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Advanced Yoga Practices
Press Release

Yogani at AYP Publishing

Advanced Meditation Techniques in Everyone’s Reach with New Books and Website

Jacksonville, FL -- July 1, 2005 -- What can a new offbeat novel called “The Secrets of Wilder” do for you? Maybe a lot if you resonate with its solid grounding in actual secret spiritual practices.

About two years ago, a Florida man anonymously took the name “Yogani” and started putting lessons on the Internet intimately describing advanced deep meditation, spinal breathing and tantric sexual techniques. He did not expect that he would end up with thousands of readers worldwide and two books published. But that is what happened, and now Yogani has emerged as one of the leading exponents of public teaching of formerly secret ancient spiritual practices which cultivate lasting inner peace, happiness and an unmistakable ecstatic radiance.

Such breaks with tradition are typically American, and Yogani is definitely that. Born in New York, he grew up Christian in the 1950s and 60s, securing an education in science followed by career, marriage and children. All the while he was steadily expanding from his Christian roots, systematically integrating esoteric methods from the Far East into his daily spiritual practice routine. Over thirty years later and retired, he decided to write it all down so there would be a record of his research left behind for other seekers of truth. The Internet writing has evolved to become a vast non-sectarian website with hundreds of free lessons on spiritual techniques, as well as numerous other resources for avid seekers. Along with its huge following has come a mountain of reader testimonials. You can find it at www.aypsite.com.

Just published, “The Secrets of Wilder” is Yogani’s second book. It is a fast-paced tale that begins with a young athlete’s commitment to “spiritual transformation” made on a wind-swept Florida beach. After a hair-raising journey of change lasting some ten years, John Wilder and his devoted beautiful love-mate, Devi Duran, end up bringing a generous dose of enlightenment to the world. But at what cost? It is a story of unwavering personal resolve, the discovery of powerful spiritual practices and their far-reaching effects, simmering romance, adventure, humor, miracles and ultimate sacrifices. Interestingly, “The Secrets of Wilder” takes place in the setting of mainstream American Christian culture, expanding the view of what a journey to enlightenment can be from a Christian perspective.

The first book, published last December, is called “Advanced Yoga Practices – Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living.” It is a large, user-friendly textbook on spiritual practices that goes well beyond the website lessons. It is a blend of East and West, with a down home writing style, all woven together into an open system of daily practices that is as pragmatic as it is profound in its results. Readers are calling it one of the clearest and most comprehensive books ever written on spiritual techniques. From the standpoint of practices, it serves as an optional in-depth reference book for those who read “The Secrets of Wilder.”

Yogani has several more books in preparation and will continue adding to the free Internet lessons as long as his typing fingers are able. He treasures the relative peace and quiet of anonymity, and adamantly rejects the “guru” label. In fact, every lesson he puts on the Internet ends with, “The guru is in you.”

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