt so amazing inside me and the miracle of a leaf blowing down the street nearly made me cry. I decided I could only give back in that moment by smiling at all the people passing me on the sidewalk." J
  416. "My Kundalini was awakened about 7 months ago, before I had even started to meditate or had any idea what Kundalini was. I was reading the Essence of the Gita and it happened, massive amounts of energy going up and down the spine to the center of my forehead and all the other things that came with it. For the first month or so, I was pretty depressed about this odd force that was awake in my body but the more I read and learned about it the less the fear was and the greater the awe. Then I found the AYP website and it really turned things around in the Kundalini department. The symptoms didn't decrease until I started using this course, that really seemed to move it in the right direction and mellow things out during my daily activities. It was noticeable within a couple of weeks. There were times too that I felt like I just wanted to be 'normal' again but after I started accepting what is and even enjoying it, Kundalini has become a wonderful thing.. I think the only danger is overdoing practices, I've had some pretty rough days with tons of energy and panic attack feelings if I've done too much in practices. There has been nothing but benefits since I've started AYP with an active Kundalini (except the occasional overdoing). It has been tons of Bhakti (spiritual desire), odd but pleasurable sensations in my spine throughout the day, and just feeling good all around!" FF
  417. "When you see things so clearly it is very simple to help someone ... I find I can do this from an almost dream like state. I give no advice, take no offense, expect no reward. It's as simple as picking a kitten out of a tree, it's only action and no thought. I found I also went through, am still going through, that weird state of disconnectedness. This is the beginning of the Witness I am told by others. As it settles down, there is an amazing clarity and a rush of something which I suspect must be bliss. Not at all what I expected, a bit like a huge waterfall of - the nearest description is extreme joy - but really isn't. It's more like a feeling which has no description like your whole being is lighting up with something beautiful and sweet." K
  418. "After years of doing AYP, I finally stepped into the Witnessing stage. There was inner silence here before, but nothing I'd describe as "witnessing". Because of my history with depression, and how AYP found me, this feels like the fruition of a long, rough journey. I wanted to share this with you, since it would not have been possible without you." GO

  419. "Was in London the other day and picked up your book, AYP Volume 1, while in a bookstore, flicked through it and was totally blown away... In the 15 years of study/practice in Yoga you're only the second person I know of teaching in that way. It was a breath of fresh air to say the least."  JL

  420. "Thank you, THANK YOU.  You have no idea what you've done for me, what your website has done. Most of the time I can't believe this is real..." JM

  421. "One thing I have discovered is how deep meditation and inner silence lend themselves to unconditional love." CR

  422. "I found your book (Advanced Yoga Practices) while I was searching Amazon's books on my kindle, and I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for writing it.  I downloaded a sample not really knowing what to expect and found a system of spirituality that calls to me.  It calls to me because it doesn't reject any part of me." LM

  423. "I have a very demanding job that requires lots of traveling and crazy schedules. How deeply do I look forward to my seating practices... I wish everyone could experience this longing, what a profound and divine feeling, I wish everyone knows about AYP.  I travel the world and do not see it like I did before, every place is a sacred place, I meditate in airplanes, hotel rooms, bathrooms, I walk thru life feeling the love in all things and everybody, I see the outside, the matter as a part of me and me as a part of everything and everyone. I have always felt that when I was born, I was not a new person, but the continuation of something unconcluded, I have always been looking for that something that I found here in AYP, and so naturally retook what I left off as if being born was the station where I changed trains to continue my journey." AM

  424. "AYP is WONDERFUL! What an incredible gift! Yes, I love it. 5 to 10 thousand years of the most important discoveries that have been made in all that time, sitting right out there on the information highway. Yes, I indulge. Thank you." RJM

  425. "The Secrets of Wilder is such a great book, such an inspiring read...couldn't put it down...read it several times...thank you." LRD

  426. "Indeed the Guru is within us, because what I found so far on the website is a set out practice of what spontaneously happened to me. I could find no words or description for any of this, but you have. As time goes on I discover more and more."  KT

  427. "You are a major benefactor to my life, a great help in my journey towards God... Before I saw your instructions on Samyama (#149-150) I had bumped my head repeatedly against the wall, so to speak, trying to understand what did Patanjali mean by saying that Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi together constitute Samyama (Yoga Sutras 3.4). I have no doubt that you have figured it out correctly, given the undeniable results I experience..." ED
  428. "After practicing AYP steadily and with increasing devotion/depth/intensity for over a year now, I am still blown away by reading the online lessons and the Enlightenment Series books..." CR

  429. "When I was younger I read a book on meditation which taught to use the silent mantra to force out any thoughts etc., which I didn't stick with very long. Just the simple idea from the book Deep Meditation by Yogani to ease into the mantra and not to force it has made all the difference in the world. In a short amount of time I have very positive results and I feel much more comfortable meditating than I did with months of meditating with the other instructions." TMC

  430. "You've done an incredible job and I owe a lot to the work you have done..." TTN

  431. "I sincerely want to thank you for creating such an extensive, concise website. It has cleared a lot of things up for me and has helped me realize so much." LM

  432. "Gratitude for what you have given and has been my good fortune to receive. I have thus far benefitted from the kundalini information, advice and forum testimonies." SB

  433. "I recently came across " Deep Meditation" by Yogani"... I've read so many meditation books and CD's it's ridiculous... Without much success. But I looked at Deep Meditation... got the preview.. .said okay let's buy it....only $3.42.  Best purchase I ever made.  I've battled addiction all my life. ...alcohol, prescription medication etc... did the 12  step thing... never any peace or freedom from the incessant thoughts.  It's seven days today (since starting the meditation ) and I have never felt so calm and centered in my life... I still don't believe it's real. I'm thinking this can't last... how is this be working? I've studied religion, spirituality, philosophy, etc., constantly looking for an answer... and this simple meditation, well I feel like its saved my life." BPR

  434. "I was in India and attended a 7 weeks long course in Vedanta and got brainwashed to believe deep meditation is not leading to enlightenment at all. Only the intellect can take you to the shift and the understanding that you are That and always was That all along. I found it quite exhausting and debilitating. So now I just go back to the basics deep meditation, samyama and spinal breathing and it slowly starts to feel good again (I went into a numbness almost), and I'm back on the track. This is, at least to me, a proof that you are right about the non-relational approach (#325) in vedanta and also modern more western neo-advaita. I knew it was so all along, but when you get in touch with an overbearing teaching that is saying a different thing, it's hard to stay true to your heart and what it intuitively is saying to you." HA
  435. "It has been very helpful for me to get serious about meditation and where that can take me. I have never seen a pathway like this where it is laid out in a way that makes it completely approachable. I appreciate it." PE

  436. "Once again this morning during samyama, I was overcome with gratitude for your teachings. I cannot begin to describe the doors they have opened." KC

  437. "Thank you for everything you are doing to help us live a more peaceful and loving life. I have been following your practice for a year now and can say my life has been transformed for the better." ALB

  438. "I stumbled across your AYP website not long ago, and I have not been able to stop reading it since. Having practiced TM for almost 40 years and having started the SRF practices about 10 years ago and the Kriya technique about 5 years ago, I have struggled to create a coherent fusion of the two. The program that you suggest struck me as the ideal fusion of mantra and kriya yoga. I find your lessons of the same high quality as the little blue Yogi Ramacharaka books written a century ago and Yogananda's SRF lessons from a half a century ago. You have updated those same principles with a refreshing contemporary flair written with such clarity. They certainly resonate for me." DJ

  439. "I have been reading your writings and feel so grateful to have been led to these teachings. I've been looking for this information presented in a clear and understandable way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" EX

  440. "Thank you for what you have done. It is amazing. It flows, haha, I love it!" JS

  441. "My main thanks to you is for having brought these teachings to the west in a relatively safe, stripped down form geared to the western mind and making it available to everyone using 21st century means of communication. It is an outstanding achievement. From my perspective, in the last 50 years there has been no real change in the method of teaching which was clearly unsuited to the western mind. Only those with extreme dedication could hope to access and understand the teachings. You have hit the mark spot on! For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world needs this now more than ever." RO

  442. "I am practicing AYP since November 2013 and joined the community forum in December 2013. I am very impressed by the lessons, the forum, and most of all by the results of the practices." SR

  443. "I really appreciate your equanimity, sincerity, *upliftment*, honesty, humor, sensitivity & kindness. I love the inner journey, and your materials ignite my desire to meditate more than ever. They also give me more patience than ever before and I'm having fun on the way to wherever it is I'm going!" KC

  444. "The more I study and learn about yoga/meditation, the better I can discern the benefit of the system you've put together. I can now see (some of) the pieces hidden in other books, online lessons and such, but not really assembled in a coherent and systematic way as you have done, especially one that speaks to a Western mind." GC

  445. "Your lessons on Tantra, and Sri Vidya in particular (#T25), so confirmed and clarified my understanding. I just want to say thank you.  The Inner Guru becomes active and leads us. I was led through a series of steps to explore Kama Kala Yantra and then led to Sri Yantra, and again (I had been long ago to your site) back to your website." KVW

  446. "Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It really represents a change, the beginning of a new era in the way of transmitting teachings. I'm really thankful." RBS

  447. "Your site is thrilling for me . That is because it confirms my somewhat stubborn independent approach to MY growth . Of course your knowledge as revealed in the lessons is vast and tempered with your  wonderful  practical attitude to its application. Yours is a comprehensive compilation of the  many facets of practice I have been encountered over the last forty years. Now I see the method and intended  progression. I am especially fond of your explanation of bhakti and ishta (#67). I had tried to develop for a long time the more sentimental version to a deity, but couldn't manifest the required sentimentality.  Maybe it is my bhakti that has brought me to your wonderful lessons, so that now a culmination of my years of endeavors is close! I appreciate so much your sharing so rationally your knowledge without the often accompanying negatives of teachers and institutions." CR

  448. "You've created an incredible resource.  I've found just the right next step to my established meditation practice...  the perfect intro to the pranayama breathing." TT 

  449. "Thank you for AYP, the books and forum. I have been searching for so long, and now the path is laid clear before me, thanks to you. I wish I had found all this out 30 years ago, I think I would have had a much better life.  Still I appreciate the work I am able to do now, for this life and the next. God Bless you for making this technology accessible, understandable and affordable." BB

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