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Note: For the complete lessons, with additions, see the AYP Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living Books.

Lesson 251 - Visions and Nodding off in Meditation

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:34pm

New Members: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the web archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: It's the 50th day since I started meditation practice strictly following all the guidelines as explained in the lessons (#13 onward). Now I am getting lesser and lesser thoughts and can easily go back to my meditation state if at all thought comes. Many times, I get a scene of its own in my mental screen (Believe me, I do not create this mental visualization at all! ) without any effort from my side while on meditation. These scenes may be related to past events, or unknown to me, and I start participating in the scene (I can even hear the character's speech or talk!) whatever it may be and my head falls of its own from vertical position. Usually I get this type of synchronizing to some events before I get a normal sleep. However, in this case I realize soon and get back to my business of meditation, otherwise I may fall asleep (afraid). I request your guidance please.

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

Sounds like you are settling in with your meditation very well. It is okay to nod off if that is what your nervous system needs. No need to be concerned about it. It is a normal part of the cycle of purification that happens over time, as are the various visions that occur. We treat them all just the same, easing back to the mantra when we realize we have been off somewhere. If sleep happens to come, we don't fight it. It is okay.

If you look up "sleep" in the topic index on the web site, you will find several lessons linked on this subject. Take a look, and you will find that your experience is normal, and part of the journey to enlightenment. If it happens, it happens. When we become aware we have drifted off the mantra into sleep, or anything else, we just easily come back to it. No strain, no hanging on, and no fear about it. Just easy management of our awareness of the mantra in relation to experiences like that. Every part of the experience is part of the meditation process, and we include all of it in our time measurement of meditation -- 20 minutes, or whatever period we are using in our twice-daily sittings. Over time, the various manifestations of purification (drowsiness, visions, sensations) will change as inner obstructions dissolve, and permanent inner silence will be coming up.

You are doing just right. Carry on ... I wish you continuing success on your chosen spiritual path.

The guru is in you.

Note: For detailed instructions on deep meditation, see the AYP Deep Meditation book.

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