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Lesson 255 - Everyone Can Teach Yoga  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:48pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: I can clearly say that your book/discussions are the single, most informative, helpful, to the point advice I have ever come across in my entire life! You single-handedly have added a dimension (the 5th!) to my spiritual practice by encouraging me to resume twice-daily meditation. Before, when I practiced meditation, I somehow never got very far, not past alpha relaxation. But you taught me WHAT meditation is! I will forever be in your debt for that very special gift you gave to me. 

I only wish I could order at least 5-10 more books to set on the table in my yoga classroom, to spread the word. I suppose that will wait until I generate revenue when I begin to gather students, which is a process I am putting "wheels to motion" at present.

A: Glad to hear you find the lessons to be good stuff. 

As for teaching others, if you want to print copies of the web lessons and pass them out, feel free. Also keep in mind that the eBook is economically available for download everywhere. It has unlimited printing enabled, and has 20% more material in it than the online lessons. So, if the physical book is not economically available where you are, then you have those other options. Just pass the word on all of it. 

You know, it has not been developed in the lessons yet, but I think the subject of everyone being able to teach yoga from their own level of experience, using the AYP lessons to assist, will be discussed one of these days. It is true, you know. Anyone who has become grounded in deep meditation, spinal breathing, etc., to whatever level, can pass that experience on to others. The lessons are of sufficient specificity so anyone can take their direct experience and discuss it, using the corresponding lessons as an aid and stimulus. So feel free to do that to the degree you are comfortable within your own inner silence. You know, the teacher always learns the most... 

There have been reservations expressed over the years by so-called gurus on the hazards of people teaching yoga beyond their level of attainment. Indeed, this is a hazard with any teacher, even the advanced ones who are expressing the concern. To hold everyone back for the sake of this concern is fool-hearty. A title or a certification does not guarantee complete, integrated teachings. Most often, such credentials are certifications of a sectarian approach, which, of course, is much better than no teachings. 

What we really need is many more people rising independently in inner silence and divine ecstasy from within, and sharing that in daily life by all means that suit the situation and culture. As we move forward in this new era, the teachings will come from within like that. 

If we are sharing a pragmatic integration of knowledge based on the direct experience happening within ourselves, then that will be title and certification enough to teach anyone. If we keep coming back to the fundamental principles and practices inherent in the human nervous system, how can we go wrong? That is the reason why the AYP writings are being put out there. Not to create a following, a movement, or an organization. Not to stand as a monolithic body of writing either. But to be a resource that can be woven into daily considerations of spiritual transformation in many ways -- a touchstone of truth that can help anyone become a beacon of light to themselves and to many others. The AYP teachings do not come from any specific lineage. They come from the broad (and often ancient) multi-national knowledge of humankind. And, most importantly, from verifications of the practices through direct experience in the human nervous system. 

It is my desire for the AYP writings to come much more into the public awareness. The book is off to a slow start, and I hope we can make it more and more visible as time goes on. Fortunately, what is in the book has a long shelf life and will not wear out. In time, the knowledge will reach its rightful place in the overall scheme of yoga rising around the world. In silence, I sense it to be a leading edge, as the field of yoga crystallizes to become based on individual self-sufficiency in the process of human spiritual transformation. To the extent enlightenment has been occurring in the world over the centuries, it has always been based on individual self-sufficiency.

These days, spiritual transformation is rising in millions. It is something new, accelerating over the past century, a revival of yoga - a global phenomenon. In this situation, just a little bit of the right information will go a long way. Individual desire/bhakti and daily practice will take care of the rest.

So, do what your inner silence moves you to do in your practices and your teaching. I can ask for no more, or no less. And, by all means, have fun!

For more on AYP teacher training and certifications, see the Programs Page for the latest on Teacher Training Courses, Scheduled Retreats, and Local Contacts.

The guru is in you.

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