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 All Forums Forum
 Discussions on AYP Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas
 DMT-like experience after bastrika pranayama
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3 Posts

Posted - Sep 17 2020 :  7:47:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message

So I'm quite new to the forum, and to yoga practices in general. However, I have some experience with psychedelic drugs. Actually, it was one of the things that led me to start advanced yoga.

There is this one very special drug called DMT, which allows you to seemingly enter another dimension. It's no joke - probably the most prominent experience of my life. I've done it only once and had full-on ego death, timelessness and something that felt like meeting the Divine mother.

Doing DMT also has a very distinct feeling to it. Or rather a pattern of feelings. It starts with a high-pitched noise and is followed by the numbing of the body. Then it feels like you're falling inside your own head, going deeper and deeper. The feeling is concentrated somewhere in the middle of the head.

I have started doing AYP practices about a month ago on a steady basis - half an hour of asanas, 10 minutes spinal breathing and 20 minutes deep meditation.

A couple of days ago I tried doing bastrika - for just a couple of minutes or so. I do rapid breathing, then take a full breath in, and stretch my upper body up as much as I can. It feels like a rush of energy comes in waves - and carries me away with it. I let it pump into my head and then hold my breath. What happens next is identical to the DMT onset. I even have my hands shaking as I'm leaving the body.

I haven't reached a so-called breakthrough yet :) It's mostly these feelings, with no visuals.

So I wanted to ask the experienced yogis: what the heck?
Seriously, how is it called? Is Samadhi coming next?
Are there any known levels to it? What should I expect?

Yogani is pretty discreet in describing the actual experiences, so if anyone felt the same - I'd appreciate you sharing it.


27 Posts

Posted - Sep 18 2020 :  4:33:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi welcome,

I've never tried DMT, but I've listened to Terrence Mckenna lectures on youtube. He describes feeling like a newborn baby in a room with beings trying to entertain him as if he were an infant. Some people say that that world is the furthest world that humans can access in mortal life.

I can certainly relate to having experiences that I don't understand, but would like to. As I'm sure you're aware, Yogani is deliberately discreet because he doesn't want anyone chasing after spiritual powers or particular visions. The path of progress is practices, and letting go of unhelpful obsessions.

Enlightenment is not about running off to heaven and leaving an unpurified nervous system behind that we will have to come back to and finish later in another life. It is about doing the work of completely purifying the nervous system. Then we have it all, become it all, heaven, earth, the cosmos, LA, everything. Then we become an expression of heaven on earth, and can do much for others who are expressions of heaven also, just needing a good housecleaning to realize it. So, it is not about going off into the star. It is about bringing the star in here, into the earth plane. That we do by purifying and opening the nervous system.

In my opinion, we are all on Earth for a purpose, and each of us has our own calling. The powers you express as a result of practices are expressions of your past desires and longings. Each of us is exalted differently according to the desires of our hearts. If you desire to know about other worlds, by all means do research that, as long as you understand that the foundation of progress will be your Bhakti, and all knowledge seeking is a expression of that higher process which is cleaning and purifying your senses.
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13 Posts

Posted - Oct 16 2020 :  3:33:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Well hello and welcome to yoga ;)

It is a little bit late but I hope there is still someone curious about the internal workings of the human body.
What happens actually is that all the energy of the nervous system that becomes available after yoga practices, the so called kundalini, creates a field of energy around your body. It is called a torus field. Now what you have described is similar to yoni mudra kumbhaka, and what actually happens is that the torus field that you have generated, all the energy and information that has been opened up, inverses and flows through your brain.

I also don't have experiences with psychedelic drugs, but I do have experience on 'mystical' events. Now, the pineal gland has a very peculiar structure, it is made up of certain molecules including calcium and whatnot, through yoga practices, the pineal gland slightly decalcifies, which in turn makes it able to actively use its piezoelectrical little hairs that it is covered in. This makes it a gland able to transmit and receive information the same an antenna does.

What then happens? As the flow of prana reaches this gland, it begins to change a little, the pineal gland regulates the secretion of serotonin and melatonin, now this melatonin molecule can transform a little and turn into a kind of calmant, as benzodiazepans are. This slightly shuts off the critical thinking mind, and prepares the nervous system to be able to hold pure bliss consciousness since its activity has been slowed down. Further down the transformation, the molecule turns into somr antioxidants, this cleanses the biology of your body. That is why meditation is a rather healthy (non)activity. But this is just a preparatory step, once the anatomy of the brain has been so to say trained, this particular molecule tranforms again into DMT, and it is the same one as the drug, only much purer. And what it happens is that the pineal gland, stops receiving info from the body and begins to receive a higher spectrum of frequencies, that is love, bliss, sudden flashes of inspiration. The so called shaktipat. The nervous system receives through the pineal gland the information it needs to further the spiritual development all on its own. And it shall happen when it is needed, you shouldn't go for the experience since forcing it could create harm. Now the brain isn't really able to interpret it in words since the language of the universe is energy. And so you begin to see spirals of colors, mandalas and what not, and that is just new light codes. The dna of each and every cell of your body, that contains an almost unlimited potential slightly transforms as well, tuning your body to contain the cosmic consciousness.

What's different from actually ingesting drugs, is that you get the full preparatory steps, the nervous system actually benefits form this. Meanwhile getting high can only inspire you in the best case, in others you just lie to yourself.

As I see it, the nervous system is like a window, a window from which the divine interacts with existence. All yoga practices are for cleaning that window, allowing the light of creation to shine down on the world, with but one purpose, to finally be able to open the window. But it would be best to let the window open on its own accord, since it knows best. If you open it too soon, a storm would surely pass through your house lifting all the dust, throwing your beliefs and common sense down the walls. If opened at the right time, you will be able to enjoy the warm breeze of summer embracing you while you read in your bed.

I hope I answered some of your concerns, regarding samadhi coming next? Well there's a long road ahead, and each time I've asked myself this question, some invisible force would slightly shake me, making me time and time again see that I'm not even close to being ready haha. But each time a new dimension of joy opens up for me to conquer.
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13 Posts

Posted - Oct 16 2020 :  3:46:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Also, for this event to happen, there's more that needs to transform. It is said that two things are needed, a calm intellect that would not shake upon glimpsing into the beyond, and sweet emotions, for it is a humorous heart the one able to feel the divine. So you see, there are lifetimes of obstructions that hinder our heart and influences our intellect, and we are really unaware of this. If one could clearly see why is it that they are as they are, the world would have been a better place aeons ago. All the beliefs regulating our subconsious mind and further write our destinies are no joke, you would crumble if you are too go out into space too soon, a drug would just show you a movie without letting the information of the universe run through you, since it would break you.

All of the practices that you find on the website, are to clean your nervous system of all the dust, and to open up certain venues. It is said that we have 114 chakras, or crossing roads where our nadis meet. Each of this opens up a new dimension of perception. So it is that with time you will experience more and more of the bliss life has in store in your every day life, meanwhile a dmt experience that you have while meditating could be taken as a lucky trip to disneyland. Then you go home of course.
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3 Posts

Posted - Oct 24 2020 :  12:40:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Wow! @zamolxes, Thank you so much for your answer.

How do you know all this? I've been educating myself a lot on non-duality and psychophisiology but never came across this information. Are those your own ideas?

And after some time I tend to think that you are absolutely right. However, there is one thing specific to my body. I have scoliosis since childhood. Never really thought about it until lately. But when I started doing yoga I realised how bad the situation was. Asanas do miracles. In just a couple of months my back is almost straight again. Couldn't really believe it if I'm honest.

So what was happening is that I generated a lot of energy. It wouldn't flow freely because of my misaligned neck. Then I'd stretch it. And pew - all the energy rushes upwards.

It actually got violent a couple of times when I couldn't sit straight and would feel spasms in the body. Almost like you're starting to physically die. Yeah, backed off a little bit. Then, there was a time when it would just rush upwards and hit me in the crown from inside the skull. Literally, felt like a punch. Hurt too. Had to ask for it to stop. It would still hurt for a couple of minutes. Is THAT supposed to be Kundalini awakening? I know I'm rushing too much, but that's how I am.

So now I tried doing the same technique as mentioned in the top post. Only my back is much better now. And the experience's so much smoother! Like, it embraces and carries you away into a relaxed flow. Yes, I do love yoga now :)

Oh, also wanted to mention that I believe Hatha yoga is super important. It's not emphasised enough here. You're not going to have the right experience without a properly prepared body. At least, that's my experience.
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3 Posts

Posted - Oct 24 2020 :  12:51:24 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Also wanted to reply regarding psychedelics. The thing is, DMT is the only reason why I started doing yoga in the first place. It did kill me (figuratively). And when I died I realised that I remember it. There was no time and everything existed at once. Beautiful yet terrifying.

Then I heard Joe Rogan talking about Kundalini yoga presumably having the same effect - and I had to explore it. So now I more or less understand the picture (with some blanks).

One of the advantages that strong psychedelics give - they provide you with a tangible goal. You know that a certain state exists and you kind of believe it's all possible. Also they let you dive deeper and get comfortable at those levels. This way it's much easier (not so scary) to go deeper in meditation.

I highly recommend this article: It's a short summary of a great talk on what happens physically. It kind of confirms that it's about waves and harmony.

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