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Advanced Yoga Practices
Main Lessons
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Note: For the complete lessons, with additions, see the AYP Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living Books.

Lesson 211 - The new Web Site is up and running!

From: Yogani
Date: Thu Jun 24, 2004 0:50pm

Way back in lesson #82, it was mentioned that a web site would be set up to provide a secure online backup for the AdvancedYogaPractices lessons. It has been done, and you can find the web site at:

http://www.geocities.com/advancedyogapractices (now superceded by www.aypsite.com with the Geocities version reverting to backup status -- discontinued in 2009)

This is the primary address, and is the one that is currently recommended for bookmarking. (It is repeated at the end of this lesson, just in case the Yahoo group advertising is masking it.)

The domain name, http://www.advancedyogapractices.com , has been reserved for some time, and has been set up to forward automatically to the current primary address. The second address is not the best one to bookmark as primary, just in case the forwarding fails, or if the domain name does not get renewed somewhere down the line. Of course, things change. If we move to an ad-free site at some point, then the second address could become the primary one. It may be best to bookmark both addresses, just in case.

All of the main group and tantra group lessons have been copied to the web site. So have the yoga links. If anyone finds anything missing or not working, please let me know. The numbering of lessons has been retained, so all of the numbered cross-referencing in the lessons remains intact. As you know, some lesson numbers in the Yahoo group are not used due to editing. You will see this reflected in the lesson directories on the web site. So, the two sets of lessons are consistent in their numbering.

Navigation is good on the web site with all the lessons listed and linked on just two directory pages (main and tantra). Navigation will become even better over the coming weeks and months with the addition of a link-driven alphabetical topic index, and links for all the cross-referencing in the lessons.

There will be some editing in the lessons on the web site to correct minor typographical errors that could not be corrected in the Yahoo group. It is not expected that the lessons will be rewritten on the web site though, so content in the two sets of lessons will remain the same.

Beyond these practical matters, and a few other things related to the lessons, publication of extensive additional spiritual writings on the web site is being contemplated. These writings exist already, and maybe it would be beneficial if they were copied from the local hard drive to the great hard drive of the internet. This could serve as an open pre-hard copy book review for several spiritual writing projects that are in the works here. More on that later.

It is expected that the Yahoo group will continue to play an important role. For the foreseeable future, new lessons and yoga links will continue to be posted to the group first, and copied to the web site within a day or two. This will keep the group emailings current with the newest posted lessons.

With AdvancedYogaPractices now in two places on the internet, we have added a measure of security. Hopefully this will provide longevity for the lessons, so they will continue to be openly available online in the years to come for independent yoga practitioners everywhere.


The guru is in you.

Note: For detailed instructions on building a balanced daily practice routine with self-pacing, see the Eight Limbs of Yoga Book.

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