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 Is kundalini necessary for enlightenment?
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Posted - Feb 26 2022 :  8:27:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Reading books from enlightened people, like Tolle, Adyashanti, etc, they never speak about kundalini as something necessary, many don't even mention it at all.
So my question, what's the point of rising kundalini on the path of enlightenment?

I am asking this, because I not interested in anything mystical or ecstatic, but in finding what is True.

Thank you


United Kingdom
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Posted - Feb 26 2022 :  10:01:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Rinaldo,

Everyone has to go through the process of a kundalini awakening at some stage. That includes Tolle and Adyashanti. Adyashanti has even described going through the process of a kundalini awakening, and some of the different energetic symptoms that he experienced.

What is possible, is for people to have experiences of samadhi, without having gone through a kundalini awakening. This is possible, without having experienced any of the stages of an energetic awakening, even the very early ones. So, people can have very profound experiences of inner silence, of bliss, of peace and liberation, even before the process of a kundalini awakening begins. And this can result in some people saying that the awakening of kundalini is not necessary, and that people can experience enlightenment without it.

However, the flows of prana in the body follow certain principles. One of these principles is that prana rises to meet inner silence. It does not necessarily do this straight away, or in an obvious way to begin with, and there can be a considerable time delay in the process, such as weeks, months or even years. But, if someone is experiencing samadhi in daily life, then a subtle flow of prana will begin, and this will result in a gentle purification of the subtle nervous system happening over time. Once this purification reaches a certain stage, kundalini will awaken. You could say that even this preliminary stage of energetic purification, preparing the subtle nervous system, is a part of the whole process of kundalini.

And the process of the awakening of kundalini will gradually lead to an enrichment of the whole process of enlightenment. Whereas before, the person may have been experiencing states of bliss, they will now begin to experience ecstatic-bliss, with every cell of the body lighting up. Whereas before they may have been experiencing states of joy, they will now also begin to experience states of Divine love. And whereas before they may have experienced liberation from the world, they will now experience a fully embodied liberation, knowing that nothing is separate, and everything is unity, emptiness dancing. So, there are some aspects of the process of enlightenment, which are not possible without the process of kundalini, and without a fully purified subtle nervous system.

At the end of the day though, there is not a choice as to whether to awaken kundalini or not. It will happen for anyone engaged on the spiritual path as long as their path is a genuine one, leading towards liberation. So, that is why, in AYP, the advice is to engage in practices that will prepare the body for the awakening of kundalini. Because it will happen at some stage, and it is much easier to navigate if the subtle nervous system, has been prepared beforehand.

This is something that Adyashanti wrote about Kundalini and its role on the path of awakening:

"As the opening begins and deepens, the body may go through a tremendous amount. Kundalini is usually said to be responsible for these events, but if we just call it the energy of the body, it's easier to talk about. As the opening progresses, the body must readjust. When space opens up, it provides room for the body to reharmonize and return to its natural state. During this process, some people's bodies experience a real shakedown. This can be quite dramatic because energy that has been trapped on the various levels -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- is released. This trapped energy is what keeps you off balance and in a state of suffering. Suddenly all the tension, holding, and knots are released, and the energy goes out in all directions. This energy has to break loose before it can reharmonize and get into proper flow. This bursting out can feel exhilarating or terrible; it can be tremendously powerful or mild. The harmonization may take weeks, months, or years. It may be very strong or imperceptible. Everyone is different; it just depends on how out-of-whack you've been." [~ Adyashanti] - From his book "The Impact of Awakening".


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New Zealand
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Posted - Sep 19 2022 :  11:52:07 AM  Show Profile  Visit Virochana's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Rinaldo,

Reflect on enlightenment as limitless clear space. Within that awareness, your being is nothing other than para-kundalini. It is the wakefulness of that space into an expression. Effortless self existent, in relationship as oneself. Para-kundalini becomes kundalini in this relationship into form, entering form, as form, underneath form. Nothing is not of it. Kundalini is the silence, the refined space within our bodies which the finer currents originate and revolve around. We ride this into perception of that limitless clear, all intelligent space beyond a sense of needing support. Along the way we experience nectars, bliss, and difficulties as clothing made of itself. There is nothing else.
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