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Lesson 83 - There She Goes - Kundalini, that is   (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Tue Jan 13, 2004 0:25pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: Namaste! I took to heart your advise and dropped back to 20 minutes for meditation-however, during pranayama heat and tingling came up, thought nothing of it, but as I continued in meditation heat arose from my sacral area, and continued up my spine, a high pitched buzzing rang through my ears and then a tremendous surge of energy pulsed through me. I ended meditation with a prayer and actually kept working with breath prayer, then did a 7,7,7 breath to clam down- the energy was so intense. I went out to see my husband to have him help ground me, and he could feel the energy pulsating through my hands and back as I was sitting against him- this lasted for about an hour or so. Now my question is this the bucking bronco you spoke of, or is this kundalini making herself known? I backed down in this morning's pranayam and meditation taking out sambhavi, mulband, and siddhasana. I just did spinal breathing and I am meditation, I still felt energy pulsating and high pitched buzzing but not as intensely. My inner vision prompts me to continue in this way for 4 days, adding on sambhavi and mulband 2 days after the 4 day rest and see reaction, continuing onto siddhasana after I feel a balance. My quandrum is this? Should I continue on with the advanced practices and try to train the bronco, or should I let the bronco relax and then try to gain control slowly? Also, FYI: walks outside, yogic breath, belly breath and restorative poses are what I am going to use today as well as nervine herbs such as skullcap, oatstraw, and chamomile. I have eliminated coffee all together-who needs that artificial stimulation when you have this dynamo inside yourself?

A: There she goes. Kundalini, that is. The thing to do is be very intent on integrating all this into your daily activity. You are very wise not to blindly push practices ahead. Find that stable platform of practices and lifestyle that goes around the clock, 24 hours. Very important. You will know when it is time to press ahead again. The tools will be there when you need them. Your job right now is to stay on the rails. Or, as they say in rural Mississippi, "Keep it between the ditches." 

The "bucking bronco" referred to in siddhasana is sexual energy jumping around in the stimulation of the siddhasana seat. Over time, it changes and becomes very smooth and ecstatically blissful energy flowing up in the body like a fountain all the time. You seem to be making a sudden transformation, with sexual energy lurching upward into kundalini manifestation rapidly. It won't be that sudden for everyone. Everyone's nervous system is in a different condition according to past actions and practices -- that means way back before this life. You are right to stay out of siddhasana for now. And the other stimulative methods too. Don't hesitate to back off on pranayama and meditation also, if your symptoms make it necessary. You have plenty going on. Focus on stabilization. You can go back later and add stimulation into your routine when it is obvious you can use it.

Right now it is obvious you have enough to integrate. Make sure you keep physically active. This is essential for integration of kundalini energies into the nervous system. If necessary, you can also eat a heavier diet for a while to help smooth things out. Review the kundalini remedies lesson and see if there are other avenues you are inclined to explore. It will get smoother as you continue on a course of "grounding" activities. Let your experience be your guide. The key to success in this stage is learning how to accommodate kundalini, and working with her. The yogi/yogini's role goes from instigator to partner. In time, you will find there is only one of you in there, and everywhere.

Keep in mind that this transformation is not an overnight thing. It is a long drawn out process that will take years to evolve. The nervous system has a lot of purification and evolution to go through. So, be prudent, patient, and settle in for the long haul. Slow and steady wins the race. We'd like to avoid having it turn into an ongoing roller coaster ride. Live a full and active life, and let your growing enlightenment live it with you. The journey can be so much fun.

The guru is in you.

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