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 Tantra - A Holistic View of Spiritual Development
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Al Yawer

United Kingdom
3 Posts

Posted - Apr 14 2019 :  5:52:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi there,
Please forgive my reticence. I am a sixty one year old male who has been living the Divine Life as taught by Barry Long. My master was always disparaging of Kundalini. He considered it a path that might lead to egoic possession and not necessary to enlightenment. However, he himself was visited by Kundalini in his early stages, but I have never heard him speak of it except in a disparaging way. I believe his perception of it was that if it came unsaught then it was okay.
Anyway, I also began with Kundalini energies that came over thirty years ago and abated in their extremity to just a sense of energies in the background that cleansed my system. However, About ten years ago, with the emptying of thought, they began a new and more powerful cycle. In the last couple of years they have caused a major disturbance in my lower back which caused me to endeavour to 'forget' about them and for a while that seemed to alleviate my fears. My fears where basically that they were too powerful and might cause some sort of psychosis. Unfortunately, recently, for the last year or so, I have been awoken in the night and had a sense of needing to meditate. This has resulted in the Kundalini energies to return and this evening I awoke after going to bed, having slept only a couple of hours, and feeling a jolt that awoke me and a sense in my system of being too charged with energy. This has caused me, through fear, to join this forum to see if anyone has any advice.
Thank you.
Al Yawer

Edited by - Al Yawer on Apr 14 2019 5:59:47 PM


1795 Posts

Posted - Apr 14 2019 :  8:22:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Al

You need education about how the interior neurobiology works, and approach meditation in an orderly safe way. I can think of no better place to be.

Read through the lessons, there are over four hundred, and by the end you will know how to proceed, with confidence.
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United Kingdom
1634 Posts

Posted - Apr 15 2019 :  05:09:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Al Yawer

You are absolutely right: it's not possible to ignore kundalini. That is you life energy. How can you possibly make any progress without it? Of course you can choose to turn a blind eye it, but it will still be there. Always there.

I second Dogboy's recommendation. Reading through the lessons is a useful thing to do. Some focus specifically on kundalini, but it's a good idea to seek to understand the full picture. Perhaps the lessons about the stages of enlightenments would give you a quick glimpse into where kundalini fits in. See the topic index:

All the best on your journey.

Edited by - BlueRaincoat on Apr 15 2019 05:12:00 AM
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Al Yawer

United Kingdom
3 Posts

Posted - Apr 15 2019 :  5:14:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks to both of you. I will certainly read the articles you suggest. Like my Master, Barry Long, I find that I too have been skeptical of looking into this aspect of the journey. Why? As well as Barry Long, I love Krishnamurti, Jean Klein, Nisargadatta, and none of them have anything to say about Kundalini. They go straight to God. Their teachings are simple and straightforward. Where they wrong? I don't think so. All of them were no nonsense, down to earth and would brook no ego, no charisma, no wasting time with siddhis and getting lost in mantras and mallas. No special names, no belief in anything. No opinions, likes or dislikes. My Masters are, as far as I percieve, the masters of honesty, truth and are not of the East. The East is, or was a place of Magic. Sai Baba entertained the simple people until the Westerners made him their magician God, a clown who performed miracles for the Westerners. The West corrupts everything. It is our progressive psyche, full of selfishness and cunning.
Yet here I am. The Eastern masters have hidden Tantra from the people and it took an Eastern man to reveal true Divine lovemaking to the West. Now everybody's on the bandwagon. Everybody's a master. All you need is a website, a long white beard and a group of gullible western followers.The sexual ignorance that Osho perpetrated on the women who loved him continues. It seems once one is brainwashed its hard to see the truth. Yet all is well. God has not lost control of the universe. As for my journey, all journeys are the revelation of ignorance. To think that I can get rid of the ignorance by doing something is ignorance. To seek God, bliss, anything, is ignorance. To think that I know anything again is ignorance. Yet I am in a body and must do as I do.
Thank you for your assistance and I am in gratitude to you.
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United Kingdom
1634 Posts

Posted - Apr 16 2019 :  02:57:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by Al Yawer
I love Krishnamurti, Jean Klein, Nisargadatta, and none of them have anything to say about Kundalini. They go straight to God. Their teachings are simple and straightforward. Where they wrong?

Anything and anyone who can ever be right is bound to be sometimes wrong. Thinking, words, theories etc exist in the realm of duality. That applies to a yoga method too - it will be right for some/some situations and wrong for others. Have you ever heard the adage "All models are wrong, but some are useful"? A spiritual method is a model. The question is: which of the many spiritual theories/methods is useful to you, in your circumstances?

The 'no kundalini' traditions were certainly right for the masters you mentioned and for many other people. For some of us, kundalini unfolds quietly - no need to work on it or create a theory for it. That is not the case for everyone. When I came AYP, I already had some kundalini troubles, without realising it. The fact that Yogani explains kundalini has been hugely helpful to me. It enabled me to understand what was going on and manage my spiritual journey accordingly.

It's not just the West that corrupts everything. "Corrupting" things is the name of the game if you experiment with ideas and try to create something new. You can't make omelette without breaking eggs, right? How many times do you think Indian yogis have been wrong over the millenia that forged the established spiritual traditions we know today? New traditions are being created all the time. It was always thus. Maybe we create them faster today, or maybe there is simply more visibility of that creative process because we have more communication methods at our disposal than people had 1000 years ago.

I would consider all spiritual teaching a gift to each and all of us. It is for you to choose the model that is useful in your circumstances. And be grateful for the variety of models that exist. That makes it more likely that you will find one that fits. Of course, it can be a little bewildering looking at so many, and you may need to take your time considering them, but you will work it out.

Good luck!

Edited by - BlueRaincoat on Apr 16 2019 02:59:53 AM
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Al Yawer

United Kingdom
3 Posts

Posted - Apr 16 2019 :  4:15:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am grateful for you words BlueRaincoat and as I said I will look at what Yogani has to offer with regards Kundalini. You speak with a genuineness and a sincerity that is open and clear. It is obvious you are content with whatever 'way' you are living and that is good. I have to relay to you, since you have relayed to me, as love is a giving and a receiving.

Kundalini is not the truth. Kundalini is a waste of time. It is a sidetrack of the ego. I have started this serpent because of my karma. It is a burden that I must deal with. if I can find assistence from what appears to be a website which I have created in my consciousness, then so be. There is no Yogani, BlueRaincoat. Yogani is an inferior aspect of God. No less God than anyone or thing else but it is not the truth. The truth is not many my friend. There is only one. There is no truth out there BlueRaincoat. It's all in you. You know this but are still by the stream of friends and family, of good times and bad. The only way to God is through having suffered enough to one-pointedly, earnestly, know oneself and intelligently give up that which makes me suffer. And what is that? My self. My self has to die. Of course, there's an adage for everything. You don't get to be my age, having been a seeker all of my adult life without a few adages. I'm 'teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs'. This is an English adage regarding teaching someone who already knows the subject full well. The deeper one goes into God the more one is tested. If you are not being crushed BlueRaincoat, then you are not ready for it. That's all. Many 'New Age' adherants think there is a shortcut to God. They seek answers to agrandise their self. The idea that the self must die would send them running to their prayer mats and therapists. Death is coming BlueRaincoat and all is perfect but needless repetition of useless suffering is pointless. Yet, it's all a dream and I will awake when I am meant to. I am not these letters on a screen. I am behind the eyes that are reading them. I am the only I and Kundalini, postures, pranayama, siddhis and bangles and beads are not I. There is nothing in I but power and intelligence. I do not move in any fashion. How could I? Movement is ignorance. Nevertheless, whilst I, Al Yawer, or BlueRaincoat, or whoever... have a body, there is movement. It will pass. But words are cheap. The world is fast becoming a stage for false prohets and well-meaning, half enlightened, or a qurter, an eighth, add infinitum...gurus. Here's another adage...'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.' Be well my friend and thank you.
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United Kingdom
1634 Posts

Posted - Apr 17 2019 :  10:36:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I'm smiling because, a while ago, there was somebody on this forum who was adamant that kundalini is the only thing.
Originally posted by Al Yawer
I have started this serpent because of my karma. It is a burden that I must deal with.

It has been depicted as a serpent. It has been depicted as a dove ... These are our projections. It just is.

Take the journey and see for yourself. The way goes through love and acceptance.
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