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 Does Kundalini Effect Other's Surroundings?
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Posted - Feb 12 2019 :  01:58:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
I have been doing Kundalini Yoga for about 3-4 years. I do it many hours a day, but what I have noticed is strange. A lot of the time I do silent meditation using Beej Mantras while I am multi-tasking doing chores or just hanging out. I have noticed sometimes when I meditate on certain chakras while raising my energy upwards that quite often people will complain about how they feel with their body. For instance most of the time working on my Third Eye chakra Ajna, people will commonly complain of headaches. And the more I meditate the worse they get. I noticed when working with my Root Chakra people usually become moody around me. I have noticed if I do the Solar plexus chakra sometimes people complain of stomach aches. When I work with my Throat chakra sometimes it seems to make people's breathing bad. Also when I tend to work with the Root Chakra it seems to bring bad luck and make things go wrong for instance an electronic or household appliance fail. Sometimes when I become angry it seems to happen somewhat spontaneously. Or my computer crash. Or something happen with a vehicle needing service. Any time I move my lower chakras upward my mother complains of the floors in the house feeling ice cold. It is winter here by the way, but she never complained about this before in all the years I've known her. My little sister is severely disabled and has many seizures several times a day. When I work with higher chakras she seems to have seizures. Has my energy become powerful? Is this normal? I get a lot of Deja Vu as well. I can have 10 different thoughts on my mind and like a short time later it seems like the events just happen or other people are talking about the same thing within the matter of hours or 1-3 days. It's strange because I don't know if any of this is related to Kundalini yoga. Every time I do the Ajna chakra 2 or 3 people will complain of massive headaches shortly after or during me meditating. My question is can me raising this energy upward effect other people's surroundings. If I send too much energy upward can it suck the energy out of people around me. I was told sending energy upward is positive and downward is negative. Most of the time I Work my chakras upwards in order and down in the same order. Sometimes I focus on one area but not always. Once or twice I week I bring all the energy I raised downwards and try to re-balance/cleanse my chakras. Sometimes if people are rude/ignorant to me karma seems to get them shortly after. I am just wondering if any of this is normal. Is this a coincidence or is it common for stuff like this to happen. Any information or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted - Feb 17 2019 :  05:46:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi P0lym0rphic

If the events you are describing are triggered by yoga practice then no, it is not common. Perhaps your kundalini yoga teacher may be able to advise you?
Most of us here practice yoga by the AYP method. We do not like leading with energy practices. If you look at other spiritual traditions, you will notice most of them talk abou two complementary opposites: Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Pushing the energy pedal all the time is bound to lead to some imbalance, and occasionally to serious problems. Whether it gets as extreme as your post seems to suggest, I cannot tell.

Perhaps there are techniques within Kundalini Yoga that balance the Energy with the Witness. I don't know enough about this yoga method to tell. An advanced practitioner of that system may be better placed to advise you than the majority of people on this forum.

Having said that, it might be useful for you to read the lessons on this website if you have the inclination.

Good luck!
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Posted - Mar 07 2020 :  06:43:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
OM Shanti, I'm a Raj Yog practitioner. I have meditated for over 16 years ever since I was a teenager. I never counted how long I have been practicing but it was that long. When I visited Raja yoga center in Ethiopia last year, I met a fellow brother who practiced and taught at the center who came back from Kenya and we started talking and then there was a new sister he introduced me to and I told her I started doing yoga around 2006 and he said no first time we met was in 2002. But I know it was on February 2.
I practice Raj yog without sitting. But now I can say I live yoga.

You might wonder why I'm telling you this unrelated thing to you. The reason is just to say this. "Don't use your mind" If you would like to know or if you want to know about your full potential, just stop using your mind. I didn't even remember the date I had started mediation. Just during my visit to the center I happened to find an old practitioner and teacher to remind me.

Now to your question, I don't understand why you called it Kundalini Yog. This is not Kundalini by any means. That to me is Rajyog. Or maybe Kriya.

I don't do mantras but you do. may I ask if you are an Indian or not? The reason I ask you that is to know if you really understand it. Any mantra you do is to replace the old thought or to replace your mind thought with a new one. Meaning to vibrate certain frequencies of your brain so it shuts all the nonsense thought you accumulated. For example, If I repeat the word of Alah Wakubar. I will leave myself open for the vibration of the Mohammedan belief to reside with in.

If I let myself be open and sit knowing that I'm peace, love and happiness. I will become that. If I sit and meditate knowing that I don't know who I am, the possibility of knowing will come meaning realization of the self. Whatever you meditate upon will see the fruit.

So, in short. here is my advice to you: Stop any mantra you do. This is not right at the moment. You need to understand what that mantra is on a deeper level and don't just take and accept whatever you are told. Your inner guru is with in to challenge you and follow that.

You need to have a balance within you. You need to have control over your five elements. You need something to hold on when you sit face to face with your soul. I really don't like to use the word soul these days because it is misused so badly.

The first thing that we miss to notice is that this world is not all about us. Yes you meditate, yes you see things but do you know that you can also unsee and change in anyway you like? Now to do that, when you sit for meditation, forget about your mind that is showing you all these obstacles and sit and don't think.
Those things that you see are to push you forward not to stop you don't be stuck by just entertaining your mind with all coincidences. Don't give something to your mind to fool around. If you do that, tomorrow you will end up saying that you are the blessed one from your family, then Ego develops. You will forget that you are living with a Devine. And then you forget about all the people on earth you meet, you see, every day are potentially Devin.

When I say don't think I meant to say just watch and observe whatever thought comes without judging. This will be much easier if you are sitting with an enlightened guru. Because since the mind doesn't have a thought, he or she can radiate the vibration and share you samadhi. That way you will balance without effort. OM Shanti.

Edited by - smileforme on Mar 07 2020 08:01:03 AM
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Posted - Mar 07 2020 :  08:01:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Moderator note: Topic moved for better placement
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Posted - Mar 07 2020 :  12:36:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Polymorphic, I see your post was over a year ago, not sure if you are still on the forum but the topic caught my interest. You raise an interesting idea about the impact of our practices on others around us. I used to believe this was a bunch of nonsense. To accept what you are claiming is to accept our energy exerts influence in a nonphysical way. I have experienced similar things over the years. Given the subjective nature of the experience, especially when it comes to other peoples inner experience, there is a lot of potential for false attribution. That is, we can have a confirmation bias of sorts, interpreting what other people say as confirmation that our practices influence others. As the late Carl Sagan once said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". How can we really prove this stuff? When I am experiencing expansive energy such as during samyama I have noticed my wife can become quite restless in bed next to me or my dog will start howling. The timing is striking. I take these experiences as confirmation I am truly taping into an energy dimension that isn't explained by our current scientific paradigm. As a lover of science, I am fascinated by this stuff and would love to find a way to study this objectively to "prove" it is real beyond doubt. The real question, assuming there eventually is a way to prove this stuff is real, is how do we do these practices in a way that is not harmful to others. When I do samyama and release the word love I feel as if I am sending good intentions into the world. Your experience of your energy practices causing others to have headaches and seizures would suggest your energies are more agitated. I have had conversations with others on this forum about how the energy of "radiance" as used in samyama may be an energy that can be a way of sharing good energy with others around you. I suspect the more developed your AYP practice becomes the more your energies are refined and the more beneficial your energy is in the world both directly and in these ways. If you are still on the forum I would love to hear an update on your experiences a year later and would also be interested in others experiences with this type of energy.
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Posted - Apr 19 2023 :  10:00:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I think we can affect our surroundings with our energies. I have got similiar experiences like you. As I have noticed for myself, when I was out of balance my surroundings was also out of balance. So maybe this is an indicator for doing too much (energy) practises, and a need for self pacing.
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