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Advanced Yoga Practices
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Note: For the complete lessons, with additions, see the AYP Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living Books.

This lesson #162 was originally posted to address some virus concerns, and has since evolved to be a series of notices on various issues relating to unauthorized use of the Yogani99 email address.


From Yogani
October 21, 2004
Update Notice on Bogus Postings of Yogani99 Address

Since the last update (below), the Yogani99 email address has been falsely posted in a number of Internet newsgroups, used as the auther of several bogus online articles, and even used as the subject of counterfeit news reports. All of these are hoaxes.

Anything on the Internet containing the Yogani99 address that is not posted on the Advanced Yoga Practices web site or Yahoo group is not from me.

The guru is in you


From Yogani
August 21, 2004
Update Notice on Spam

Since this post was originally written in April of 2004 on virus attachments (see below), some "spiritual" spam has been distributed using the Yogani99 email address in the sender block.

Broadcast email programs enable spammers to do this simply by typing whatever email address they want in the sender block of a mass mailing. It is fake, and has nothing to do with the actual email account named.

If you receive anything appearing to be from the Yogani99 email address that does not pertain directly to Advanced Yoga Practices and the AYP lessons posted in the Yahoo groups and on this web site (including the quality of knowledge and writing style), it is not from me. 

The member lists of both the main and tantra AYP Yahoo groups are private, and your email information has not been provided to anyone.

When you report spam to the authorities, copy the "full headers" for the email, which will reveal to law enforcement, ISPs, and email gateway companies who and where the real sender is. Most email services allow full headers to be displayed. For example, in Yahoo Mail, if you open an email you will see the option for "full headers" at the top. Full headers provide a return address to the spammer, no matter what the spammer has typed in the sender block.

A good place to report spam is www.spamcop.net. This organization is international, and can track spammers down wherever they are. You can also report spam directly to the ISPs and email gateways provided in the full header, and to law enforcement in the country indicated.

This update notice on spam will not appear in the AYP Yahoo group (except as a link) because existing postings cannot be edited there, and it was decided not to create a new posting on this subject.

The guru is in you


Lesson 162

From: Yogani
Date: Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:18am

Subject: Virus Alert

It has come to my attention that some members of the group are receiving emails from the Yogani99 email address not sent by me, with files attached. These files are viruses. Some involve so-called passwords or security codes. No matter what it says, if there is a file attachment, it is bogus.

Do not open any of these files, and delete the emails. I have not sent a file attachment to any member of the group so far, and never will without providing clear advance notice.

I receive a dozen or more of these emails with virus attachments every day from a wide variety of email addresses. Apparently, this is normal for high visibility email addresses like the Yogani99 one. I have never opened one of these virus files.

The internet is such an important communications medium that offers so much benefit to all of us. It is unfortunate that misguided souls invent and distribute such destructive computer code across the world wide web. I hope they learn yoga practices soon and become motivated from within to apply their skills to more productive endeavors. Yes, I am sure they will.

Fortunately, these types of emails with virus attachments are easily disposed of. Just don't open any file attachments you receive through my email address. They are not from me. Be wary of any file attachments you receive from anyone. Be sure you know what it is and why it is being sent to you before you open it.

If you do open one of these files by accident, contact your virus software vendor immediately for assistance.

The guru is in you.

Note: For detailed instructions on building a balanced practice routine for more happiness and productivity in life, see the AYP Eight Limbs of Yoga book.

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