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 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Constant Head Pressure that Never Ends
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Posted - Mar 09 2011 :  7:08:37 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hey MC, no worries...you are at the right place
Regarding spinal breathing, it helped me to visualize for quite a while. But visualization is not necessary. If you can't do it currently or it is not helpful, try to do the practice by focused attention and/or feeling. It is focused attention that is most important, IMO...when I was starting, I visualized a point of white light. So I placed my awareness on the point and followed it up and down. Before long, I started feeling the energy moving with my awareness and breath. So now, I could choose to focus attention on visualizing, feeling, both, or simply move awareness..

We all visualize sometimes, probably more often than you realize.... Think of a pink elephant You might be getting mixed up with terminology. You could consider it to be imagining..

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Posted - Mar 09 2011 :  7:15:03 PM  Show Profile  Visit Etherfish's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Absolutely, i have the same problem. Of course deep meditation should take precedence over spinal breathing, but if the problem is energy getting caught in the head, SB can help.

Don't worry about the visualization. Just follow the instructions, take it easy and do the best you can. Don't do a whole lot of it as it is powerful. Practice consistently, and visualization will improve with time, and it is not important, only the consistency is. If the head pressure gets worse, quit for a while, and read about self pacing. Best of luck.
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Posted - Mar 10 2011 :  6:52:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit michaelangelo7's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
meditation causality do you hear any ringing/buzzing/humming accompanied by this head pressure ?
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meditation casualty

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Posted - Mar 10 2011 :  9:22:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
No, there are no other symptoms at all. Just the constant pressure.
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Posted - Mar 11 2011 :  07:57:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi MC,

I had lived with pressure in my head for a long time too. It would feel like there was a something growing in there and would feel like my head is going to burst.

I had come to AYP with this. Self pacing, spinal breathing and meditation helped with this a lot. I would do 5 min spinal breathing and 20 min meditation once a day for about 6 months (the once a day was more of a time constrain than self pacing issue). That helped me a lot. But I still went through phases of excess crown pressure. Any time this happened, I realized I was either doing too much or practices like spinal breathing were creeping into my day. I had to make conscious effort to not do practices in between sessions. Also staying away from crown activating mantras like "shree" helped.

The thing that helped the most was when someone at the forum suggested, any time I feel the pressure in my head, to see if I am thinking... and when I realize I am thinking, to bring my attention down, into my heart or even lower into my solar plexus. Then think from there. We don't realize how much we live in our heads.

So any time you realize you are in your head, any time you consciously realize the pressure in your head, bring your attention into your lower body... take the attention away from the head. I have suggested this to a few others, and most have been helped by this a lot.

Also, think ground... whenever you become aware of the excess feeling in your head, consciously move that pressure down and out of your feet. Or at times, even touching the ground with yours hands and saying, "ground the excess" or "what is not mine, ground" will do the trick.

I have not read all the replies here, and sorry if someone has already said all this to you.

Hope the pressure subsides soon.
Wish you all the best!!!
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meditation casualty

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Posted - Mar 11 2011 :  11:01:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Shanti, Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, redirecting my awareness has no effect whatsoever on the pressure. Ignoring it or placing my awareness on another part of the body does not influence it in the least. Nor does my mental state have any effect on it at all. Nothing. My thoughts, intentions or desires do not seem to matter.

Any kind of meditation or deep breathing or quieting of the mind only make it worse. The pressure only grows more intense. That's why I'm reluctant to pursue some of the techniques suggested here.

It's just too powerful, like a torrent of energy running in the wrong direction. I know the energy runs up the spine. I just wish I could reverse the pattern. On the 3 occasions that I was able to get rid of it, albeit temporarily, direct physical manipulation was involved. Why those methods only worked once, I wish I could say. But it seems that only some kind of blunt physical manipulation that can release this energy may work. I don't know.

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Posted - Mar 12 2011 :  01:10:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by meditation casualty

I've tried some of these techniques but quickly gave up on them, as this seems completely resistant to everything I try and the frustration can be defeating. They don't seem powerful enough. Maybe I haven't given them enough of a chance. I don't know. Sorry to ramble but there's a lot of ground to cover.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate it.

Keep trying the practices. Every day, once or twice a day. Sounds like asanas that stretch and open your neck and back would be of benefit. And I agree with E-fish about the spinal breathing. It redistributes energy flooded areas.

In your extreme case I think it would be OK to dive into an abbreviated asana/spinbal breathing/meditation routine right away. Something like:

3 minutes
A few sets of standing neck rolls in each direction. Spinal twisting - lock your hands in front of your body and swing the torso back and forth. Plow pose. Rolling back and forth on the back, with knees hugged to chest.

3 minutes
Spinal breathing as described in the lessons.

3 minutes
Deep meditation as described in the lessons. Easy with it. It should be like taking a stroll in the park. A time to relax from your regular barrage of thoughts, if you want.

Make a daily effort to do that, even if you can't complete it every day. The practices have a cumulative effect. It might not be "working" day 1, or day 10, but by day 100 something will be happening.

I had a wild kundalini experience going on a daily basis when I began AYP. It was a constant daily presence, sometimes I couldn't sleep at night, sometimes I thought I was dying, exploding, etc, etc. And it is now a tame, mundane, even banal experience. It is still there, the same sensations, energy movements, and pressures. But it just doesn't bother me at all anymore. Kundalini symptoms are now just a bodily function. It's kind of like farting (LOL) there's a little pressure, and it releases, and I go on like nothing happened.

Whenever somebody is "overloaded" with energy, we recommend doing various "grounding" techniques. Regular physical exercise, physical activities in general, eating a heavier diet, getting involved in fun/calming/non-spiritual activities, and sexual release. Maybe none of those have helped before.

I could understand if you never want to meditate again, but that is the advice you will get here, from most all of us. That's why I agree with E-fish that spinal breathing is the main ticket for you - it balances the meditation and redistributes the energy throughout the body. So try out the practices, with an emphasis on the spinal breathing - but keep a small dose of meditation in there too. They work together. Meditation energy gets redistributed with the spinal breathing. Your head is flooded with meditation energy, needs to get redistributed. Maybe even doing breathing up the spinal channel, and down the front channel could be useful (some people, including me, like it even though it's not in the main lessons). It feels like the energy can move down the front easier sometimes. Although nowadays it is moving every which way.

One other thing that I just thought of (and maybe you've tried it already) is a class of drugs called anxiolytics. I used one called Lorazepam when I had panic disorder a while back. Instantly aborted any panic attack. They basically make it impossible not to relax. That, or some kind of muscle relaxant might do the trick. They're very addictive, and not a permanent solution, so be warned. But it could be useful just to feel fully relaxed for a period of time to break the cycles.

Good luck MC!
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Posted - Mar 12 2011 :  06:17:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ananda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Dear MC, give yourself a break!

You've had a lot of good advise here from all paths and approaches, everything have been covered. You just need to stick to someone's advise and follow up with him. IMHO Shanti has given you the best advise here, plus she's been through it all so I'd suggest you go on and follow up with her and she will guide you through and help you out if you are willing to help yourself.

Time for you to take responsibility and forget about the passed and let go of your preconceived notions about this won't work and that will make things worse... Live in the now it's all what you've got... And take the advise of the good people who have put themselves out here for you.

Wish you a safe recovery!

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United Kingdom
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Posted - Mar 12 2011 :  11:18:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit riptiz's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi MC,
I suggest if you try spinal breathing that you try it reversed, bringing it downwards rather than bringing energy upwards.Don't stop at the root though, do as Shanti suggested and continue into the earth and down to the centre of the earth.
If you feel you have tried everything have you considered trying japa.Try using japa witht the eyes open and concentrate on simply repeating the mantra without any thought of samadhi or energy movement.I suggest you try a small amount daily and note any positive or negative effects.You will be better using as mala so that you keep awake.
Another idea you might try is to find an energy practicioner to ground you as you obviously have too much energy ungrounded and in your head.
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Posted - Apr 08 2011 :  8:46:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Meditation casualty
Do you feel the energy moving any where? at the base of the spine / perineum or in the spinal tract?
It's difficult to tell if the constant head pressure is truly from kundalini. Kundalini rises from the base, travels up the spine and reaches the crown. There may be pressure then in the head from energy going up too forcefully without venting.
Given that this problem does not really respond to meditation practices and has been relieve by physical maneuvers I am more inclined to think that it may be a physical problem. I am studying to be a doctor and have experienced kundalini myself. When I first read you comments, I though this could definitely be kundalini, but the fact that it has persisted for so many years with no relief from spiritual practices, makes it likely to be physical.
I don't know you whole constellation of symptoms but this could be persistent cervicogenic migraine. Cervicogenic refers to what the location is, meaning the base of the skull. Migraines can be throbbing, pressure like and they can be very persistent. If this is indeed a physical problem, be assured that can be controlled. You don't have to take aspirin to control the headache, there are many excellent treatments now available that can basically reduce the frequency of the headaches. Some doctors inject botox into the muscle to cause relaxation of that area too.

Hope this helps,
Peace and may Shakti guide you

Edited by - GangaShiva on Apr 08 2011 8:53:45 PM
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Posted - May 01 2011 :  03:56:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am VERY puzzled by your symptom meditation casualty.
As I'm a principal computer engineer in my false life, I have learned very good troubleshooting
skills, and i'm nearly as stubborn as death. I think that all of us would love to help you.

First off, we need to determine whether this is kundalini at work, or it is not.

Please answer all the questions carefully:

1) Do you have any other symptoms in your body, under any circumstances whatsoever? If so, what?
2) Do you feel surges up your spine at any time, or is your inner world pretty constant?
3) Is there any link between your sexual activity and your inner state / pressure in our skull?
It is physically impossible for any living person to "waste vital essence at will" and not have
it dramatically affect Kundalini. If you do this, and have no repercussions, it can't be
4) Do you have any mood swings? What causes them if you do?
5) Do you ever perceive light within yourself or another?
6) Do you ever feel conflicting personality patterns? Do you ever feel that you have a soul mate?
7) Do you ever feel a "presence" outside of your body?
8) Are there any abnormalities in your appetite?
9) Do you have any aversion to water touching your skin?
10) Do you feel a little better after eating heavy meals?
11) Have you ever gotten a nerve conductivity test? This could be a pinched nerve.
12) So, you never experience symptoms of higher consciousnes? Does the pressure make that impossible?
13) If you workout to the point of exhaustion, is there any change?
14) Do you feel tingling in your legs?
15) Does your symptom affect your sleep?
16) Other than your symptom, do you feel like a regular person?
17) Who do you discuss your symptom with?
18) Have you explained this to your partner (if you have one)? What is their reaction.
19) Are you on the autistic spectrum, or have any native american blood?
20) Do you have ANY medical history? Any tiny thing could be the clue we need.

What puzzles me, is that negative symptoms are always "nailed up" and long term,
only because of a psychological reason, or a very bizarre medical defect.

I'm also very dubious about the 'wind' explanation. What people call prana is pretty docile
stuff, unless whipped up by Kundalini, an advanced technique, spiritual posession (yes,
I have encountered that), or other factor. If prana was this hostile for the average person
for no apparent reason, humans would now be extinct or living in wood huts.

I'd almost bet your lumbar is out of position or your coccyx is damaged. You may simply
have benign intercranial hypertension (have you had your cerebral spinal fluid pressure
tested?) This just does not feel like kundalini.

But i'm very interested in your reponses.

Kind Regards,

Kevin Cann
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Posted - May 05 2011 :  08:35:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Sounds like too much heat rising.

It's the first law of thermodynamics. The element of fire rises and the element of water flows downward.

The trick in Yoga is to reverse these - to make water rise up above the fire, so that the fire transforms the fluids into bindu - ambrosial drops of nectar.

Always keep the tip of the tongue touching the back of the teeth. This will close the energy circuit of two particular nadis/meridians (not ida or pingala) and bring the heat downward once it reaches the head.

How is your diet? Try to follow a Pitta reducing diet - this will reduce the heat in the body.

If you have no opposition to milk, that would be a good option, though do no take it in the evening as it will stimulate sexual dreams.

If you can find the herb Shatavari, that is a prime cooling agent, but also has the benefit of increasing the quality of fluids, both sexual and Yogic. This will give something for the fire to simmer.

Sun and the moon, fire and water, yin and yang - these are the two dynamic forces to be kept in balance.

Milk and Shatavari both increase the elements of water in the body and will subdue the fire from creating unwanted disturbances in the upper portion of your body.

Hope this helps.

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Posted - May 01 2012 :  7:56:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
hello i truly can relate to what you've been going through. I have had constant head pressure for 30+ years. At times i've been convinced i can't take it another day and surely this must be ending soon... it never has. i try to embrace it as part of me now. occasionally on a very few occasions it has abated for a few hours but then returns. If I can remember to concentrate my attention on the opposite side i feel the pressure on i can feel a movement of energy. I can understand your desperation. I have wondered so often if i will die before i understand what is going on.
My experience began long ago when i had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. the pressure began gradually but steadily has built up over the years. Meditation in the traditional sense doesn't help me either. It was heartening to read about someone else going through the same thing. I am an artist and sometimes wonder if my creative energy contributes to this phenomenon. I was very distracted with the pressure this evening and i thought: perhaps i can find others to talk to who are also experiencing this. so i googled: Kundalini head pressure awful and voila this site appeared. I go through times when i really believe i cant take this another day (like now) and then i realize i am in an accepting mode. I do have many questions but not many answers as like you i am the host for this energy.
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Posted - May 01 2012 :  8:56:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi MC,

Well seems you have had a ton of suggestions on what to do, who knows what will work? I can tell you if it were me, two things I would do:

1- Pray to the universe for an answer, and listen very intently to my heart until the day I hear the way and it is clear.

2- Daily (physical) asanas practice until the pain is gone (it may never?), either in classes, on my own or both.

Why? Because you have had relief from physical adjustments/ stretches in the past. Even if they didn't work again, it doesn't mean the answer isn't from steady changes to your physiology. Seems like hints to me. Maybe I have missed reading above that you have done this in the past, but dedicating the next couple of years to this could be your answer. Worse case scenario you are healthier, more flexible and the energy flows a little more freely through your body.

I would also avoid meditation. Only because you have strong association to it being the root cause. Maybe one day you will feel an inner calling to do it again, until then, the pain is physical, so keep the solution as physical as possible.

It's entirely possible that your attention on the issue is sustaining it as well. Also, I am assuming you have explored the medical routes and ruled any ailments as a cause.

Prayers for you, wishing you all the best!
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Posted - May 02 2012 :  11:46:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Micki and welcome to AYP forums!

You may find more on the topic by searching through the forums using the search link at the very top-right menu. Also have a look at lesson 69, which is but one among others that touch on the subject of spontaneous awakenings, symptoms, and possible remedies. Different practice elements have their own built-in balancing and cleansing properties such as spinal breathing pranayama, while others can help redirect energy from the head downwards.

Have you tried any exercises, forms of therapy, or spiritual disciplines in addition to traditional meditation at some point during those years, or are you currently? Have you also ruled out any environmental sensitivities and health-related causes? I can't offer much more since I don't share your experience. In AYP it is acknowledged that there can be feedback with other practices, and in addition, people vary in sensitivity. Based on that, I wouldn't be surprised if your creative energy has been steadily contributing, much like bhakti or asanas enhancing energetic conductivity even prior to any awakening of kundalini.

Best of luck in finding a solution through this.
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Posted - May 02 2012 :  4:55:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I say try yantra yoga. I felt great effect from the first day that i did it. It is a coordination of movement and breathing and I have felt its effects on every system in the body. So give it a shot if all else fails.

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Posted - May 05 2012 :  2:59:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I'm going through head pressures and other kind of sensations nowadays. The pressures are in crown, back and forehead regions mostly. Sometimes in whole head.

There is a tender area in back of my head and there is a bump above it. I'm not sure if its related because I never paid so much attention on that area in past. So I do not know if these physical changes have happened now or they were there always.

My best guess is these pains and discomforts in specific areas are due to "blockages". Only an expert yogi, or a master, who has first hand experience in these matters, can suggest a precise solution. Rest is hit and trial.

I do not recommend random methods, but I would suggest meeting a master in Hatha yoga immediately, who can literally see whats happening and can cure it. This will mean a visit to India or a visit to an Ashram locally.

My condition is not so severe so I'm just letting it settle down. Although I'm very curious about whats happening to my brain (and body) and what will be the result of all this energetic activity.
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Posted - May 05 2012 :  5:16:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Well I see many good suggestions were made without a public response knowing nearer where the pressure in the head is exactly situated.

Acupuncture distinguishes different types of headaches, at the temples for example as an expression of stress and anger as a disorder of the gallbladder meridian at the temples going over the ears but with a relation to the eyes as openings to the liver causing also red eyes. Similarily stress of emotions in the stomach rising as hot energies to the head causing pain in the eyebrows with good distant treatment in the calves.

But without further data giving further advice is useless and not each acupuncturist knows the different types. Lungs are with bad respirations the depressive type of headache etc.

Kundalini questions can be treated also as a question of the front and back channels and at the forehead and tip of the crown.

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Posted - Oct 28 2014 :  9:05:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am new to site searching for the solution for kundalini head pressure.
Meditation causality I am duplicate copy of yours suffering from last 14 years going from pillars to post all top gurus to healers etc.. No result at allll
Did you come out of this?
Appreciate if you or anybody can have concrete solution.
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Posted - Oct 29 2014 :  06:35:37 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Goontag,

about 3 years ago I had many physical problems after my kundalini rising. Among other things I had headaches for quite some time, too that didn´t want to disappear.

I found instant relief within one or two hours from repeating this simple mantra below. After repeating this mantra about 10 times I felt a very strange sensation in my heart area for some seconds. The next day this strange feeling occured again... and the pain in my head was completely gone.
I still use this mantra from time to time in very small amounts together with my beloved Nadi Shodhana when slight headaches reappear.

Read the links...but beware!!! It´s esoteric at it´s best. But she´s sharing it for free like yogani so you see good hearted willingness to share knowledge with many. She´s the real deal that´s for sure.
The site owner is Solara An–Ra... she is a channeler and channels beings called the Pleiadians and Sirians and others and is now working in a retreat center in Ibiza. I´m very grateful for the work this woman is doing. It helped me a lot!

She received this mantra from her Pleiadian guides.

The mantra is Om Nyaliman Shanti

Listen to the sound file from the top of the page!!!

Solara later says (in the youtube video description below the youtube video) its maybe not Nyaliman but Neelama. But I always used Nyaliman! Nyaliman as pronounced in the sound file video from the top of the page! Listen to the sound file.

I used the mudras as can be seen from the youtube video below, only I didn´t bow to the ground.
youtube video with Neelama

Maybe in case that you want to give this a try, only repeat it maybe about 10 to 20 times on the first day to see if it has any adverse effect.

I hope you will find relief!

Edited by - orangesky on Oct 29 2014 07:18:36 AM
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Posted - Oct 29 2014 :  09:18:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit CarsonZi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Goontag,

I'm not sure if you are vegetarian/vegan or not, but what helped me when I had a two week long migraine (directly after a kundalini awakening) was to start eating red meat again. It helped to bring the energy out of the head and into the process of digestion. I've found that a balanced diet (that includes just the right amount of meat) is critical for me to be able to maintain physical balance.

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Posted - Oct 29 2014 :  10:16:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Carson
Thanks for your response.
I am Totally Vegeterian so this may ne difficult to start.
So you dont have any pressure in the head now?
because of meat?
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Posted - Oct 29 2014 :  10:39:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit CarsonZi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Goontag,

I was a strict vegetarian for 12 years prior to the above mentioned migraine. After starting to eat some meat again I no longer have issues with migraines. I have had head pressure issues when I overdo practices or have a blockage in the throat for example, but generally, no, I do not have head pressure issues anymore.


Edited by - CarsonZi on Oct 29 2014 11:17:43 AM
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Posted - Oct 29 2014 :  9:03:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Might be worth trying the Alexander Technique. I've had some success with this recently. If you're not familiar with it it's basically about using your body (and mind) in a more efficient manner, saving energy. You correct postural imbalances, learn better ways of sitting, walking, moving, etc. Whether this will help with your head pressure I wouldn't like to say, but it might be worth looking into. A good introduction to it is on the following website (that's where I started off)


All the best
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Posted - Jun 14 2017 :  3:00:08 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I have this pressure for almost a year and it has destroyed my life, I lost company and girlfriend. I regret so much for practicing meditation , my life was fantastic before it and now when I see those people I am afraid that I will have same destiny.

Is there any cure for this, has anyone think of something that can remove this misery?
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