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 Yoga, Career and Money
 need of change: a transitional phase ?
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Posted - Jun 18 2018 :  03:58:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Iíd like to change of job. Today, Iím engineer, I find my job more and more boring. Iíd like to do a formation to work as a naturopath. But to do the formation Iíll need to go one week-end out of to two far from my home during 3 years (itís tired) and itís very expensive. Moreover, my family is strongly not agree, thinks this job is not serious.
The problem is the following. Some days, I have a strong motivation to do it. Even if I have to leave my family. Some other days, I think this idea to change of job is stupid. So for months, Iím always in confusion.

When I read spiritual books, like Tao Te King, I understand that itís better to follow a calm and easy way, to wait the good time and to bend under the storm. Reading AYP texts, I learn that the job I do, the everyday life I have is not very important because we can find joy, we can be aligned with life whatever we do. Iím agree with that.

But the more I practice meditation (10 months of AYP now), the more I feel the pressure to changeÖ At the beginning, my goal with practicing meditation was to find peace in my life, to bear some aspects/side/situations of life I donít like, not to change all of it ! Iíd like to extend the extactic and peace state I sometimes find in meditation to my whole day.

Itís like if the meditation would show to me the raw sides of my life without the varnish of the illusion thatís all is ok. Itís very disturbing.

I need advice to know if this ďneed of changeĒ is just a transitional phase : maybe if I persist to meditate, Iíll find peace without changing my life ?
How to know where is my ego: in the voice who says to change or in the voice who says to be calm and wait, to do like usual ? How to do the difference between my ego and my soulís will ?



1622 Posts

Posted - Jun 18 2018 :  09:47:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Capucine,

Interesting isn't it, when we start with spiritual practices we learn to know ourselves. First this could be confronting, it's like we see ourselves under a magnifying glass.

The formation to work as a naturopath is this a desire you have for some time? It could be an adventure, you learn to know new people, you learn new skills. Be away sometimes in a new environment. If you can afford it, it will enrich you.....but it takes courage to take a step in another direction.

If we do not know what we want, we can ask ourself what we really don't want anymore. Sometimes this is easier and more clear.

Meditation changes the perspective, we learn to choose from the heart, but this is not always easy. Sometimes we have to stand up and to speak for ourselves, while we know we would disappoint others.....

Listen to your heart, you know it already, it is the ego that comes with the but.....and what if.....maybe...

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United Kingdom
1664 Posts

Posted - Jun 18 2018 :  3:59:53 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Capucine

I subscribe to what Charliedog has said. Listen to your heart and make sure you have enough clarity about what it is saying.

Originally posted by capucine
Some days, I have a strong motivation to do it. Even if I have to leave my family. Some other days, I think this idea to change of job is stupid. So for months, Iím always in confusion.

It seems to me that you will have to wait a while longer yet till the picture becomes clearer.

It is not unusual to have conflicting impulses. A yoga teacher once said that each of us is many people. Why not explore the two options in hand a bit deeper? Is there perhaps an attractive side to your current job that you might not have explored? Are there any career moves that buil on your current work that can give you more of the things you enjoy? And is there any way you could get more information about what it takes to make a living as a naturopath?

Take your time to explore and stay open to other options. If a change is in the air, it might be in a direction that is not even on the table yet.

All the best
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966 Posts

Posted - Jun 18 2018 :  4:38:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Well, somehow I think all those voices are coming from the same place. I really don't know for sure.
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351 Posts

Posted - Jun 18 2018 :  4:47:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Moderator note: Topic moved for better placement
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1295 Posts

Posted - Jun 19 2018 :  03:47:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Have you tried finding the same course closer to home and less expensive? Be clear on your desire to do this and the rest will fall into place - closer to home and less expensive.

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66 Posts

Posted - Jun 19 2018 :  10:22:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for your wise advice it helps me.

The formation to work as a naturopath is a desire I have from a long time. When I was young, before too choose my university, Iíd have like to work as a pharmacist, to help people feel better with natural cures. I couldnít do it because this university was too far too expensive, too complex with transport, my family who was not really agree. So I took an easier way. Today, this desire come back strongly. With exactly the same problems, very interesting to note it !

Yes, I see it like an adventure, to know new people, new skillsÖ. But I know it could be tired too.

What I really don't want is to do nothing to try to have new skills.

I donít manage to hear my heart. But I hear my ego very cleary with all the but.....and what if.....!!

@ BlueRaincoat
You advice is good: Iím going to explore the two options deeper and take time to have enough clarity from my heart.
I ask to my boss for a formation one more time, I wait the answer. Iíve ever asked for another formations, but the answers were negative. The previous years, I tried to open to new directions in my job. Without success.
Iím going to get more information about what it takes to make a living as a naturopath. Maybe I will go to visit the school and meet the director, I have to go in this town in some weeks for my job.

@ SeySorciere
I try to find a school closer. To sum up, the problem is the course closer to my home are not serious enough, or not in interesting subjects. I would obtain a certificate that is not really valid if I want to settle and practice. The french laws for naturopath are not very clear (legal vacuum), but itís much easier if we study in some ďcertificatedĒ schools. Such school are not available close to me. The courseís price is the same, excepted I would have less money to spend in train and hotel.

Maybe my desire is not clear enough today and I have to refine it.

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1622 Posts

Posted - Jun 22 2018 :  02:40:34 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi capucine,

If you decide not to do it, how would that be? Take all time you need....

Strength, Abundance, Freedom, Light.

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