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 Yoga, Career and Money
 Management as a yogi
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29 Posts

Posted - Apr 25 2016 :  06:30:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi all,
I've recently transitioned into a new career heading up a company. It has been very stressful all round. I've been relying on meditation as a way to help handle the stress . I must admit early on I was not consistent in my meditation and I took a hit emotionally, mentally etc. Now I'm making efforts to be more consistent and feel better.

I'd like to ask. How does one mix management with yoga. What if you are required to make tough decisions, like fire someone, reprimand someone and yoga still requires not to show anger. What if someone is doing his job well but due to financial reasons you have to let that person go or renegotiate his/her salary.

What if the board of directors is rude and attacking you personally.

What tools can I get from AYP to help in situations like this. All advice would be greatly appreciated.



United Kingdom
1664 Posts

Posted - Apr 25 2016 :  09:13:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi swordsaint

I think it's a good question. I've been lucky enough to stumble over a management school that fits yoga like a glove. You've probably heard of continual improvement, started by Deming some decades ago. His theories have continued to be developed and refined by contemporary management thinkers, although they are rather superficially known to the majority of managers and executives out there. Well worth getting a good understanding of continual improvement if you can spare some time. I can recommend a few books if you wish.
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1465 Posts

Posted - Apr 25 2016 :  10:19:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi swordsaint,

Congratulations on your new opportunity. Corporate world lost it's glamor here years ago. I started working for myself and it suits where I am in Life. Sorry not helpful. Let stillness speak to you and of course Blue's advice. Good Luck!

Edited by - sunyata on Apr 25 2016 10:20:54 AM
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83 Posts

Posted - Apr 26 2016 :  02:37:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
It's tough out there in the corporate World. The best you can do is show compassion and explain why the events must occur.

If the board of directors is rude to you , I would set the tone by standing up to them (in a nice calm way) and telling them you feel they're being rude and ask why. They put you in charge and should either let you do your job or fire you. Better to find another job then be under someone's (or the board's) thumb.

AYP will help any endeavor but like any spiritual practice, it can take a while to take effect. But AYP is faster, IMO, than anything out there.
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479 Posts

Posted - Apr 26 2016 :  03:55:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
IMO a job where you are in charge of decisions, especially difficult ones, is a great opportunity to practice yoga in daily life. Maybe even more than a quiet, conflict free job.

A stressfull job with a lot of interactions with coworkers brings you every day new chances to know yourself by observing the way you act. And it gives you many, many opportunities to practice yamas in real time.

This is my personal experience.
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481 Posts

Posted - Apr 26 2016 :  09:42:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I'd like to ask. How does one mix management with yoga.

You observe and act from the stillness becoming in charge while serving all.

What if you are required to make tough decisions, like fire someone, reprimand someone and yoga still requires not to show anger.

Yoga does not require one to not show anger, that would be suppressing not Yoga.

In time Yoga transforms your being so that anger is pretty much just not really present for the most part.

Being in Management though one has to learn to recognize if anger is coloring ones decisions and not make a decision of any kind while under the sway of any strong emotion.

The reasons for this are simple. When you are in management and in charge of others livelihood you are very much in charge of their financial well being and that of their family.

Some people can not cope with this and have to leave management.

Some people can not cope with this and become heartless in order to avoid there own heart. This is really sad as these people are very miserable.

Some people just do not care and are power hungry or are enjoying a position of authority they are not yet ready for they either excel or are removed for incompetency.

To be a good manager you first should be a good adult person well rounded and balanced.

Then you need to recognize management is very much about making difficult decisions with heart but with mind as well and as a person in a trusted company position you have to determine what is best for the company. That does not mean what is best for the company excludes what is good for the employee also.

On the day that you can fire someone and feel nothing at all you are no longer fit to manage anything and need to leave your job.

When terminating employment it should be done after due documentation and warnings have been issued signed and dated by the employee with respect and another member of management present to help diffuse potential issues. I have had to terminate others employment many times and it has always been necessary.

It has never been easy and sometimes has turned ugly. Anger is not necessary and if it is used it will only inflame the whole situation making it far worse. Managements decision is final and that is all no need for drama from Management.

What if someone is doing his job well but due to financial reasons you have to let that person go or renegotiate his/her salary.

If this is the case chances are you will know it is the case well in advance and what you do is give the person as much advance notice as possible even offering them part time work for a specified period of time while they find a new job.

In the case of renegotiation you also need to specify the period of time before a review will take place to discuss bringing them back to where they started from or you will always have resentment present and be aware they will be leaving your employment even when you renegotiate the question is when not if as well as how. You may be creating a prolonged termination issue. Document everything. Employees find ways to compensate themselves usually to the detriment of the business in terms of productivity or attitude which contaminates other employees and clients do pick up on..

Renegotiation is rarely successful it takes too much work and consideration that few are willing to put forth to really make it work.

If the company is so broke or cut throat they can not offer a good person part time work for a period of time while they look for something else then you had also better join that person in looking for a new job.

In this way when a competent person leaves and perhaps gains employment with another company you will retain a good relationship with them and may even wind up collaborating in the future. Heck you might even wind up working under them someday. Never burn ones bridges if it can be helped.

What if the board of directors is rude and attacking you personally.

First of all do not take anything personally, you are being paid to be an objective non stick professional and should remain one on the surface at all times, you are being paid to be able to handle stress and remain like a good ceramic coated non stick frying pan.

Everything sticks to a cheap pan. Soon it has to be thrown away.

Thank them and say I will take your concerns under advisement and then take appropriate action and at the next meeting bring up their concerns with accompanying solutions and actions and progress made towards resolution of whatever issue is present.

Always have an exit strategy in place so you can come from a position of power.

If you are weak and needy they will smell this like blood in the water and even if you do a good job they may remove you from position for this alone.

Always anticipate the board of directors concerns and have good solid answers to questions they will ask after all it is also your job to know what where and why concerns will be raised. If you do not then you had better find out why your staff is not supporting you and make changes there as well so you are properly informed. You are the head they are the sensory organs do not micromanage empower and be clear in your expectations.

LMFAO and people always think management has it easy.

What tools can I get from AYP to help in situations like this. All advice would be greatly appreciated.

The tools you can get are a byproduct of practice they can be intuition and distance from issues so you can see them clearly a more objective orientation and a calmness that is not an act.

Pretty good stuff.

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29 Posts

Posted - Nov 20 2016 :  07:34:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hey guys,
I posted this question in April and just re-reviewed it today. I'm just wowed by the responses.Thank you all for the advise and support. I've gotten much better at it, but had to go through the frying pan first. But things have settled down and are going good. So Hi- your response was perfect. thank you.
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