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 All Forums Forum
 Kundalini - AYP Practice-Related
 K Dreams from Years Ago
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56 Posts

Posted - Nov 12 2020 :  11:54:24 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi everyone

I recently read through some old dreams starting in 2013, the year that something awoke in me and my spiritual journey began in earnest. I was floored to find imagery in them that seem blatantly K-like, though I had no notion of Kundalini at the time, and certainly wasn't interest in yoga in the least.

They're a bit long, but I wanted to share excerpts from two of them.

October 30, 2013
"Then I found a very flabby, gray, gooey blob on the floor that looked like a very disturbing gelatinous slug. The guide told me it was a lung fish and that it was harmless. It moved, and I noticed that it had a head which was previously camouflaged against its body. It was a snakeís head. All at once I realized it was the head of a small cobra, maybe two feet in length. It was dangerous, and I had to get away. My body froze, and in a panic I tried to tell the guide that it wasnít a lung fish, but was a cobra. He didnít believe me. As soon as I realized what it was, the cobra started to uncoil and lock onto me. It seemed to have intimate knowledge of me, like it was waiting for me and me alone. I knew it was going to bite my leg, and I could not get away. I knew I would probably die. There was nothing I could do, and I felt paralyzed. Time seemed to stop or move in a non-linear way, because the cobra never bit me. Instead, I was now on the second story and the guide was looking in a book to identify the snake. He looked through the book and figured out it was a completely non-venomous snake, although I donít remember which kind (he did tell me, though). I believe the snake bit me at that point, although even in my dream I remember it being more like a vision of it biting me. Strange. I still wasnít convinced, and thought the guide was mistaken. How could he not recognize the cobraís distinct head?

I then remember that there was a local who was trying to explain that the fish/blob on the floor that the guide had called a lung fish was actually a monk fish. It was definitely OK and not poisonous, because the locals ate it commonly. He wasnít sure about it being safe in its raw form, though. Even in my dream, I thought the local looked and spoke like me."

October 2, 2014
"...the wind from the downpour caused a tornado to form in the field next to our house. It was a slender tornado of silver. My mom was on the porch with me now, because I called her out to see the tornado. I couldnít believe my luck, getting to see a tornado just for me and up close. My favorite kind, too! It was making its way slowly down the field, and I filmed it with my iphone. It turned towards us suddenly and came right in front of the house. I stretched out my hand and caught it as it went by. Now I held it in my hand and it was twisting violently but smoothly in my grip. I was clutching the base of it, and up into the sky it was attached to the clouds. I looked up and saw its vast extent and my connection to the above. I gave my phone to my mom and told her to film me. I knew the film would only catch part of me, since I was on the brink of a vortex that would block out the light like an invisibility plane. I saw the filming my mom had done and saw that there was a spider right above my head on the wall. I was terrified that it was right there without me knowing. I asked my mom to remove it, but she didnít get to it. I saw that I had an appendage on my head that was another sentient being in the shape of a flesh-colored snake. It was slithering under the spiderís legs and about to disturb it. I was worried that it would startle it and cause it to run onto me, so I started saying something like 'antiviral' to it over and over again, trying to get the snake to crawl out from under it and leave the spider alone. It didnít move, but kept creeping closer to the spiderís front legs. I kept saying 'antiviral, antiviral.'"

I'm certainly not the only one to post about snake dreams here, but it still amazes me that the unconscious mind contains such consistent symbols regardless of our personal knowledge or experiences. This is all certainly much bigger than me, and I feel humbled.



70 Posts

Posted - Nov 12 2020 :  1:33:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for sharing KC! I used to have sneak dreams for quite a while; in them I was running away from a monstrously big snake often..
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56 Posts

Posted - Nov 12 2020 :  4:21:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
very cool, Stille
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2435 Posts

Posted - Nov 13 2020 :  04:36:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
It is important to honour the experiences we have
But it is also more important to know that they come and go hence they have no absolute essence.You can honour them, then move on, dont dwell upon them.
Wake, dream and deep sleep states have 1 thing in common, there is an awarness that knows it has been in those 3 passing states (3 states of mind stuff and its stories) yet this awarness is none of them.
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56 Posts

Posted - Nov 13 2020 :  11:39:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks Maheswari
I recall Ramana Maharshi saying that waking and dream could be called dream #1 and dream #2 with the only difference being that dream #1 is longer. The first time I heard about Turiya I knew it was true, but the mind can't really wrap itself around it by definition. Have you "experienced" this state?

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31 Posts

Posted - Nov 14 2020 :  5:16:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Very interesting, when we undergo spiritual practices there will be a lot of obstructions being purified, and it is not until we sleep that the big debris starts to dissolve. I also had very powerful dreams this last days, in the first one I was in my bed, and suddenly a snake appeared moving really fast. I tried to catch it, as i had seen so many times in movies, yet the snake, as if a symbol of th purification process, wouldn't abide by my subtle need to control everything. And with a mystical speed it always managed to escape, sometimes slipping as if jelly through my hands, other times jumping in the air and hiding in my clothes. At that moment I knew it had to happen, so I relaxed, and the snake bit my left leg. I remember feeling the pain and seeing a tiny green fly sitting on the blood, a very peculiar one.
This would be the start of my current stage, in which I really feel like going crazy, suddenly slipping into meditation, that further releases more and more tension and heat. I cannot focus my mind, as if all life-views and beliefs are no longer stable, and so i pass my time in unknowingness and frustration. I manage to not get caught in the tremendous emotional rollercoaster by releasing all sensations and feelings into silence, as if inquiring my whole existence. All surrounded by an unshakable bhakti.

The next dream that complemented this stage was even more interesting, the night before it, after a short meditation I had a slight headache, above my right brow. In the dream I was in a strange place, working a some kind of restaurant. Not long after the dream became clear, a huge storm was approaching, and through violent winds and downpouring rain I had to help someone close the terrace. But I soon found myself in a strange forest, and it was now nightime. The forest had some strange trees, they were completely black and had no leaves. And the black clouds over my head we rapidly lighting up, and I knew that this show of light would soon reach the forest. Now, as I was passing through this forest I found myself in a strange place, there were 5 or 6 of these black trees forming a circle, and as I was passing in between them the lighting struck one of the trees. But instead of burning or destroying it, the lighting began to dance on its branches, jumping from one tree to another, soon to create a magical and peculiar scene. When i was arrived at the center I knew that I was going to be struck by it, and as if participating in a magical ritual, the lighting from the tress converged and struck me at the crown of the head. Now this peculiar feeling resides in my heart even while awake. The dream then became blurry, after the storm passed I again regained my clarity, and as I was watching the clouds rapidly moving away, I saw countless stars shining in the still darkness of the cosmos. Strangely enough, they were responding to my attention, changing colors, moving to form strange constelations, releasing colorful auras, and I felt, that it wasn't just me looking at them, the stars were seein me too.
I the woke up, with a sharp pain at the crown of my head, and with my previous symptoms more aggravated.
And yet i find my deep meditation deeper, faintly feeling the light of my consciousness, giving me peculiar feelings. Now the bhakti is even more refined. And as I take my attention towards the crown, I feel reaaally peculiar feelings, as if some special realms begin to open up, and the begin to show up in hidden memories as well, as if in my childhood I was just the embodiment of light, shinin in differen colors. Just a play of cosmic forces.

Regarding what Maharshi said, in a way I do agree, being too attached to our experiences binds us in ways that we couldn't even think of, and these shackles show themselves in our everyday life, as if an invisible fog coverig our inner witness. And only now as I slowly dissolve them, I see how deep these shakles have entwined with my being. And yet I feel that it all happened as it should have, for it is more natural to enjoy all that happens to us, than to deny our actual stage of enlightenment, and force ourselves to abide by certain statements of the sages. We shall create our own as we travel on this pathless journey.
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56 Posts

Posted - Nov 16 2020 :  2:56:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for sharing, Zamolxes. Always cool to see how ubiquitous and consistent these images are in the shared library of human experience.

I appreciated Maheswari urging me to let go of the experiences. Appreciating them can be nice, but navel-gazing is a barrier.

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70 Posts

Posted - Nov 16 2020 :  3:38:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for sharing!

Very interesting, when we undergo spiritual practices there will be a lot of obstructions being purified, and it is not until we sleep that the big debris starts to dissolve.

This is an interesting point you make. I don't notice the emotional experiences that is being worked through during practices. There I perceive my body shaking, feel energy moving etc., but when I dream, all the past emotions, all the stuff is there. I have been wondering for a while; it seems that deep meditation creates some kind of "tunnel" in which I do not perceive the emotional level. Only in my dreams do I get hints at what is being released..
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31 Posts

Posted - Dec 01 2020 :  6:53:31 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Indeed, I would say that in daily life we engage with our karma, not being aware of their nature. The in deep meditation we disengage, we become free of them, and so karma not having someone to attach to it will slowly dissolve. Not being engaged with them allows us to not feel the process, of course after some time you will start to perceive the purification as a peculiar felling in your energy body, and being separate fron that sensation we can aid it in dissolving through samyama.
Then we slowly engage again with karma, if the process was aggresive, the moment we engage we may feel that irritated or succumb to fear, anger or so on. Maybe we can avoid that, but if the process is still ongoing it will appear while we dream, since the subconscious mind opens up, and since it is a realm in which everything is everywhere, the content of our dreams will contain images of the process.
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