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 Asanas - Postures and Physical Culture
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Posted - Aug 24 2017 :  01:48:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
I feel that since I have started siddh sana,my sex urge has increased.It is 2or 3 weeks i have started it same with all?


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Posted - Aug 24 2017 :  07:04:35 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
From Lesson 75 - Siddhasana, Living in a Fountain of Ecstasy

...That effect is a constant stimulation of sexual energy upward from the perineum during our sitting practices of pranayama and meditation. We want that, and we sit with pressure at the perineum in such a way to deliberately foster it. It is supposed to feel good.

"How can I ever meditate while doing this?" you say. You can. Maybe not in the beginning without some distraction, but it is something you can work into gradually over time. Maybe at first you will only want to be in siddhasana during pranayama, and leave it out during meditation. In time, you will become completely comfortable in siddhasana and even forget that you are doing it throughout practices. It is a training that you are embarking on, a gradual buildup of a habit. There are two kinds of training going on at once, which is what makes learning siddhasana tricky.First is the physical part of culturing the body into it to the point where it is completely comfortable physically to be in siddhasana. We all know that we can gradually coax the body in a particular direction. If we have managed to get comfortable in crossed legs before now, we know it can be done. If we have not gotten into crossed legs, this form of siddhasana won't be happening easily right now, not in the way just described. But there are other ways to do it. More on that below.

The second kind of training that is going on can be more challenging. That is riding through the sexual feelings that siddhasana creates. What we are doing in siddhasana is training our sexual energy to be comfortable flowing up, opening previously dormant pathways in our nervous system. We do siddhasana during our spiritual practices for two reasons. First is because we are sitting there for our time of pranayama and meditation, and that is automatically a certain amount of time of being in siddhasana as well. That makes siddhasana a regular daily practice like everything else, and we don't have to add any time to our practices to do it. Second, pranayama and meditation interact with the effects of siddhasana to greatly expand the flow of prana and pure bliss consciousness in the nervous system. In addition, we are also doing mulabandha and sambhavi. The integration of all these practices supercharges the process of evolution going on inside us.Think of sexual energy as being like a wild horse. We want to use this horse for a useful purpose. So what do we do? We get on the wild horse and ride it. It jumps all over the place at first - the proverbial "bucking bronco." But pretty soon, the horse figures out who is in charge, and begins to settle down. It finds a new way of being within the conditions we have created. Then the horse becomes very useful for whatever our purpose has been in training her. This is exactly what siddhasana does. It creates a condition that sexual energy has to accommodate itself to, to our benefit. Our purpose in yoga with regard to sex is to expand its use upward, adding something more in addition to the externally oriented reproductive function. We want to train sex to support our inner spiritual transformation...

It is common, yes.

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14 Posts

Posted - Aug 24 2017 :  08:26:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
But even when we are not in sidhdhasan position,like i do sidhdhasan in morning for 20 minutes.2 day before I woke up from sleep and insisted to have intercourse to my partner.Before it i had no such intense urge.I could control it.s till you will say it is due to initial stage of practice of sidhdhasan?
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1624 Posts

Posted - Aug 25 2017 :  03:21:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
The 'result' of a practice we can notice in daily life, not only during the practice. If you notice too much energy you have to self-pace. This will say, cut back on practice time.

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14 Posts

Posted - Aug 25 2017 :  05:52:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
How long this bucking bronco will continue?
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1624 Posts

Posted - Aug 25 2017 :  06:18:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
From lesson 75:

How long does it take to train the bucking bronco? It depends on the person. It is gradual for most. The first week or two can be crazy. In a month things will be settling a bit. In three months, it will be getting comfortable. In six months to a year there will be stability, and it will become a natural part of everyday life. After a few years, we are used to being bathed in ecstasy all the time, but never taking it for granted. We can sit in siddhasana anytime we want without any distraction - just normal ecstatic bliss. It is normal life with a spiritually awakened nervous system.

All of the effects of advanced yoga practices that have been discussed in these lessons are greatly enriched by siddhasana, and we can go on to more and more. That is the important thing, for there is always more progress to be achieved. A true yogi or yogini never stops, no matter how terrific the experiences get.

During all of this change brought on by siddhasana, we will be keeping our daily pranayama and meditation going just as before. The feelings that come up in siddhasana are treated just like other thoughts and feelings that come up in pranayama and meditation. We just easily favor the practice we are doing, as always. We also keep our practices of mulabandha and sambhavi as before. Siddhasana has a huge effect on the opening of the spinal nerve, and the rise of ecstatic conductivity in it.

For those who are unable to get into crossed legs for any reason, there can still be siddhasana, with the effects created by different means. You can use a prosthetic wherever you sit for pranayama and meditation. Maybe a rubber ball, or a hard little pillow, something that will approximate the pressure of your heel pressing up on your perineum. This is perfectly adequate. You can do it that way. You can avoid having to train your body in the physical bending and so on. You will still be training your sexual energy, which is the point of siddhasana. Everything else will be the same as discussed above. You will just be using a different method to achieve the same results.

If at any point the stimulation is just too much, and it is not possible to meditate or do anything comfortably in practices, it is important to back off. That goes for all advanced yoga practices. We back off when we know we are overdoing, because this is how we avoid falling off the wagon of practices completely. We don't try and be heroic and suffer through excessive difficulties. Always retreat if it gets to be too much. Find your best stable platform of reduced practice, and relax there before trying to move ahead again. You can always come back and pick up where you left off another day.

The guru is in you.

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Posted - Aug 25 2017 :  06:29:17 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
You might be interested to begin with reading the tantralessons This will give you insight in the blending of sexual and spiritual energy.
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14 Posts

Posted - Aug 28 2017 :  06:51:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I did not know about even sidhdhasan two months before.I am a member of bhakti marg which is only to surrender to the supreme lord.But for the realisation of the Lord this sex desire is very obstructing so I started seeking ways to overcome it.And i found that sidhdhasan and shirshasana are useful for restricting sex i started practicing it.But i am hopeless now because sidhdhasan has increased my sex desire.I don't know when will it calm down.So should I stop it?
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1624 Posts

Posted - Aug 28 2017 :  09:07:47 AM  Show Profile  Visit Charliedog's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
You can stop siddhasana yes.

But if you are seeking ways to overcome the desire of sex it is not enough to restrain and that will be on the long term not a good idea. The sexual desire is the life-force, it will come back to you on unpredictable moments, that is nature and there is nothing wrong with this.

A way to overcome the sexual desire is the transformation to the higher chakras. The lessons of AYP will provide you all information and practices. My English and expression is not good enough to give you an in-depth reply but read on for instance this lesson of Yogani on celibacy. Do keep in touch and ask if it is not clear to you.

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United Kingdom
1729 Posts

Posted - Aug 28 2017 :  3:25:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Govind

Siddhasana is an energy practice. You need to develop a meditation practice before taking up any energy practices.
It's not at all surprising you are getting the effects you have described. Siddhasana on its own will just stimulate sexual energy.

I'd recommend you read the AYP lessons from the beginning. Whether you take up AYP or not, the lessons will clarify a lot of questions - the relationship of bhakti with other practices, energy practices vs inner silence/the witness

Best wishes
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